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I'm here to write fanfics and love ponies, mostly love the ponies. But writing fanfics is still good.


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Good luck keeping her once Discord finds out.😈

I never thought that somebody would use my doodle as a story cover :rainbowlaugh:

For real? Sorry it just seemed appropriate given the nature of this story. If its a problem I can take it down.

Oh no, it’s not a problem at all! ;)
It’s actually really flattering to see it as a cover!

Very nice. The opening feels a little rushed, but that’s not really important for this kinda thing. A sequel or more chapters wouldn’t go amiss either.

I was thinking about doing all of the mane six eventually, but I wanted to see how everyone reacted to this first.

Not entirely sure where you got this idea from, but 3 days ago I saw a story with an almost exact premise.

Really? Was it on this site? I usually just update my stories and check for new comments.

And I did say "almost" so while it's not exactly the same it does carry the same premise. A snake hypnotizes Fluttershy and I remembered because the conversation between your snake and Fluttershy is similar.

Huh, maybe I saw the picture for the story? Anyway doesn't matter my story is already posted, thanks for sending me a link though.

Okay, this turned out to be weirdly erotic in unexpected ways. I typically steer clear of pony stories involving animals but this managed to flip all the right switches, so I think I’m gonna see where this goes.

Riegel seems like a very cunning a resourceful predator.

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