• Published 11th May 2020
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The Fall of Twilight, The Birth of Midnight - Twilight Star

With the death of my best friends and my royal advisor, i became depressed for several years. But a voice from my head keeps company during one of my sad moments, and this voice asks me to release my anger.

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Release your anger, Twilight!

I was in my room, crying a lot. The room had a balcony, a blue telescope, similar to the one I had in my Ponyville castle. The room was dark purple, the bed was gold, the blanket was purple, the pillow was dark blue, the closet was lavender, the desk and bookshelves were white. My hooves covered my mouth. My tears were streaming down my cheeks. I couldn’t stop crying.

“I miss my friends,” I said as I cried even more.

Why? Why did this have to happen to me? Why am I forced to watch the ones I love and care about dying while I am forced to keep moving forward? I started to cry even more now. I started to remember Spike. Spike... he helped me so much during my years as ruler of Equestria... but Spike wasn’t immortal, he just had a longer life than that of ponies. I started to cry even more when I remembered Spike.

I didn’t know why, but since my friends died, I started to feel something inside me. It was an emotion I never felt or imagined having before, at least during my years as the ruler of Equestria. That feeling started to show up whenever I thought about Celestia. I didn’t understand why I started to feel angry at my former mentor and friend. I wish I could talk to somepony close to me about this problem that I was having, but my friends and Spike have died years ago.

Twilight, why are you crying?

I raised my head in a startled way as the tears came out of my eyes. I looked to the side to see if I could find the owner of the voice, but there was no one in the room except me.

“Weird. Am I hearing things?” I asked, now confused.

You’re not hearing things, Twilight.

That voice again! Where did she come from? And why did she look so much like my voice? I looked around again to see if the owner of the voice would show up.

“Who said that?” I asked, already scared.

The mysterious voice laughed.

It was me, Twilight.

From the shadows came a purple alicorn, mane up, changeling horn and turquoise magic glasses, purple necklace with a pink six-pointed star design, purple shoes with a pink jewel, Cutie Mark of eight six points stars and the wings were dark purple.

“Have you been on my mind the whole time?” I asked.

“Yes, Twilight,” replied the mysterious pony.

“But when have you been inside my mind?”

“I have always been inside your mind since you started to feel sad about the death of your friends and royal advisor.”

“But how do you know that? And what’s your name?” I asked, now surprised that voice knew about the death of my friends and Spike.

Midnight Sparkle smiled. “Twilight, I’m you, and I’m part of you. I am… Midnight Sparkle! But you didn’t answer my question. Why were you crying?”

I looked to the side sadly as I started to cry again. “My friends and royal advisor died. It has been several years since the death of my friends and five hundred years after Spike’s death. I wish I could get rid of my immortality to die too, but I can’t...” I laid my head on the blanket as I started crying again. “... and the worst, I’m feeling a bad feeling in me...”

Midnight Sparkle came over to me and stroked my mane. “What bad feeling are you feeling, Twilight?”

Still crying, I replied, “I-i feel angry that Celestia made me an alicorn. Thanks to her, I can’t see them again in heaven. I don’t know what else to do. I want to retire, but I can’t.”

“Twilight, what if I said there was a way to show ponies your anger?” asked Midnight Sparkle with a smile.

I looked at Midnight Sparkle with a smile hopeful. “Really? Which is?”

“Just let the anger take you,” replied Midnight Sparkle.

My happiness changed to fear. “What? No!”

“But why not, Twilight?” asked Midnight, now confused by my answer. “You would be demonstrating what you feel.”

“Because the princesses retired because they believed that I would be a good ruler for Equestria.” I explained to Midnight Sparkle why I couldn’t accept this.

“Twilight, didn’t you realize that it’s Celestia’s fault that you lost your friends?” asked Midnight Sparkle. “It was she who made you alicorn, and now, you cannot join with your friends after death.”

