• Published 27th Nov 2020
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The 10th Re-Creation. - Neutral Boy

A human who has died and reincarnated 10 times gets a chance for peace after suffering a hellish life for a very, very, very, long time. (RGRE story)

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Prologue: Peace at last. . .?


Huff. . . . . Huff. . . . . Huff. . . . . At this rate, we can't escape them forever.

"Sheila, cast up another barrier!"

"Don't have to tell me twice!"

I glace to see her casting a powerful barrier, good. This should slow them down.

We ran and saw our pursuers attacking the barrier, attempting to break it down.

"They're getting away!"

"Split up, kill them all if you have to! We need to kill him now!"


We've end up climbing a huge mountain and seeing no pursuers yet.

Eventually, we found a hidden cave to hide in as my team creates another barrier. We can't exactly hide & run all day with an injured wanted boy on our backs, but I thought of an idea for us.

"Amira, Keaton, Sheila, buy me some time."

"Please tell me this plan of yours won't get us killed?"

"It won't, I'm going to create a ritual portal and flung our little boy here to another place."

"What?! Are you crazy?!"

"Yeah! Our contractor specifically told us to free him and protect him."

"That's what they told us, but I have a different plan in mind. Just trust me on this one, after I flung the boy to another place for safety and the chasing eventually dies down, I'll create another ritual and we'll find him again."

". . . . . Alright fine, but you better have something in mind to protect him from danger."

"Not to worry, I have came prepared for that."

So my team is busy to hold off any attack while I began my ritual portal.

"Better hurry up, I can hear the voices outside drawing in close."

"Working on it Keaton."

I pull out some candles around the boy and pour flowers in a small circle.

My voice begins to chant in a different language. I danced around the circle and hum in my mind, my body felt the power flow through the circle's ring as the enchantment is pouring to form a portal.

"I see a flare up in the sky, they must've found us."

"Just focus on keeping the barrier up you two, we can't let them interrupt the ritual."

"Got it."

I felt the calming power balance as my ritual is almost done. My eyes see the portal forming up as the lit candles I placed on the ground, little flames levitate and enter the portal. Once the last flame enters, the portal shines as the ritual is complete.

I stopped my dancing, exhausted from using most of my power to form a ritual portal.

"It's now or never, the pursuers are closing in fast!"

Nodding to my team, I carried the boy and flung him to the ritual portal. I snap my fingers as the portal vanishes, thankful the pursuers didn't get here in time to see him gone.

"Well, the good news is we got him out of here. Bad news is we have no idea where he's at."

"Not to mention who knows what's on the other side."

"We'll deal with that feeling later. Right now, we just need to wait and escape again before regrouping with the others."

"Gotcha. Although, I do wonder if there's any friendlies on the portal you flung him into."

"Who knows Amira, who knows."

Meanwhile. . .


An old palace is seen in the center of a forest. In the practice grounds, we see a young alicorn filly mare in light armor, practicing her sword fight against her opponent while at the same time thinking in her head.

'Ugh this really, really, really, bucking sucks. Out of all these days, why does it have to be this month when I should be in my room creating more words and drawings?'



'Sometimes I do wonder if my dad is doing this on purpose?'



'Or better yet, maybe my mother planned this from the very beginning?'

"Focus young filly, you need to be more strategic on any battlefield."

"*Huff* I-I'm trying dad."

The young mare goes for an upper slash, but her dad blocks it with his left hand. He kicks his daughter in the stomach with his right hoof as she collapses on the ground and catches her breath.

"I told you Faust, you need to always be prepared to face many difficult battles in combat. Whether it may be outside the kingdom or inside the kingdom, you never know when an enemy comes to kill you out of the blue or stabs at your blind spot."

"Yeah, yeah, I know dad. You told me like a hundred times."

Her dad sighs and shakes his head before extending his left hand to her. Huffing in grunt, she takes his hand as she gets up and dust herself off.

"One day when me and your mom are no longer around, you need to be a strong mare for us and become a good leader princess. No matter on when you feel alone, lost somepony special, or worse, we'll always be proud of you."

At first Faust thought it's ridiculous, but his words do make a point and knows that one day when her parents aren't around anymore, she has to be a strong mare and guide every pony for peace and harmony.

"I'll keep that in mind dad."

"Very well, now how about we go have dinner with your mom?"

"Okay daddy."

When Faust and her dad go back to the castle, a sudden voice speaks out loud.

"Sire! Sire! I come with a bearing news!"

Both of them turn to see a stallion guard running toward them. He halts as he catches his breath before bowing to her dad.

"At ease soldier, what news did you bring today?"

"I-I'm terribly sorry if I interrupted your activity plans, but I bring news from what you need to know. One of our border patrols in the south reported to have spotted a strange cosmic portal close by. We don't know on who exactly created it sir, but it's probably either friendly or more likely a powerful enemy. Either way, we need some assistants as soon as possible before the other enemies discover it."

Her dad thinks about it for a moment before turning his head to his daughter.

"Faust, I'll let you investigate the portal."

"Are you sure dad?"

"Possibly, but I'm going to have two of my best guards accompany you for protection in case there's trouble. Guard, I want you to lead my daughter to the portal, make sure no other outsiders gets to lay a hoof on it or my daughter. Understand?"

"Yes your highness." The guard bows his head.


Ugh, I really do hate it sometimes of guards protecting me twenty four seven.

Sure a part of me does feels safe, but it feels like every pony is a bit overprotective.

