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Sinful Gold

We'll write or draw anything for you. Even wholesome, consensual cuddle-sex. If we have to.

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and sanitary toy maintenance

You sick fuck.

Rape is the purist form of love.

Yes, this is the one. The beak might be an issue for other suitors, but you have something for that. And besides, you learned a long time ago that the best lays among Rainbow’s friends were the ones she didn’t tell you about.

See now you have to make a story telling us about that adventure

Look, normally I wouldn't dare writing something so depraved, but the commissioner insisted on the importance of cleanliness when using toys. I swear, I only did it for the money!

Well, with proper encouragement we could always be convinced to expand the series...

Hmm which way should the story continue should we followed him as he’s the new master of Gilda or should we go into his past to see who else serves him. The question is not which one should we do it’s which one should we do first .

Would you mind if the pic was uploaded to derpi? If not, is the artist "Mirror Image" per the blog post?

Ight, me and my cousin are reading this over Discord.

Last time I checked, he did't even like Gilda.

So what's the consensus?

You smirk as you look up to meet her irritated glower. “That’s no way to speak to your boyfriend, is it?”

I'm sorry, the fuck.


I don't know, he went to bed.

She frowns, beak hanging slightly open as she steps back and looks from one eye to another. It only takes a few moments for your magic to bend her will to yours, and she lets out a soft gasp, her thighs squeezing together. “I—uh—” She recovers quickly, tossing her head and looking away with a smirk. “Took you long enough.”

I am so very confused....

That is not what I expected at all...

Did you read the content warnings?




Yeah I did....

I'm a fucking idiot, what the hell.

Well honestly, I really only read a lot of it because that's mostly what pops up.

Also, I don't just read stories such as this, The bookshelf is just really big..

But yeah, I read a lot of this, and I hate myself for it.

Also, please don't hurt me, you're pretty scary...

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