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Not bad at all.

Shame you didnt have Twi take a turn with him.

But now you gotta do the Cadance story of this.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Ya know, never thought about BlazeLight until now....I like it.

I want to see a sequel to this.

Mm, maybe. Could be fun, if I run out of commissioners.

Great story. I really enjoyed reading it.

Yes I was aware of the lack of autumn blaze stories. This is unfourante. Glad to see ya get them numbers up

A princess, a kirin, and a prince-consort walk into an embassy...

I know this one! The punchline is; pineapple!

Ooh, this was good. It would be interesting to see a prequel in regards to how Twilight and Autumn Blaze became marefriends. :trollestia:

Well I'm writing a Yugioh story with Autumn in it.

“Oh, Celestia,” Twilight muttered as she watched Shining’s train pull into the station the next day. “Celestia, I can’t believe we did this.”

Somewhere out there, Archer is saying “phrasing”

excellent job on this story. ^^

One word.


Rainbow Gash

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