• Published 27th Nov 2020
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The 10th Re-Creation. - Neutral Boy

A human who has died and reincarnated 10 times gets a chance for peace after suffering a hellish life for a very, very, very, long time. (RGRE story)

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Chapter 1: Snow memory & spring encounter.

At the inner darkness somewhere, a small light shows a watery tube wrapped in chains above the ground.

Down below in the center are 10 gravestones circled around the figure above them.

Each stone titles of words are blurry to make out, but above the titles show a snowy static screens.

No one knows on how long the figure in the tube was here, only it seemed like forever since then.

". . . . . ---------------. . . . . . .-----------. . . . . . . . . . . ."

". . . . . .--------------! . . . . . . . . . . ---------------! . . . . . . . . . . .-------------!. . . . . . ."

". . . . . Don't go. . . . . . . . . . Why. . . . . not fair. . . . . . . . .not. . . . . . . your fault. . . . "

". . . . .Please. . . . . . don't leave me. . . . . all alone. . . ."

". . . . . Wait!. . . . . . . . .Don't go!. . . . . . ---------! . . . . ."

One of the gravestone's static screens is a fainted voice growing more out loud.

The chained tube begins to lower down in the center, turning to the voice of the gravestone.

The static has slowly ceased and the screen shows two figures, one tall male and the other girl shorter.

Among the two were multiple deceased soldiers in a dead abandoned snow city.

However, the tall male figure is in critical condition from losing some blood, a lost left eye, an injured right leg, and broken left arm. Despite the serious injuries, he's still standing with the remaining willpower of strength.

"They're after us, aren't they?"

"W-W-Why? Why can't we just run away now? There's no way you can take them on all day! At this rate, we won't be able to make it at another village or town before you succumb to your wounds! I-I-I just don't w-w-w-want you to die here while I'm all alone without you!"

The tall male weakly chuckled and pats the crying girl figure on her head.

"It's alright there little glass cup, save your tears and be strong for me. I already know it's too late to keep going on. Though it's hard to climb up the hill since my leg is injured. Heh, it's a funny thing. I grew up to train myself to get stronger again. Yet here I am, waiting for my death sooner than expected."

"S-Strong again? W-What does that have to do with you injured a-and um-"

"A long story glass cup, one where I don't have enough time to tell you everything."

The male wipes her tears with his weak left hand. Sighing, he he grabs something from his pocket.

"If this should be our last time together, I got something for you. Hold out your right hand."

Upon hearing his, she nods and opens her right hand. The male puts the item on her open palm.

It shows a small shiny crafted blue & pink bird.

"Back then, I was always alone of learning and training on my own in survival under the annoyance of the despising public eye to defend myself, until you and a few others helped remind me a little of who I am. You've earned my trust and respect, so now I'm giving you memento. Just promise me one thing though."

The crying girl looks up as both of them were in eye contact.

"No matter what happens after I'm gone, either being on a side of good, bad, or neither amongst this dark infested world, you'll hold onto this memento memory of me. Understand?"

She wipes her nose and shakily hesitant nods to him.

"I-I promise to always keep it."

The male hugs the girl as she muffles her cries on his shoulder and he softly whispers in her left ear.

"Thank you."

However, there moment is cut short when they heard the sounds of enemies drawing in closer to them.

The male figure breaks the hug and uses his right thumb to point behind him.

"There's a place up ahead not too far away that can help cloak you under the radar. I'll do what I can to hold them off while you keep running and hide at the place until they lost sight of you. Run free my little glass cup, run free."

The girl looked from the direction location then to him. A moment of hesitation later, she nods and made a difficult decision choice by running to the hiding spot. Glancing behind her, she waves to him before running off to climb the hill.

Down below, the male softly smiles to her then frowns, knowing he's ready for a last stand battle.

Picking up his sword from the ground, he waits for the enemies to arrive.

Few minutes later, multiple soldiers appears and aim their weapons at him.

"Well, if it isn't the bitches of the sky prison city & the mines." He whispers.

One of the soldiers steps forth with no firing weapon, but only a fine silver sword in one hand.

"By the orders of the headmasters and the general, you're under arrest Harbor Grail."

The female solider pointing her sword at him.

"Heh, I don't go by that name. It's only an alias cover name as a former student."

