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Sinful Gold

We'll write or draw anything for you. Even wholesome, consensual cuddle-sex. If we have to.

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a loving relationship

You pervert.

Nicely done! Keep it up!

back massages
I am in.

This is too far, Sinful! A loving relationship? Happy sex between two consenting adults? I don't even know you anymore!


: p Very hot, well-written and quite tender. Great job so far!

Sometimes the greatest sin... is to not sin at all. :ajsleepy:


That's what she said, eyy! :ajsmug:

Raunchy. Do keep up the good work

By the end of this, Applejack is gonna be the sorest, most satisfied mare in Equestrian history.

It only gets raunchier from here!

Don't worry, he'll be a little gentler today so she can recover.

Ooh, that almost took a turn for the bad. Well, at least bad in this fic.

It's why a couple should always have a safe word. : P

A classic scenario, here, well-written as always. :D

That would be some twist, wouldn't it? "Surprise! It's actually been a normal Sinful Gold fic all along!"

But no, I would never pull a trick like that. Radical genre shifts don't belong in porn.

Thank you again for making this story. ^^ I look forward to the sequel!

Porn logic MUST be heeded! It is the only way.

Okay, overall this was great. Flicker and Applejack make a great couple, and you wrote this wonderfully.

Hope Flick gets to impregnate Twilight and Rainbow in the sequel.

This is how shapeshifting should be used for sex. No "adultery-except-not-really" by roleplaying as another creature. Just using it to throw some variety into a marriage.

Fav and Upvote (at least for now).

I'll not change my upvote to a downvote just because of this chapter. This is mostly because they (or at least she) are bad enough at the roleplay that they might plausibly not thought through all the implications, and he certainly isn't imitating a SPECIFIC dragon.

It also helps slightly that she is roleplaying as bargaining for her life. As for him the changeling facility for assuming a role may insulate him from moving his mental loyalties away from her to some nebulous concept of taking what he wishes sexually from whomever he wishes rather than devotion to a single female.

We will see whether later chapters change my vote. I have very high standards.

The last chapter was good.
This one is about on the level of the dragon chapter as far as my up/downvote goes.

Yeah... can't fav after this. Might keep the upvote, might not.
Anyone confused by this should see my notes on the first chapter or two.

To be completely honest, I see this as him simply having fun with his wife. Sinful Gold clearly make it known that Applejack knows it's Flick and not some stranger, and it's a classic roleplay scenario of a teacher and her student.

I hope one chapter isn't enough to put you off the rest of the story.

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