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Just your average Brony here to read and write stories about the show the rest of us bronies and pegasisters have come to admire and still enjoy watching from time to time.


Co-written with The Saiyan Brony.

Two gamers are brought together by their love of their favorite video game, Sonic Forces. However it's their love of this very game that gets them both sucked into a world not their own, in bodies that are both strange yet so familiar. Follow these two on their journey in a whole new world with adventure around every corner. What wonders will they see? Will they be able to face the dangers that come their way? How will they return to where they came from, if they even can?

A shoutout to RebyTheLion for making our new cover art! Check out her page, she’s really talented! I’d also like to thank Blizzard-Chill and PinkeyApple for taking my commissions as well. They’re both incredible artists and I hope you all visit each of their pages!

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One of them should be a father figure for Scootaloo

I am liking this...aside from the anthro part, but the story is interesting so I'll track it.

Welp, I sense a High-Speed threeway Race coming up. A question though, where's the wispon?

Oooh by the gods of RPGS PLEASE MAKE MOOOORRRAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

Jetstream remained silent as he was deep in thought, glancing once more back at the lion creatures he could see that they were already being to tire. “Hmm it might work but be careful we're still not used to these bodies. Just try not to showboat or trash talk them, and as soon as you can leave the forest if we get split up.”

For someone who plays Sonic games he doesn't seem to know the attitudes/personalities of Sonic's crew.

True he may not be as quirky or as outgoing as most of the other sonic characters, but keep in mind he's not a sonic character, he just looks like one. He is meant to be the calm and logical one until he sees fit to lower his guard and cut lose.
When collaborating on this story I wanted to try and make this story a little more believable, in that one of the two would have to be the level headed one.

Also keep in mind this isn't me trying to sound mean or rude. Just because he plays a certain game doesn't mean he'll act like those characters. Just because you play GTA V doesn't mean I'm gonna steal a car that I like and go around shooting people.

You know what would be awesome? An Omake in which they succeed too well and send a couple of ponies with them. Not Mane 6 members. Too overdone. Just some random ponies. The hassle of trying to get home from a world who's magic has died would be interesting/hilarious depending on how you write it.

Infinite the Jackal is the villain?

The Chaos emeralds are going to be in this story aren't they?

First this was epic beginning I'm officially hooked to see where this goes. Second if this follows a normal displaced rules oh there mite be a whole lot more mobians in the future I hope for some Hedgehog's don't have to be sonic, I can't wait (no rush).

This was a awesome and hilarious chapter and race I hope both Jet and Lupus both not only make herd's but also both each get a royal sister.

This was a awesome and fun Q&A chapter this keeps getting better and better each chapter.

An the fun begins😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Also first!!!!!!!

“Oh hoho. Seems this whole might be howling for the moon princess, you dog you.” Jet chuckled as he watched his friend blush madly.

just because of this line, I would love to see how that would pan out

This was a awesomely chill and fun chapter happy they got jobs ,hope they each get a royal sister to fall for them;) .

Are you going to have Blue Blood be a total prick like so many others?
Or are you going to break the mold (right word to use?) and have him be mature? Like have him be actually personable and not a super elitist?

Can one of them be a father figure for Scootaloo

Good start, don't even know why it has dislikes.

Thought I might just make this for you. The characters you made, remade in Starbound.
Open This Link
There were limitations in customizing the characters, but I tried my best. Hope you like it.

Sweet Celestia these 2 MCs are hilarious lol.
This is a great story so far. Really interesting concept and plenty of comic relief.
Keep up the good work!

Jet didn't move from his position as he looked over at his friend. “Speaking of faces, what's that on yours?” He asked curiously.

“I don’t have anything on my-”


“Oh it was just my fist.” Jet said calmly after knocking his friend out with a punch to the face. “Well we better get to Rarity’s before we are late for the trip to Canterlot.”

Was this an asdf reference? Yes it was.

Oh hey there's something on your face.


It was pain

“GAAAAHH, DAMNIT TO HELL!” I yell, smashing my hand on my armrest. “Off by a damn minute! I want a damn redo!” I snap in my mic to my friend.

you mean seconds right? cause a minute seems a bit too far to beat a good time. Or you basically broke the level with the flying trick.

OMG this was so adorable/sweet and funny. This has me shipping them and the princesses so much. I really hope they bet together and hopefully Luna with Lu and Celestias with Jets. I also hope RD will chill an back of soon.

1. Sonic Forces love.
2. True anthro.

Both are rather off-putting, for different reasons. Not good enough reasons for dislikes, but then again, I don't think I've ever come across a story deserving one. Heck, only a handful of comments here qualify for such.
I should note, thinking there's some potential for Force's story or having "4" (Ponied-Up EQG) or "2" (the pony researched bipedalism) on that anthro scale doesn't put me off... but actually liking it that much says "non-gamers thinking they're gamers" and "3" is squarely "Uncanny Valley". "Second Person" is a similarly off-putting aspect when not a CYOA, but that's not relevant to this particular tale.
The "something on your face" joke mentioned in another comment was pretty good though.

Nice chapter pal.

Jet chuckled as he and the other mares exited Sugarcube Corner. They all said their respective goodbyes and went their separate ways. Lupus couldn’t help but chuckle to himself and could only imagine the interesting wake up call Jet will receive by tomorrow.

so jet chuckled there?

Just when you think there’s no more spelling errors, this happens…:facehoof:

we all have those moments, writign one chapter and then publishing it, i reread it and foudn liek 5 grammer errors

This was a fun and interesting chapter I'm happy RD finally turned around . this was also a funny and spicy chapter.

HAHAHAHAHAHA nicely done

Me seeing an old friend: ay Quagmire check this out
Quagmire looking at this chapter: GIGGTY GIGGTY GOO AAALRIGHT😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

Two words: school and work. 😓

Besides the occasional spelling and grammar, I absolute love this work of yours and can't wait to see what happens between Rainbow & Lupus along with Pinkie and Jet! 😉😉

I swear, if the next chapter (or many) are a two part or longer clopfic or entering "The Adult Zone", I will read the hell outta it until I can't read anymore 😂

That's what happens when I type quickly

Fair enough - it just appeared to me like a joke, so I treated it like one.

Sorry if it was a bit left-field 😅

eh, got a roll with the punches, it's fine

Can’t wait for the next chapter

Can’t wait for the next chapter

This was a spicy chapter. Can't wait for the next. :pinkiehappy:

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