• Published 25th Aug 2012
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Equestrian Education: Year One - ChaoticHarmony

Twilight Sparkle gets schooled... literally

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Announcement (Update)

All right folks, I have some good news...

Aaaaaand you know the rest of the saying, so I'll spare you finishing it.

Well, good news first, however much it doesn't really apply to this story. I've got the lead role in my school play, which is called The Little Luncheonette of Terror. Yay for acting!

However, this comes with a downfall. That's right, bad news incoming. Basically, play rehearsals run for 3 hours after school ends, making it so I have about 4 hours after everything is done to do stuff. However, the program I'm in for school assigns an awfully large amount of homework, averaging about three hours every day. And, you guessed it, that leaves very minimal time for writing or doing anything in the community. Any time that I do write things, I will be keeping my promise to finish Dashed Hopes and Changing Flows before continuing this fiction.

tl;dr version: Real life is being a bitch, don't expect updates for a while.

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Theatre rules. Enjoy.

As long as you do not delete it, the story and us readers will be here when you have time. :heart:
good luck :twilightsmile:

That's fine with me, as long as you don't quit it FOREVER. Cuz then I would be very sad. :fluttercry:

Acceptable. Glad you finally got around to actually telling people that it was hiatus instead of letting us wait it out.

Thanks for the heads up, and good luck with the acting.

1387479 Don't get me wrong, I wasn't trying to be a jerk or anything! I really do enjoy the story and I can't wait until you can get back to it.

As far as advertising your own stuff...there's no need. :twilightsmile: I just read 'Fluttershy Learns the The Royal Canterlot Speaking Voice', and I had fun reading that one. :yay:

1387621 Never feel like a jerk. Criticism is always welcome! :pinkiehappy:

Also, not going to read my sad stories are you? :rainbowwild:

So long since comment. Hello cold cruel world. The once great fic has been forsaken and forgotten. Goodbye EE you'll always be the thing that might have been.

1983750 Hey now, you never know. I could pick this back up one day. :twilightsmile:


Maybe. For now I'm off to greener slightly less dead pastures. I really should drop into the IRC sometime.... I'll get around to it eventually.

This is the WORST. POSSIBLE. THING! :raritydespair:
B-but I really liked this...:fluttercry:

2049933 Don't worry... I mightnpick it back up... Or somepony else will :twilightsmile:

I just checked my callender and today is one day!:ajsmug:

i really like this story is there going to be a next chapter soon???

1983778 What does IRC stand for?

Why was this cancelled? I thought that it was only supposed to be put on hiatus...

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