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Sunset is about to drop her new mixtape, The Bacon B**** Chronicles.

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worst hunger games book ever i want a refund.

“Time to get naked and watch Nickelodeon!”

Someone's been playing Cards Against Humanity.

I'd probably listen to these songs over most of the Equestria Girl's songs, though.

6608755 Divergent was bollocks too. Can I get a refund for that?

6609218 No, I hit the the Enter key by mistake. I meant to say, "When ponies transform into humans it rarely is going to have brilliant songs. It works better when they stay put in pony form in my opinion because humans...well, we're clearly not the type to go into school singing like we're straight out of GLEE for starters..."

6609224 I apologize. I can't help being a smart alec at times. :scootangel:

But even so, I still agree. With the exception of the Dazzling's songs, the quality of the songs just diminishes with the movies. They all sound the same and are all about "coming together" and "friendship" and "blah blah blah." I liked one song in the third movie, the villain song, but the rest are forgettable.

6609233 I've not seen any of the Equestria Girls movies. I've heard a couple of songs but they're not to my taste. Still, if other people like the movies that's fine. I heard it got decent reviews so it's got that going for it. I'm just not a fan of the whole Humanized pony gimmick is all.

Especially when you see the sort of stuff people write about that kind of thing. XD Some dark places man! XD

Could be worse.
This is where you say "What could be possibly worse than this?".

6609515 Probably the second chapter that just got uploaded

Her palms are quakin', knees are achin', legs are shakin'
There’s vomit on her jacket, no mistakin', hair is bacon.

“I think you’d better get ready for some serious debauchery!” She said as she hit play.

I'm going to guest that is referring to FNFB.

6614802 Not a fan of FNAF, I was actually in call with my friend as he wrote this chapter. He was having trouble coming up with a word to go there, so I threw out 'debauchery'. Glad you liked the story, though, and thanks for the comment!

i was actually talking about the parody game five nights at F*** boy's, but that works too. :twilightsmile:

6615932 Sound silly, I'll look it up!

you really should, if you haven't done that already. also, the game has two sequels.

“Time to get naked and watch Nickelodeon!”


Also, I disagree.. This is easily the BEST thing you've ever wrote. Not that I've seen anything else you've written. I should go check those out now.

“Because my mix tape was fire fam.”

I cannot stop laughing :rainbowlaugh:

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