I mean there hasn't been an invasion of sorts since I think perhaps 20 years ago. Last time I checked, my parents put a stop to a struggling war against the Zebra, Caribou, Lycian, Vampire, Elf, Lamia, Harpy, and Dragon kingdoms. The war ended with the defeated armies having no choice, but to accept a peace treaty for all the lands to heal and mourn for fallen troops to bury at there own birth places.

Those were the dark times long ago.

Anyway, I geared up for combat as I head out with my dad's guards accompanying me and the messenger guard named Dust Visor guide us to our destination. So far, there hasn't been anything interest on our walk, except for my guards trying the attempts to hit on me.

Huffing under my breath, I merely swatted them in the face with my long tail. Thankfully my cold glances worked as they didn't bother to try the attempts again, at least that showed them.

Minutes later, I finally made it to the border and the border patrols spotted us.

"Open the gates at once! Princess Faust is here to aid us!" Dust yells out to them.

"Yes sir!"

I see them opening up the metal gates as we head out.

"Keep an eye out for any surprise attack until we get back from our investigation!"

"Roger that Dust!"

As the gates closes behind us, we then began to walk toward the sight.

Eventually, we made it to the portal as we guard up for any possible attack.

"Dust, Checker, Pearl, I need you to keep guard while I examine the portal." I said to them.

"As you wish Princess."

"My body will shield you."

"No other pony dares to lay a finger on your beauty!"

Grumbling to myself, I slowly walk closer to the cosmic portal. When I extend my right hand to it a few inches away, I let out a yelp when a strange unknown figure pops out of the portal and flattens on the ground. I see my guards ready to strike, but I use my left hand to have them stand down.

"Easy there stallions, let me check if this intruder is alive or not."

I bent down and tap my two fingers together on the figure's neck. I sense a pulse and put my ear to it's chest. Hearing a heart beat, I sigh as my eyes examine it. I don't see pony ears or a tail, perhaps a different sentient species? Possibly, but my theory is this one's a male from hearing him sounding asleep, but seems unconscious.

Glancing at the portal, looks like it began to shrink before it disappears.

"Everything alright there Princess?"

"Yes Checker, apparently this sentient male figure seems to be unconscious as of now."

"Do you think it's an ally or foe?"

"I'm not sure Dust, but I think this sentient got attacked by something else beyond the portal before escaping. After we get back, I'll have this sentient put under custody for protection until we can figure out on why he escaped here and who he is."

I carried the male figure in my arms and stand up. Walking up to my guards, I notice that Dust turn his head and draw out his bow.

"Princess, we've got bandits inbound and heading straight for us."

The three of us turn to see multiple Lycians charging in.

"Let's get back to the borders and fast! There might be more on the way!"

"We'll cover your escape Princess Faust!"

I ran while carrying the male sentient in my arms. I hear Dust shoot a couple of arrows while flapping his wings. The Lycians were closing in as both Checker & Pearl shot magic from their horns, hitting a couple of the hybrid wolves.

"Oh no you don't!"

One of the Lycian jumps and try to pounce me, but Dust made it in time by ramming the wolf back using his hooves. Two more jumped as well with Checker and Pearl using their shield to block them.

However, another one broke out and scratches my left wing with it's claws.


I felt the pain, but I use my magic horn to blast the filth away from us.

We made it to the borders as those bandit Lycians slowed down when the guards launched fire arrows at them. I glance to see a few of them got hit and dropped dead as the remaining ones howl and flee away.

I slowed down to catch my breath, though I still felt the pain when the claw hit me.

"Princess, thank goodness your alright! Did you get injured?" One of the guards said.

"Yeah, my left wing got injured, but it's not broken."

"Find anything about the cosmic portal and what's with this thing you have in your arms?"

"Nothing about the portal yet, but this male sentient I have may know the answers. I'll let Pearl explain everything while Dust and Checker escort me back. Continue on if there's any signs of more unexpected welcome out there."

"Yes your highness."

After that, I sat down on a wood chair, but flinch when my left tries to stretch out.

"Shall I attend to heal your wing, majesty?"

"Yes you may Dust and thanks for backing me up back there."

"Ah it's nothing your highness, always doing my best to help protect you from certain death."

As Dust goes over to get the medical supplies, my eyes draw to the unconscious male.

In my head, I had so many questions for him, but it'll have to wait until he wakes up.

Perhaps I can. . . . . ah forget it, he's vulnerable and I can't think on it right now.

Especially it's my new duty to guard him in case the cosmic portal appears again.

Question is; How am I going to explain this news to my parents?

Unknown years later. . .


In the Equestrian Era, we see a squad of royal guards investigate the torn cave.

The two grown Alicorn sisters arrive to assist and seen the sleep chamber empty.

"Any findings yet on who broke in?" The sun goddess named Celestia asked.

"No your highness, it seems this intruder is somehow very skilled to break it. Although, our readings confirm that someone else interrupted the intruder. We're still under investigation on who the two unknowns are exactly." Her guard answered.

Princess Celestia walks over to the small open chamber and put her left hand on the side of it.

"Sister, you do realize this sentient is very important to our mother, right?" Her sister Luna says.

"I'm aware Lulu, I just wish that I could've came here sooner to prevent it from happening."

She felt a couple of tears in her eyes as her sister puts a wing over her for comfort.

"What do we do now Celly?"

"I need to write a letter to Twilight. See if she and her friends can help us find him."

Author's Note:

You know what I realize, not a single story I haven't written an RGRE one. Weird, isn't it? Anyways, I had this idea a while back from reading a story on another site. Then later on from reading several RGRE stories, I decided that I wanted to try out a first RGRE story. So I hope everyone enjoys Thanksgiving and keep your hands dry & your dreams wet during Covid19. Also here's a gif for you all of turkey dinner, lobster Nogla man away!