“But, she couldn’t have done for me don’t join my friends and Spike. She must have done it because she believed I was ready.” I denied what Midnight said to me. This couldn’t be true. Celestia would never do this to me!

“But she did it. Since she made you a student, she already had in mind what to do next with you: She planned to make you an alicorn since you became her student when you was a filly.”

I looked away as tears started to come out of my eyes. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Midnight was saying that it was Celestia’s fault. But that couldn’t be true. “This can’t be true...”

“But it’s true, Twilight. The whole time, you were just one play piece for that Celestia. Every time she called you to save Equestria, it was nothing more than a test to see if you were ready to be an alicorn,” said Midnight Sparkle. “And when she called you to save the Crystal Empire, that wasn’t just a test, that was a test to see if you were ready to be an alicorn.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Was I anything but a play piece for Celestia so i could become an alicorn?

“Was the test to save the Crystal Empire a test to see if I was ready to become an alicorn?” I asked carefully while lifting a hoof slightly.

“Yes, Twilight. Why do you think you received a Starswirl book with an incomplete spell?” asked Midnight Sparkle. “She wouldn’t send that book to you without a reason.”

“But the reason was because she believed that I would be able to solve it.” I defended Celestia.

“No, Twilight. She sent you that book so that you could become an alicorn,“ said Midnight Sparkle, ”and that you couldn’t be reunited with your friends in death too.”

I started to cry again, and this time it was for Celestia. “No! Celestia would never do this to me!”

“But she did it, Twilight. And now, thanks to her, you will never be able to join your friends,” said Midnight Sparkle.

“But what do I do, then?” I asked, while crying even more.

“As I said earlier, release your anger.”


“You don’t realize?” asked Midnight Sparkle, now with a smile.

I was confused. “I don’t understand what?”

“Don’t you realize that everypony you care about has died? And this it all happen thanks to Celestia?” replied Midnight Sparkle.

“Celestia isn’t guilty of this!” I yelled at Midnight Sparkle, now angry that she was talking about Celestia like that. Although inside, I started to believe that Celestia was guilty of all that I was going through.

“Why resist, Twilight? The ones you cared about most are gone now.” Midnight Sparkle tried to convince me.

“Yes, they’re gone, but ...” I tried to explain why I couldn’t do this, but Midnight Sparkle interrupted me.

“So, release your anger. Make Celestia regret for what she did this to you! Because after all, thanks to her, you lost the ones you cared about the most!” said Midnight Sparkle.

Suddenly, I started to feel the same feeling as before, and it was anger. Only now, I seemed to accept that more easily than before, because of Celestia, I couldn’t see my friends and royal advisor in the heaven.

“Yes! She will pay for doing this to me!” I said now angry, without looking scared.

In saying that, I felt a magic come into my horn. I closed my eyes, and in a horn glow, I started to transform. My mane went up, my cutie mark changed to eight six-pointed stars, my gold perk changed to turquoise shoes with purple socks with purple wings and a purple necklace with a pink six-pointed star, my lilac wings changed from shape and color, the color was dark purple and the shape was similar to that of a bat, my horn changed to a turquoise changeling horn, a turquoise magic glasses appeared in my eyes, I opened my eyes while smirking. My eyes were no longer the same: My pupil was pink and the sclera was turquoise.

“Hahahaha! Yes! I can feel the power flowing inside me!” I closed my eyes while laughing wickedly.

I decided to leave my room to sit on my throne. But I stopped when I noticed the castle’s decoration. The color of the walls was white and in some parts they had drawings of my old Cutie Mark. Using my magic, I made the colors change inside the castle. As the walls white turned dark purple and the floor dark blue, my cutie mark on the wall changed to mine i had from now on. I noticed that in some parts there was nothing. Maybe, I could make tapestries to put in those places later.

I felt something over the top of my head. I took the thing with my magic and realized it was my crown. But I threw it away, as if it was no longer important to me.

“Stupid crown.”

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