"Ever so, if that is your real name or not, you are charged with multiple crimes across the kingdoms."

"On what exactly miss "perfect" academy grades student?"

She grew a tick mark on her head on hearing that comment, but shook her head.

"Helping riots, ruining our tech, injuring each student & teacher to the hospital, painting a target on my family's income titles, data corruptions, and spreading the lies to every town & kingdoms. Need I go on?"

"First of all, your own family had it coming all these years the moment they became the enslavers. Secondly, the others were a very reason since this whole world have gone into a huge madness war between hunters and the dark creatures. It's only fitting for me to change up the game plan, wouldn't you agree?"

"Need I remind you to watch what say next or else I'll gladly remove your tongue."

Her tone grew dark on warning him.

"Fair enough." He shrugs.

"Now before I'm going to arrest you, I'm only going to say this one question to you and I want the honest truth out of your mouth. Where. Are The. Relics?!"

"Oh, you mean those old things? To be honest, I've hidden them away from both humanity and the creatures somewhere else. Only the ones can know of there location, except for me in case anyone tries to read my mind for the leak information. So sorry for the bad news you've heard from me. Also, I want to give you a little message to every leader across the world."

A change of the atmosphere reveals an ominous wind as the former student raises his sword.

"The two immortal beings aren't the only ones who also has dark secret hidden away from the public eye."

He puts the pointed sword on the ground as the sudden tremor ground shook, catching the soldiers off-guard.

"Awaken thee once again from thy slumber loyal ancients."

Whispering the enchanted words, his sword glows and another tremor shook.

The two unknown creatures behind him appear out of the ground, roaring and growling at the enemies.

Every soldiers and the female one were utterly terrified on what they had just witnessed.

The former student looks up in the sky, seeing a fleet of ships and glances to his loyal creatures.

"You two know on what to do, make sure drive off those fleets and soldiers."

His two creatures murmurs to him in a mournful tone.

"I know, but send my last message to the rest. I'll see you two in the next life some day."

Hearing this from him, one of the creatures roared out and uses it's wings to fly towards the fleet while the other one remains on the ground to combat the built up mech robots. From that point, a battle breaks out as the army soldiers, mechs, and fleet engage against the former student and his two loyal creatures.

A static screen appears at the tombstone, only to barely see the bloodshed and voices of yelling & screaming.

Including bodies of victims thrown aside, torn to shreds, or even decapitated.

Few hours later, the aftermath of the battle is shown. Many soldiers were killed and most ships crashed down.

The remaining soldiers were rounding up the wounded, except for a few people.

For the former student however, he laid there dead in the middle of battle with many open wounds.

Nearby, a hooded girl figure appears and saw the aftermath battle. She walks over the deceased soldiers & parts of each fallen ships. She soon finds on what she was looking for, only her eyes widen in horror and shock.

She tries to move the former student's body, but gotten no response. Meaning that he died here.

Her eyes were in tears and puts her head on his chest.

"N-No . . . . . . . no. . . . . .no!"

"Get up! . . . . . Please get up. . . . . . . . . . . . .no . . . . . . help. . . . . . . anyone. . . . . . . please . . . . . ."

". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

A sleeping male robe figure gasps in awake, he groans and holds his head with his hands while calming down.

"Dammit, another nightmare again." He whispers.

Getting up the ground, he looks to find himself in a peaceful forest.

"Where the hell am I?" He murmurs.

Rolling his neck around to get the cramp off, he then proceeds to walk.

"Okay so first order of business; Find out on where I am, cooking a meal, and finally lay low at a town or city. I can probably find out on some informations of this world's tech and interrogate a few crazy xeno scientists, but there could be a chance this whole thing can backfire on me the second I let them get away. Eh I'll put that last part of the plan on hold in case things get out of hand."

Looking around for anything like road or pathway, he hears some conversations close by in the distance.

Using one of his abilities, he enhances his eyes to zoom in on a couple of girl figures, only they seem unusual.

One on the left has a long blue hair, blue dress, a tail, green eyes, and two fluffy ears on her head.

The other one having a short pony tail mix red hair, two wings, casual'ish clothing, and a spikey tail.

Slowly gritting his teeths, he turns off the zoom and turns around to walk away from them.

