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Twilight star

I like to write stories about the shippings: Twilight x Luna, Twilight x Nightmare Moon, Nightmare Rarity / Rarity x Nightmare Moon, Rarity x Luna and Twilight x Chrysalis.


This story is a sequel to Together on the moon

Nightmare Moon and Nightmare Rarity return to Earth. Nightmare Moon plans to bring eternal night and Nightmare Rarity plans to help her, but also intends to try again to conquer the queen of the night. Can she win the heart of Nightmare Moon a second time? Will she succeed? Will Nightmare Moon feel the same as Nightmare Rarity feels for her? But most importantly, will they be prevented or will they win?

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 5 )

nice work on all chapters for this story:twilightsmile:

Good story. However there is an error in this chapter.

'But Twilight Sparkle didn’t hear and prepare his magic before rushing to Nightmare Moon and Nightmare Rarity.'
The "his" should be "her".

It's okay. Everyone makes mistakes.

Wow, now that's a couple I do not wish that works...
(Not complaining about the fic, just joking with the fact that they are two absurdly powerful villains)
I will definitely read it later.

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