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Hey guys! I write sadfics and sadfic accessories! Oh, and I also do comedy things. Yeah. Feel free to check out my stuff! And I hope you enjoy whichever story of mine you happen to be on! ^^


Emotions are what drive the ponies of Equestria to live. Within these emotions resides sadness, which breeds bitterness that then becomes hatred. Not even a goddess is immune to the failings of mortal ponies.

[Set in the time period after the Nightmare Moon episodes but before Nightmare Night.]

Special thanks to VexPon for making my coverart! VexPon.deviantart.com

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Luna is best equine. Have a fave, Chaotic.

This is a very well written fic.

Beautiful, simply beautiful! Keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:

The wait was worth it! I enjoyed the story very much :twilightsmile: Loved the way Luna rips herself appart from Nightmare Moon... Great work as usual :raritywink:


Once again, another beautiful piece written by CH.
I will be adding this one to your fan page immediately.

What ever you read in this comment, hold the opposite as true

I hate this, it's awful, this guy can't write AT ALL. Go write something about [NLR] Celestia and a magical magicarp

you get -10,000,000 out of ∞

I am not impressed

No really, I'm sure it's great, going to read it soon

Well CH i can't say I loved it, considering it was a sadfic, but i commend you on your writing which was, as always, impeccable.

Your vaugue open-to-interpretation endings tend to put me off but because this story fits into the canon I found it more acceptable. Instead of wondering "WTF just happend?", because you know that Luna ends up aright in a state of being Luna, you're just wondering "How the -bleeped from record- did that just happen?". I find this much less confusing.

Luna is best pony.


This Story certainly fulfilled its premise delivering a Sad Tale with excellent Characterization of my favorite Princess of the Night and I so adore the Sisters Interaction.

1088566 Yay~ I got Luna right then! Huzzah!

Chaotic Harmony, I might think differently about the sadfics you make (in a good way), and might read moar sadfics with a slice of life (and a bit of dark) :twilightsmile::ajsmug:

I like this too! xD

Very well written! But I'm not a fan of Nightmare Moon, so any drama involving her is kind of lost on me. :/ But from a literary perspective, well written! :trollestia:

1222364 Huzzahs have been had! Also, if you have the time I suggest Shattered Stars, tho it IS a lot longer than this (15k words)

Bah! A choice has to be made. The story is beautiful, the plot awesome, the protagonist the best pony. But there are 42 likes! I... you... . Y U NO get more likes?! It's all your fault! :rainbowwild:

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