'Of course it just had to be women that I first encountered. Just keep going so they won't notice me. I already had enough of a horrible love life drama back then and I'm not about to have another one here again.' His mind said in annoyance.

However, he didn't walk fast enough as the two girls saw him.

"Hey!" One of them shouted, but he didn't respond back.

"I'm talking to you!"

'I stand corrected, they did spotted me. Ignoring them now, lalalalalalalala I can't hear them! I'm not gonna take it~! No~! I'm not gonna take it~! I'm not gonna take it, anymooooooore~!'

Growing in irrritation, the short hair pony tail girl flies off fast and stops in front of him.

'Aaaaaaaaand now I'm being blocked by a spikey hair bimbo girl and my song ruined, fucking wonderful.'

"I said stop! My friend behind you just saved your life eariler and yet you have the cowardly balls to just walk away without saying thank you and us introducing ourselves?!"

Being that she's clearly fumingly pissed in anger, this is his only response to her.

". . . . . Not really, but thanks I guess. So if you can kindly piss off, I'll be out of here."

Hearing that insult from him, the winged girl just snapped.


She turns around to swing her spikey tail at his face.

However, she never anicipated when the robed male uses his left hand to catch her tail before it hit him.

"W-What?!" She yelped in surprised.

"Not a good way to poke me like that, how about I return the favor?" The robed male said in a cold tone.

He grips her tail tighter and she screams in pain. He follows it up by merely slapping her face with his other hand at the back of it. Seeing her wince from the contact, he then puts her in a choke hold as she gasps for air.

"Next time, make sure to keep your temper in check." He reminds her.

"Stop it! Please don't hurt her!"

He hears the other girl yell out loud and turns his head to her.

"Excuse me?"

"Please, I'm sure she didn't mean to hit you!"

"A likely story miss."

"Look I know things are confusing and misunderstanding right now, but we need your help with rescuing our friends by a bunch of mercenaries looking to either enslave them as sex slaves or kill them before eating there skins & bones."

"And why in the hell should I help? I've already experienced a lot of problems in my life of trying to trust with the opposite sex whenever they needed help and they've stabbed me in the back. So miss blue hair girl, give me one good reason why I shouldn't snap your friend's neck."

The blue haired girl is in tears and wanted to say something, but her friend shook her head no.

Having no choice, but to tell the next truth, she spoke up and hoping this can save her friend.


The male winced from her surprised voice and pauses when he heard something strange from her sentence.

'Queen. . . . . . Faust. . . . . .'

Glancing to the strangled girl and her friend, he lets go and pushes her away, letting her catch her breath.

'Something's not right, but I can't figure out on what's wrong with me. Why did I pause when I heard that name? Queen Faust? Hmmmmmm, I'll look into that later. If I'm going to get some answers about this world, then. . . . .'

He looks to the blue hair girl checking on her friend and hugging her tightly in tears.

Sighing under his breath, he shook his head as he folded his hands and not going anywhere.

"Alright, you've got my attention, start talking."

(Meanwhile, in Ponyville. . .)

A mailmare named Derpy Hooves is delivering some mail to every pony's house.

"Bits today! Bits today~! Gonna earn my bits today~!"

Checking in her bag, she finds there's about a few mails left to deliever.

"Oh yeah, I haven't delivered this special mail to Princess Celestia's prized student, Twilight Sparkle."

She scratches her head in confusion.

"Although, I don't know why the disguised mare would let me deliver this strange looking black circle to Twilight. Maybe she must've thrown out her old yard sale materials or something? Oh well, no point in dilly dallying. Time to earn my bits this week!"

So the clueless mailmare flies off, not knowing on what she's about to deliver to the book worm mare.

Author's Note:

The RGRE story is back with another chapter ready. Sorry it took so long to make another one, had like a lot of things of keeping me busy for the past few months. Especially on quitting a fucked up one group site that I'm not going to go into further details since they pissed me off and I couldn't take it anymore of being on there. (Go view my last few blogs and you'll see why I quit) Also though just to remind everyone, later on in the chapters, there's going to be about I think seven parts backstory diary of Queen Faust and the reincarnated human.

Anyways, leave a comment down on what do you think and see ya later!

Stay healthy!

Also here's an adorable pic for everyone.

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