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Sinful Gold

We'll write or draw anything for you. Even wholesome, consensual cuddle-sex. If we have to.

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Ponyville tower, this is CelestiAir 348 on short final for runway 32 Left, requesting clearance to land.

A good start, who needs free will anyways

at leatst you had a reason to give rainbow a penis lmao.

There should be some cock and ball growth, and maybe impreg. This is an intersting story.

Oh, Twilight. You and your wacky experiments! :rainbowlaugh::twilightoops:

Rainbow wasn’t super into mares, but even when Twilight had first come to Ponyville anypony could tell that she had an endearing cuteness about her.

Not that she’d ever want to. Rainbow had often wondered why stallions always seemed to think with their dicks, and now she knew. Being buried balls deep in a moaning mare’s winking pussy was the most amazing thing she’d ever felt, and in that moment she decided—she wanted nothing more than to walk the streets of Ponyville with her new cock and buck every mare she saw.

Does this mean the spell made her lesbian?

What is with the flood of this Rainbow being able to mind control ponies lately? This is fast becoming a new fetish around the site. And she's usually a hermaphrodite as well. Magically or otherwise.

That's my doing
There's way too much "Dash is the victim of mind control" on this site, so I figured I'd shift the balance a bit

Leave it to Starlight to exploit a case of accidental mind control. i'm sure this will end in a perfectly reasonable manner.

This chapter was amazing (I was following along on the doc, but i was asleep when you posted it).

God damn that was great. And actually in-character for Starlight! :D

Yep Pretty much; to the author, excellent job with in-character Starlight!

Love the characterisation, the initial setup is just joyful.

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