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13 Shades of Sunset

i wuv shippings <3


Nothing to say here since the title says it all.

But whatever you do not bother Sunset if she’s in Rage Mode. Things will get ugly...... REAL UGLY.

Warnings: All I have to say is that this’ll include some sex jokes, lots of profanity, and a raging Sunset:twilightsheepish:

This was based off of the official Equestria Girls short and one of Wubcake’s old MLP voice acting videos.

This is a collaboration with my homie No name 13

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Loved it! ( speaking of Minecraft...... I really wanna play bed wars.......... I'm so f*king good at it......... )

Sunset: Plays games.

Other players: Aw shit, here we go again

Comment posted by Nosey Flame deleted Dec 15th, 2020

Sends my run three dark souls and blood born stats over on sunsets stream after I invaded her for the tenth time that day

To clarify is ds3 I got also sunset sunset sunset careful cursing on twitch

IKR in stuck trying to enter the ringed city

That’s almost me whenever I try to get out of an area in Fortnite only to get killed off last second:rainbowlaugh:

Tried it find the games to tricky to newcomers/ people just spam build ramps and shotguns

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