• Published 11th May 2020
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The Fall of Twilight, The Birth of Midnight - Twilight Star

With the death of my best friends and my royal advisor, i became depressed for several years. But a voice from my head keeps company during one of my sad moments, and this voice asks me to release my anger.

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Love is in bloom

Midnight and I were watching the ponies and creatures sit on the chairs, because as I was going to rule alongside Midnight, Midnight had to inform the subjects of me. Now that I was going to rule alongside Midnight, Midnight had informed the subjects to come to the castle. One thing I realized was that they were not happier than before. And that made me happy, because now that me and Midnight would rule Equestria together, everypony would do what Midnight and I commanded through fear. Honestly, I never imagined that Equestria would look like this just because Celestia and Luna retired and passed the throne to Twilight, and also because Twilight lost her friends and hee royal advisor because she was immortal.

“Everypony has already sat down,” said Midnight before looking at me. “You wait here. When I speak your name, you will appear.”

“Okay, Queen Midnight,” I said.

I looked out the window and noticed that the ponies were scared to see Midnight walk up to the balcony with a mean smile. I liked that reaction.

“Subjects, thank you for coming. I have news to give to all of you.” started Midnight Sparkle. The ponies looked at Midnight with fear still present on their faces.

“Are you going to rule again benevolently?” tried a pony to guess the reason for the meeting.

Midnight Sparkle laughed at the pony’s question. “Oh really? Do you really think I will return to rule Equestria like before?”

The pony was speechless as his ears lowered his ears and looked to his right side before looking back at Midnight. “...Yes?”

“Well, you thought it wrong! Because that’s not the reason why I called you here,” replied Midnight Sparkle, without taking the mean smile off her face.

I was now looking at Midnight. I couldn’t help but love the way she spoke to that stupid pony.

“The real reason why I called you all here is because somepony else will rule with me. He is nothing more than the King Sombra!” confessed Midnight Sparkle. Everypony except Midnight and I was scared.

I loved the fearful looks of the ponies that looked at each other with concerned looks. I approached and entered the balcony. I looked at the ponies and creatures, and I noticed them even more scared than before, because I returned for the fourth time and this time, I wasn’t alone.

“And as he will help me to govern, he has plans for all of you.” Midnight gave me space to speak.

“As the new king of Equestria, I declare that starting today, all of you will be our slaves and will do whatever we say.” I declared.

All the ponies and creatures gasped in surprise at what I said. They couldn’t believe what I said. They needed to get away from here! They got up from their chairs and ran to the entrance. But they were stopped by the Midnight guards who stood in front of the entrance.

Midnight and I went to our subjects. Midnight went flying, and I became a trail of darkness, my eyes shone bright green, my pupils were red and a purple smoke came out of my eyes.

“Where do you think you are going, subjects?” asked Midnight Sparkle, still smirking as she landed on the floor. But they refused to listen to her.

When I landed on the ground, I stopped being a trail of darkness and used my magic, made darkness come out of my horn and made it go to all the ponies and creatures present in the place. The ponies and creatures stopped running as soon as the magic entered them. Their colors changed to a more gray tone and their eyes went light green. They turned and bowed to me and Midnight. They looked like zombies, practically.

“Now, subjects, you can go back to your cities. But if somepony tries to get us off the throne, you will fight that somepony! And you all will not show mercy to the traitor!” I order.

“Yes, King Sombra,” said all ponies and creatures except Midnight, i and the guards in unison as they bowed. Then they left the scene.

Midnight and I watched our subjects leave the scene. When they were out of sight, we flew to the balcony and entered the castle. I started to remember three ponies and looked at Midnight.

“Midnight.” I started.

Still walking, Midnight looked at me. “Yes, Sombra?”

“I’m curious. What happened to Cadence, Shining Armor and Flurry Heart? What about the Crystal Empire and the crystal heart?” I asked.

“Shining, obviously died of old age. Cadence and Flurry Heart were destroyed because they tried to stop me from tyrannical reign several years ago,” replied Midnight with an evil smile when she spoke of Cadence and Flurry. “The Crystal Empire is practically in ruins because it has been without a ruler for several years and the crystal heart has been broken. And as for the crystal heart, I broke it when I go over there to announce the crystal ponies that happened to their two princesses.”

I was happy and surprised at the same time. Happy that Cadence and Flurry were destroyed and the crystal heart was broken, and surprised that the Crystal Empire was in ruins because it no longer had a ruler and the crystal heart was broken. I might as well become the king of the Crystal Empire, but if I did that, I would have stayed there and Midnight here in the castle we were in now. And I didn’t want to be away from Midnight. It is better that I stay in Canterlot with Midnight, since it was announced today that I would rule with her.

“Sombra, as we have no real duty at the moment, would you like to spend time with me?” asked Midnight with a smile.

“Yes. I would like to spend time with you,” I replied. “What place do you have in mind for us to spend time together?”

Midnight Sparkle looked away, now blushed. “I… I was thinking about the two of us standing on the balcony of our castle together. I would like to confess something to you.”

I was curious. Did Midnight want to confess something to me? But what would it be?

“But what would you like to confess to me?” I asked, curious.

Midnight looked at me out of the corner of her eye, still blushed and smiling. “When we get there, I’ll tell you, Sombra.”

Midnight led the way to the balcony. I followed her, although I was still curious about what Midnight wanted to confess to me. I looked at Midnight and started to feel a feeling that I never felt before. I started to feel the same feeling when Midnight put her horn on mine. I wondered what that feeling was. I started to think. If I liked it when Midnight put her horn on mine, it would mean that I was enjoying Midnight. Well, I wasn’t going to deny what I felt, since Midnight’s company made me happy. Since Midnight wanted to talk to me, I would take the opportunity to confess what I felt for her too.

Midnight opened her bedroom door with her magic and entered with me. We approached the balcony and sat down. I was sitting on the left and Midnight on the right.

Although I wanted to confess to Midnight what I felt, I wanted Midnight to speak first. “So? What would you like to confess to me?”

Midnight looked to the right, now blushed again. “Well… Sombra, after a few days that Celestia and Luna came to visit, I started to feel alone, and I wanted to have somepony to be with me during my difficult times. When I revived you, a feeling that died in me several years after I became mean returned.”

“What is that feeling you’re feeling?” I asked.

Midnight looked at me with a smile and replied, “love. Sombra, will you be my coltfriend?”

I was surprised by Midnight’s confession. I didn’t expect Midnight to feel that way about me. But I soon smiled and replied, “yes, Midnight. I accept.”

Midnight’s smile grew even more with my answer. “Really? Do you feel the same as I do?”

“Yes, Midnight. Since I realized that you touched your horn on mine, a new feeling was born in me, and that feeling is love. If there is one of the things I want besides governing Equestria with you and getting revenge on Celestia and Luna, it is to be together with you.” I confessed to Midnight with a smile while putting a hoof on her chin.

“Me too, Sombra.” after Midnight said that, we both kissed while our eyes were closed.

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