• Published 15th May 2020
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The Joke - TittySparkles

Falling into a bed of flowers causes Fluttershy to leave the woods with an embarrassing change.

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I changed my upvote to an downvote because Fluttershy decided to get rid of her male genitals. I love Futa Fluttershy stories, but this ending is 🖕.

She decided that after she’d dropped Fluttershy off, she would make a brief stop at the marketplace. For some reason, she was experiencing a sudden craving for pickles and peanut butter.

Ooooo looks like Rarity maybe getting plump...later. Possible sequel?

That was her choice, and your upvote is of course yours.

Mind if I ditto your request?


And your comment is exactly the same.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Good for you. Want a cookie for stating that?

Any plans for a sequel?

I quite enjoyed this story. A bit bummed Flutter's didn't decide to keep it, but happy things seem to have hit a happy ending none the less. Would be super interested in little followups, see how their relationship is advancing now that Fluttershy doesn't have IT anymore. Hehe, them both referring to it like that in the Epilogue was adorable.

Well that was certaintly an interesting sequel hook.

A sequel would be great

To be fair, the ending Tittysparkles chose makes more sense because it shows that Rarity loves Fluttershy for her, and not some new body part that showed up. But to each their own, of course.

Great story from both authors btw.

Nailed it. Now, anniversaries and birthdays? Maybe then, but toys exist in the meantime. Finding somepony you can love and cherish? That's priceless.

Perhaps some day. This was an idea that niggled around in my brain for months after seeing the cover image, but I didn't have a solid idea of how to make that into a proper story. Titty provided structure, drive, and a wonderful mind to bounce off of.

Sequel, please.

A delightful read :twilightsmile:, though a possible baby would be adorable :pinkiehappy:

After a fondly-remembered afternoon spent with Fluttershy, they did eventually get around to giving her a dip in the cure. The only trouble was, it didn’t work.

Ah, good to see the situation is finally... Wait, what?

She promised to continue to work on a cure, but suggested one possible solution might be more of the poison, reasoning that if exposure induced a wanted change, another might do the same, if a troubled mind were to be cleared before exposure.

That sounds very dangerous to me...
Considering what one dose of the poison had done, we have no idea what several consecutive doses will be doing.

“Also, it’d be nice to try mounting you from behind. It’d feel so very selfish if I deprived you of that.”

Yay! :yay:

“She also said that the second bottle is for Elizabeak.”

Huh? Did I miss something?

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Straight to favorites
Pretty good shit

Definitely a coincidence. There's no way magickal fuckery was involved in this magical fucking.

I was literally looking for this exact thing.
Good work brother.

Thank you, but the sister helped a huge amount as well.

Minor detail, but the second victim of this plant used to be a chicken named Elizabeak, who emerged as a dog at the same time Fluttershy had something else emerge. The second dose was for her.

Now I remember.
Thanks for the heads up!

For some reason, she was experiencing (...).

... oh. Oh!

This so needs a slice-of-life sequel with them going for parenthood. Steel Resolve I know to be a veteran of these long-runners, and I have no doubt what-so-ever that you two could pull it off spectacularily. How would the others take it? Their parents? Would they face legal hurdles? Would there be anything weird about their foal? Foals, plural?!

I have so many questions, and not enough answers... ;]

People live in nudist colonies without ogling each other constantly. Plus, ponies have tails. It's one thing to see a set of testes in passing, while someone walks by or even up close while you take measurements. It's quite another to be up close and personal with said equip, inches from your face.

I have once again returned to read this story. I wish there was a sequel following Rarities pregnancy because I think it would be interesting having Twilight study Rarities pregnancy, Fluttershy's physical reaction to that particular flower, and (by the time Rarity has her baby) she has discovered a way to make the flower into a potion that allows Mares to impregnate other Mares.

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