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hey, just wanted to know if you're going to continue this story, just so i can know to follow this story or not
thank you anyways!

Absolutely! I have nine chapters written already, and I am writing more right now! I'll be releasing them throughout the week.

Oh, awesome!
Just made an account just to comment this
you're awesome :)

Are you going to finish this story

I am! I can't say how long it will take to complete, but it will for sure have an ending.

Another doom story? Ooooh I'm so in!

Fantastic :twilightsmile:
Here's to hoping the Slayer can stay calm in Tia's presence :twilightblush:

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it! As controversial as it might be, I'm trying to focus more on the relationship between Slayer (the reader) and Celestia, rather than the combat. Fear not, there will be bloodshed!

Well as far as Doom x MLP goes, I think this is awesome! Sure the Anonymous thing felt a little cheesy at first but as I read more I can see that it works. I’m definitely adding this to my favourites and looking forward to see where this goes. Keep up the good work mate! (Ps: regular updates please:twilightsheepish:)

I enjoy it very much! Keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

It's good to see the Slayer is still human underneath. It's something I'm trying to show with my story as well.

Stress plagues his features, as he fumbles around on the red carpet underneath his hooves.

A couple thefts, and this guy is already on his last legs. He sure doesn't deal with stress to well

Personally its breath of fresh really. Because how can you feel for the characters if you dk not make use care for them.

Ps. I for one am glad that is not a all doom and gloom.

Thank you. You are doing a marvelous job. Of especially the world building. And have every character feel real. Even the slayer!

To be fair, not many ponies do...

It justs shows, that even though that a thousand something years has passed, he is still a human :)

Bro for a first story this is awesome

I’ve read a couple Doom stories on the site (I’ve found them mediocre most of the time) and I think this matches 2016 and Eternal the best. Looking good so far.

Ah, chainsaw. The great communicator!

I really wish I could give you more than one like

Why did the story, at least for me suddenly vanish?
just asking

You're not the only one, I assume the author may have deleted the story for some reason that or a glitch with the site.



Many apologies! It was a very embarrassing mistake on my behalf. I was checking the story on my phone during work and I fat fingered the revoke submission button. When it gave me the warning message I hit accept without even reading what it was.

Well that explains it. Another great mystery solved! :rainbowlaugh:
Glad it's back tho! I'm enjoying the story

You know what? I like the Marauder! There! I said it!
Besides, once you figure him out he's just like any other enemy.
Who I do hate are pinkies and spectres. You're in the middle of combat, you know, ripping and tearing, minding your own business, and then suddenly it's "Surprise motherfucker" and they slam into you. Makes me want to waste a BFG shot just for that even if I have a perfectly good blood punch ready. 😡

Anyway, another great chapter and I'll be patiently waiting for more! :twilightsmile:

this is fucking awesome

Sweat beads drop off of Hazel's forehead, as her body trembles, eyes glued to the jagged chain. "I don't know what else to tell you! I'm not an impostor!"

Hazelblossom was the imposter.
*victory screen comes up*

"I don't know what else to tell you! I'm not an impostor!"


Yoooo, it's gonna be the marauder!!

Loved it dude! Also loved the little plot holes you covered, like his immortality, and how Cadance reacted lol. Great job I look forward to the next!

Red sparks flutter around in the middle of the portal, as a figure slowly emerges.

Fuck yes, the Marauder has arrived.

Love this story! It's not just about tons of bloodshed, this story has heartwarming bits that make it even better.

Rapidly swap between the Super Shotgun and explosive bolts on the Arbalest for the fastest DPS option

Plasma rifle stun shot, super shotgun to back while stunned, one hit kill

Ez, no more pinky problems! Specter is two shot.

Just listen for that annoying as fuck screeching and you got em’ dead

If you don’t continue this story...

I will find you

and I will hug you

and then, I will sit you down and calmly tell you why it is in your best interest to continue writing this story.

Rip and tear until it’s done, mate! :twilightsmile:

Oh don't you worry! You can expect a chapter a week! I can't say for certain what day they will come out on, but I can guarantee weekly additions.

I'm really glad I've stumbled on this thing but it really needs more exposure.
It's a great crossover, it's thought through, it's well made.

Yet it takes a whole archeology team to dig up while an endless stream of animu power fantasies is being pinned to the top. (or however it's done in this place)
This website is hopeless.

It's kinda like Wattpad and AO3 together. There are shitty fics, there are good fics, and there are even better fics waiting to be discovered.

Any update on the chapter coming soon?

Never mind, I read your blog. Have a happy vacation!

My vacation isn't until next week, I'll have the chapter out before this monday!

Sweat beads drop off of Hazel's forehead, as her body trembles, eyes glued to the jagged chain. "I don't know what else to tell you! I'm not an impostor!"

That's what they always say.

"Hazelbottom" was The Impostor

EPIC keep up the good work mate!!

I had no idea Doom had a plot. I thought it was just a thinly-disguised excuse to shoot up monsters.

Nice work my guy

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