• Published 11th May 2020
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The Fall of Twilight, The Birth of Midnight - Twilight Star

With the death of my best friends and my royal advisor, i became depressed for several years. But a voice from my head keeps company during one of my sad moments, and this voice asks me to release my anger.

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The beginning of the tyrant reign of Midnight Sparkle

As I walked down the hall, I noticed that my royal guards seemed to be afraid of my new form, and that made me happy. Because with this new form of mine, I will start governing Equestria with an iron hoof, and everypony would fear me. I’m going to make Celestia regret having made me an alicorn in the first place and having used me since I was her student.

I opened the new door to the throne room with my magic. Yes. My magic made the whole color of the castle change. The door to the throne room was now turquoise, and the throne room was dark purple, my throne was also purple and had the same wings that I had on my back, and the carpet that led to the throne was now colored dark blue. I smiled just seeing my new throne room. Now, everything was the way I like it. Before, it was awful. Those white colors reminded me of Celestia. I don’t know what came over me when I decided that the wall color would be white in the past. But now everything has changed. Now everything in the castle was better, except the empty walls that had only my Cutie Mark on the wall. I decided that I would make tapestries with my magic. I carried my magic and threw it at a wall.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a lilac tapestry with star designs. I liked this tapestry. Mainly because it had stars on it. But just because I made this one have stars, it didn’t mean that I would make all tapestries just have stars. I planned that some of them would have me too, so that all my subjects would know about their queen and ruler, but I would do that later, since now my motivation was to start governing Equestria in a different way. I sat on my new throne with an evil smile. I looked to the right and saw Squirrels Quill trembling as he held a scroll with his magic.

I smiled when I saw my helper’s fear. I never imagined that I would think so, but it seemed that the Legion of Doom were right when they said that fear is stronger than friendship. Because with fear, I could make no one stand against me or dare to defeat me. Now with friendship, the enemies would pretend to be good and could well stand against a benevolent ruler. I was happy that this morning I had a change of heart, and all thanks to my other self. I was no longer Twilight Sparkle, that benevolent princess who believes in friendship. Now, I am Midnight Sparkle, the queen of Equestria who will rule Equestria with an iron hoof.

“What’s up, my number one helper? Didn’t you like your queen’s new appearance?” I asked with a mean smile.

“Princess Twilight, what happened to you?” asked Squirrels Quill, still startled.

“Don’t call me Princess Twilight, call me Queen Midnight Sparkle!” I proudly put a hoof on my chest while smiling.

Squirrels Quill was surprised by what I said. “What do you mean “queen”?”

“Simple, faithful helper. Celestia and Luna have retired and as I am the only ruler of Equestria, so it is scientifically possible that I am now the queen of Equestria.” I spit when speaking the name of my ex-mentor, and now, ex-friend.

“Celestia and Luna were the rulers of Equestria before you?” asked Squirrels Quill to be sure as he lifted a hoof.

“Yes. But it’s been a thousand years since they retired,” I explained to Squirrels Quill. “Celestia should have thought twice about wanting to make me an alicorn and wanting to retire with Luna.”

“Wait. Did Celestia make you an alicorn? Weren’t you born part of royalty?” Squirrels Quill asked, now surprised by this recent revelation.

“Yes, Celestia made me an alicorn and I wasn’t born at royalty,” I replied, now angrily. “I would be reunited with my friends and royal advisor in heaven, if Celestia hadn’t given me immortality against my own will.”

Squirrels Quill started to shake with what I said. I noticed the fear present in my helper and smiled wickedly. I started to get an idea of ​​what I could do next. I got up from my throne.

“Squirrels Quill, I’m going to summon everypony from Equestria to a meeting here at the castle.” I warned Squirrels Quill.

“Yes, queen. But, what are you going to talk to them about?” asked Squirrels Quill, curious and afraid at the same time.

“Simple. I will announce my new plans as the queen of Equestria. And these plans will not be to continue to spread the magic of friendship. Since now, I want to cause fear in everypony, rule tyrannically and take revenge on Celestia.” I explained to Squirrels Quill with a mean smile before laughing and lifting a hoof. I didn’t realize it, but Squirrels Quill was shaking with fear.

“I am going. See you later,” I said as I flew to the door. Squirrels Quill just watched me, still scared with my new form.

I watched in a window, the creatures and ponies being escorted by my royal guards to a place that had several tables. This place was the same when I was crowned the new ruler of Equestria. Each one sat in a place, and they waited for my arrival. Of course, they were expecting my other self, but now they would have to get used to me in this new way and what I will do from now on. I looked at the place again, and realized that Celestia and Luna were not there. I was in a bad mood, but I soon recovered and smiled. I could already imagine the expression of the real ex-sisters when they saw me like this: Celestia would be crying and Luna would be worried about me and wanted to know what happened to me.

I bet they are having so much fun in their retirement, that they didn’t even decide to show up in this meeting. But okay, I’ll wait for them to come to me. Since they are very close to me, it is obvious that one day they will come to Canterlot to see how I am doing as a ruler and when they come, they will see.

I looked at the garden again, and saw that everypony was already seated. I decided that now would be the time. I would now go on the balcony. I could already see the scene in my head: Everypony would be worried and scared about my new form. Upon entering the balcony, I looked at my subjects and noticed that everypony was worried and scared about my new form.

“Subjects, thank you for coming. I need to confess something... ”

“Princess Twilight? Is that you?” asked a green mare and pink mane, worried about me.

I looked at the mare with a sly smile. “Princess Twilight?” I laughed. “I am... Queen Midnight Sparkle!”

Everypony gasped in surprise at what I said. I looked at the crowd and could see that they were speechless. It was this reaction that I wanted them to have from the beginning. Now, I just had to reveal my intentions as the queen of Equestria. But when I was about to speak, I was interrupted by a white stallion, dark blue mane and Cutie Mark from a yellow star near a crescent moon.

“What do you mean “queen”?”

I looked at the stallion not at all happy to have been interrupted, but i soon calmed down and replied, “simple, subject. I came to a conclusion. Since Celestia and Luna were princesses, but they ruled together, it would mean that they couldn’t be queens. And now that I rule Equestria alone and not them, then that means that I am a queen.”

The stallion understood me, but he was still in doubt about something. “But why change your name, then?”

“Because my old name wasn’t good for an evil and tyrant queen like me!” I replied with a smirk on my face.

Everypony gasped in surprise when they heard what I said, especially when they heard the words evil and tyrant. I looked at the ponies and creatures and noticed that they were jaw-dropping. I decided to take advantage of the fact that everypony was quiet for I speak my plans as a queen.

“And as the queen of Equestria, I proclaim that starting today, I will begin to rule Equestria with an iron hoof. And whoever dares to challenge me or stand against me will be destroyed!” when i finished talking, i started laughing madly. The ponies were shocked by my statement and started whispering to each other, worried about what the future would hold for them after discovering that I would no longer be that benevolent ruler of before.

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