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Welcome to the official channel of The Shimmer Code!!!
Video games are her specialty but sometimes leads to a broken controller.
She might whine, but she can grind.
Either she laughs or she'll get mad.
Everyone's favorite gamer girl, Sunset Shimmer!!!

An official series adapted from The Ballad of Raging Sunset and Equestria Girls short by yours truly. (I do not own anything MLP or characters obvi)

Some of the chapters might also have guest collabs or guest characters

Request for a video game Sunset plays in the next chapters by commenting
The * on the chapter titles denotes that they'll be another chapter on it.

*FEATURED: 1/19*
Peaked #6 - without Mature
Peaked #8 - with Mature

Chapters (2)

Another time, Another year for a special Hearth's Warming Eve. Twilight had been ignoring her friends because of a personal struggle. Thankfully Rainbow Dash is here to sort things out with her.

Romance because of Rainbow helping Twilight with depression and and cute little thing at the end <3

Written for n3k1dsk1llz for the Jinglemas 2021 event.

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Class is in session.

With our special guest… IZZY MOONBOW teaching ARTS N CRAFTS :yay:

This will have the fourth wall completely shattered so you have been warned.

This is my first G5 story so plz let me know about my characterization for Izzy here.

1000 word story challenge.

I’m the one who put down the text edit on the cover art.

Link to Original Artist

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This is gonna include some deleted scenes from previous stories which means there will be some alternate scenes, extended scenes, and I'll even include original working titles in author's notes probably.

This is for deleted scenes and it’s not to be featured so no ratings for this one.

This will be Rated T just so there can be even measure.

Chapters (3)

It was just another regular night when Adagio Dazzle comes back from one of her concerts to the hotel. She felt restless and drained entirely as she just wants to flop down on the bed and sleep. Sunset Shimmer comes in their hotel room and decides to give her girlfriend some love and slumbering comfort.

A bit of a short story by yours truly <3

Rated T for reasons only. There is some language but should be fine without profane tag. There’s the sex tag for sexual kisses and innuendo in bed. The make out and sex stuff with the nudity is covered by the bed sheets.

Written for Sunset Shimmer x EG Villains Competition and Pride & Positivity 2021

Happy Pride Month

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Join the Main 7 in a series of adventures to discover the magic and the true meaning of friendship.

Sunset Shimmer: She’s someone who already tries to do the right thing. This is an Equestria Girl loving and caring for all of her friends. Friendship forever!
Twilight Sparkle: Clever and curious, this Equestria Girl is always ready for a new challenge!
Fluttershy: Though shy and soft-spoken, this kind-hearted Equestria Girl will stand up for her friends no matter what!
Applejack: Sincere and self-confident, she is an Equestria Girl who stays true to herself!
Rainbow Dash: The ultimate team player, this Equestria Girl enjoys having fun with her friends!
Rarity: Trendy and fashionable, this Equestria Girl is all about generosity and fabulousity!
Pinkie Pie: Entertaining and energetic, this Equestria Girl always makes sure her friends are having a great time!

*Disclaimer: Every character in this is owned by Hasbro not me.*

The description was from the MLP or Hasbro official channel of MLP vids except for the first part and Sunset Shimmer bio.

Now available to read on Offprint

*FEATURED: 3/13/2021*

Chapters (6)

One special night at the Grand Gallaping Gala. Every pony, changeling, and other creatures were invited for this special occasion. Twilight and Thorax were also invited to this special evening at Canterlot Castle as they were ready for the evening of their lives.


Requested by Timothy1509

Rated T and Sex tag for fluff and innuendo.

Chapters (1)

Scootaloo is just your average young pony. A pony who any bully would think she’s unattractive and just a loser who can’t be able to fly and probably never will. But there’s only one dragon who thinks she’s worth being his special some pony, and there’s a chance that Scootaloo may have found her own Prince Charming.

The first chapters will take place during FiM Season 2 Finale and later chapters will flash forward to a future where Scoots and Spike are older adolescents.

Requested by chazkopa

Chapters (2)

Two girls and one romantic night. Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle (Sci-Twi) went to a special Sugar Cube Cafe for the evening. The one n only matchmaker Pinkie Pie is their waitress and little did they know is that they may have an cute special moment under a mistletoe. <3

Link to fan art: https://www.pinterest.cl/pin/584131014152583498/

A short story by yours truly.

Featuring a very cute Sci-Twi and Sunset. :twilightsmile:

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It’s that day of the year again <3. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy are just spending time with each other for another Hearth’s Warming Eve. Meanwhile both of them went out to go to Pinkie’s party as they do every year. Fluttershy has a special present to give to her special somepony Rainbow Dash as well as her having a present for Fluttershy. But the real gift they have with each other is love and passion.

Link to fan art: https://www.deviantart.com/ohemo/art/Christmas-time-422040575

Rated E for anyone to read. This is a family friendly story. :D

Romance tag cuz of a cute scene between Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy <3

A short story by yours truly. :twilightsmile:

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