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Writing wrongs.

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Ara #1 · February 1st · · 2 ·

I want to fuck that little horse


I wish I was that water.

Can you maybe say in the description what the fetish/es is/are? It'll help people know whether it will interest them or whether they will want to avoid it.

I wish I was that cheerleader uniform :trollestia:


Ara yes! :rainbowwild:

Normally I do, but I didn't because it's exactly what it says in the title. I guess I'll add that anyway though.

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

Oh yeah! Cough cough I mean good story.
Thumbs up!

I didn't know there was a fetish for that.

Welcome to the internet, innocent one

I mean, I know of a lot of fetishes, and have written many stories about my own, most of which are among the "disgusting" ones. I just didn't know something like taking a sip of water could be a fetish.

Well yah, neither did i
But I've learned to stop questioning stuff when it comes to the web

At this point I shouldn't be surprised at discovering the existence of any new fetishes. But of course I won't judge anyone for any fetishes that come across as "weird", besides, I'm definitely in no position to.


~ara ara~ let me squeeze you in my coils ~ara ara~

[Insert avenue Q reference here]

Cheerleaders, man. Cheerleaders.

Cute little story.

and can only be summed up as :v


why are you suddenly holding her pom poms?

Never thought about it, but 'pom-poms' now sound suggestive all of the sudden... :twilightsheepish:

There's no way. She's just having a drink of water. There's no way she wants you to chew on her teats or nuzzle her pastern or tickle her dock or blow raspberries on her thigh. It's all just in your head.

Yeah, it's probably that.
Nothing more.
At all.

In other news, you just received Like #50!

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