• Published 11th May 2020
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The Fall of Twilight, The Birth of Midnight - Twilight Star

With the death of my best friends and my royal advisor, i became depressed for several years. But a voice from my head keeps company during one of my sad moments, and this voice asks me to release my anger.

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Epilogue: A companion to my years as ruler

Me, Sombra, Celestia, Luna and Discord watched in the window ponies and creatures sit down. Since Sombra was reformed and it no longer had darkness in him, all ponies and creatures were no longer under Sombra’s control. I had my crown on my head again and I was also very nervous. Nervous that my subjects will not forgive me for what I did as Midnight Sparkle. I had ruled tyrannically for several years. Now I feared that they would want to take me off the throne after what I did to all of them and Equestria.

When everypony sat on the chairs, Sombra and I nervously entered the balcony. The ponies realized that I had changed shape. I decided to start talking.

“Subjects, thank you for coming. The reason I called you all here is for me and Sombra to apologize to all of you,” I said, now sorry. Sombra’s ears were lowered as he looked to the side with guilt.

The ponies were surprised, but I continued. “I know you won’t want to forgive me for what I did as Midnight Sparkle, but the reason I did it was because in the past I had five real friends and a royal advisor. They were very important to me. But with their death, I was depressed for several years,” the ponies felt sorry for me. “So, I started to think that it was Celestia’s fault, since she made me an alicorn and made me the new ruler of Equestria. With the rage I felt of her, I became Midnight Sparkle in hopes of getting back at her and started to rule Equestria tyrannically,” I let out a breath as tears threatened to fall from my eyes. “I acted out of anger and look what I caused, I relived Sombra, I joined him and almost destroyed Equestria. But thanks to Celestestia, Luna and Discord, we have returned to our original forms. I understand if all of you don’t want to forgive me and Sombra for what we have caused you all.”

The ponies started whispering about my recent speech. Sombra and I wondered what they were whispering to each other about. Would they forgive us? I started to sweat nervously. Did my speech have an effect for them to forgive me? Or would they not forgive me? I knew that Celestia, Luna and Discord assure me that they would forgive me and Sombra, but I feared that it wouldn’t.

The ponies stopped whispering to each other and looked at me and Sombra with smiles. “Princess Twilight, King Sombra, we forgive you.”

Sombra and I were surprised, but happy. “What? Really?” I asked, now with tears of happiness.

“Sure,” replied a pink mane with a white mane and Cutie Mark with scissors with a smile.

“But I was so mean to you all,” I said, now with my ears down as I looked down. Sombra conforted me with a hoof.

“It’s okay, Princess Twilight. You were just sad and depressed about the death of who you cared about,” said a yellow stallion, brown mane and apple cutie mark. “It’s normal for somepony to be like that with the loss of who you care about.”

I was happy that I was forgiven by my subjects, but I started to wonder about something. “What about King Sombra? Did you all forgive him too?”

“Yes, Princess Twilight,” replied everypony except me, Sombra, Celestia, Luna and Discord.

Sombra smiled at the answer as he put a hoof on his chest. He couldn’t believe he was forgiven. He even felt tears come out of his eyes.

I looked at Sombra with a smile. Even though in the beginning I revived Sombra for my evil plans, I realized now that I finally had somepony to stay with me during my years as a ruler. In the end, it was worth having revived Sombra.

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Comments ( 7 )

Well that was a good ending

Sombra is alive that is good. Maybe Sombra will marry Twilight

Not bad, at least Twilight has found love. Though if I go through with my dark alicorn story it wont end well.

It wouldnt surprise me if after Fluttershy died he stopped making chaos and faded away like in that Season 7 episode Discordant Harmony or whatever. But that didnt happen here.

She never really called him her brother in the show except for Season 9 in only 1 episode. Number one assistant was always dominant, now its royal advisor.

Okay. Also, Midnight’s cutie mark has 8 points.

This story is almost entirely plot driven. Not a bad idea, but for more emotion more words. For something sweet and simple, this is great

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