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13 Shades of Sunset

i wuv shippings <3


Join the Main 7 in a series of adventures to discover the magic and the true meaning of friendship.

Sunset Shimmer: She’s someone who already tries to do the right thing. This is an Equestria Girl loving and caring for all of her friends. Friendship forever!
Twilight Sparkle: Clever and curious, this Equestria Girl is always ready for a new challenge!
Fluttershy: Though shy and soft-spoken, this kind-hearted Equestria Girl will stand up for her friends no matter what!
Applejack: Sincere and self-confident, she is an Equestria Girl who stays true to herself!
Rainbow Dash: The ultimate team player, this Equestria Girl enjoys having fun with her friends!
Rarity: Trendy and fashionable, this Equestria Girl is all about generosity and fabulousity!
Pinkie Pie: Entertaining and energetic, this Equestria Girl always makes sure her friends are having a great time!

*Disclaimer: Every character in this is owned by Hasbro not me.*

The description was from the MLP or Hasbro official channel of MLP vids except for the first part and Sunset Shimmer bio.

*Featured: 3/13*

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Now this is a very intriguing start to your story 13 Shades of Sunset, I'm very stoked to see more.

Comment posted by FireworksPOP deleted March 15th

I was done waiting around for the officials to do anything so I made my own:twilightsmile:

Since this is a take on a season 3, wonder if some stuff like about the whole problem with Spike being a dog would be addressed?
Pretty much they just ignored the issues and Spike really got the short end of the stick due to being a dog..

Can't wait for the cornucopia costume story

What happened to seasons one and two?



Thank you everyone for reading:twilightsmile:

I’m not sure if I can somehow. Maybe an episode in equestria in FiM or on another story. It’s hard to stick the landing with that in my opinion.

Equestria Girls was made into a web series that were already season 1 and 2

Oh.. ok then..
Really, the problems of Spike being a dog really screwed him over.
Way too many times he got excluded, forgotten or just.. THERE like a prop.
Heck, apparently Sci-Twi is bringing Spike her less and less at school(which is really not a good sign), it was pretty bad enough she doesn't bring him at the mall or the park(which is pretty hypocritical due to she literally brought him with her at school, especially when she was so focused on her education and yet she is willing to risk that by bringing Spike).
Doesn't even get anything. The girls kept getting more powers but Spike gets NOTHING pretty much..

Hmmm maybe I can try and talk about in another short story

Rainbow says as she hands the girl her CD

Wait you kids still use CDs? :rainbowderp:

(I remember around 2018 I asked a kindergartener what was their favorite TV channel. They said, "Netflix!" I felt SO old. :raritydespair:)

This sure was great, can't wait to see more if this in the future my friend. Keep up the good work

Now I loved reading this! :twilightsmile:

Thank you so much for making me feel like Equestria Girls still alive!

I love it so much. Thank you for keeping Equestria girls alive:twilightsmile:. But uh, one question. What happened to rainbow dash's last job. She worked at the sports store.

Looks good so far, can't wait to see more! :pinkiehappy:

Haven't read yet but I never understood what's the deal with hasbro's video description. It describes both ponies and humans except no Sunset and both descriptions are same with little difference. And why do they still make 20min long videos made from parts from old videos and how does they still get thousands of likes?

1. Honestly since this is a continuation of the series (mostly cuz they never announced anything) I thought it might be suitable for this.

2. That's what I was asking when did the compliations

Doesn't Rainbow Dash work at the sports store?



I forgot about that gawd dang it:rainbowlaugh:

I honestly don’t remember that so I’ll just say I decided to change it to this.

Not bad. I'm looking forward for more. By the way what are the ships. One is definitely Flutterdash. Are you going with Sunlight or Twitimber? For some reason the series had both ships even though twitimber was established first and sunlight was never officially said other than little gestures.

There’s no romance involved with this but I will put in cute moments of ships throughout

You could change it so that Rainbow lost her job at the sports store and this is her finding a new one.

Well It just that I’ve never really seen RD at that job in the actual web series sooo......

Nice. I'm a little surprised no one made a season 3 of Equestria Girls as a story already, but here it is!

If no one else is doing it I’m doing it myself.

The story even got featured too:twilightsmile:


If no one else is doing it I’m doing it myself.

That's the spirit! It's like a version of that saying "if you want something done right, do it yourself".

The story even got featured too:twilightsmile:

Oh yeah. I only got around to checking it out now, but I saw this featured for a while earlier.

Good start. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

That was a great read! I feel you made it perfectly as an episode, can’t wait for episode two!

You know? I haven't seen one of these stories in awhile, where it's just the EQG cast doing fun stuff. Most of the time, I see them in alt universes, or dealing with some melodramatic crap that comes with magic and high school. I can't wait to see where you take this! A solid 9.5/10 just because this need more chapters!


I’m hoping for this to be a great project :twilightsmile:

This is so cool i can't wait to see what you come up with more episodes.

I have a suggestion for one episode: Sci Twi experimenting with equestrian magic, but accidentally the experiment goes wrong and Spike is affected by some magic wave, transforming him into a human it would be epic

Hmm maybe. Transforming Spike into a human would be cool. Though Idk how it’ll work but I’ll see what I can do.

You got Ray the leopard gecko perfectly, I really loved this chapter thought it was adorable. I feel sad that we only ever saw him once or twice in the series.

That was pretty cool. This story should be animated.

Just need to draw the frame animation and get the voice actors ^^

Enjoyed this new chapter since ray the gecko was in it adm yes I'm pretty sure he is one

Wow, what a very interesting and amazing chapter 13 Shades of Sunset! I enjoyed it very much!

And I agree that Ray would be a very good gecko for Sunset.

In my Twirax stories Alistair aka the son of Thorax and Twilight Sparkle has a tegu pet named Vector.

Either than that, a very phenomenal chapter! I'm stoked to see more!

Bonding with a pet.

The pet may not speak, but they don't have to.

You know they love you.

This was really funny, I enjoyed it a lot, looking forward to the next one!:twilightsmile:

I would love to see that big time.

Something tells me that channel that kept making 30 minute or so videos mashing clips of EQG and FIM a bunch is just someone who's making videos to get views from kids.
Its the one with the quite cringey thumbnails there?

Finally gotta chance to catch up in this. The thing is I thought Rainbow worked at the shoe store. I remember in one music video her fitting Sunset with a new pair of shoes. Other than that I like first episode.

Are even you were there Sunset,

For some reason, I had The Wizard of Oz vibes there.

Wizard of Oz reference or something :rainbowlaugh:

This was a sweet chapter. I liked it have a stache:moustache:

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