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First time I have seen Farming Simulator as a crossover base. Looking forward to where this goes.

As a side note: I dont know if it speaks of good or ill about me that I understood what was being said past the accent without the conversion chart. :eeyup:

lol ok, I think that it says good about you that you understood the heavy accent, thank you for your feedback :)

The pacing needs a little work this whole Crush thing happened a bit too fast.

What even was the end of this chapter? I mean honestly this is not how adults interact with each other. The dude wasn't being funny he was being a creep to someone he's never actually met. Then they bot start acting like clueless 12 year olds.

This is an interesting concept that I haven't seen before, but I'm confused why everyone acts like they are in their teens.

You're doing everyone well, sans Rainbow Dash. She's really not that big of an egghead with words. ^^;

That wasn't my intention to give anyone that impression, I am writing Celestia as a mature mare that is...lonely due to not finding any suitable s/o (significant other) and Luna is a thousand year old virgin mentally and bodily a teen until she learns that she is truly loved by her subjects and finally catches up to her big sister.

As for him being a creep, well he isn't really a creep. He was just being inappropriate, and his childish side took over when he learned that one of the mytical creatures he dreamed of meeting as a child actually existed in a different world.

I apologize for the quick pacing for the crush. If you were a farmer irl, you would know that you have no time for romance usually. Roger is a farmer that struggles, stuff seems to happen to him or the farm that intend for him to know and remember life is not always fair, and to appreciate the good things that do happen. As well as enjoying oneself when time allows it.

This character is inspired from people I know in RL, the experiences are completely unrelated. The hardships are still there.

Maybe it's just me that doesn't understand the characters humor.

*<>* this is good - wonder if the dragon clans could use the cows.- or if their milk is like superpowered now in Equestria - Got MILK

Watch out for the rooster though, his name is Cogburn, Rooster Cogburn and he is feisty ah tell ya.

When ya name a rooster after this Rooster... ya know he is a mean mean S.O.B. !!

a johnny popper and a farmall cub Is all I ask for please!

So no reaction from him to his horses talking now?

He will, don't worry. He is just focused on getting the urgent issues dealt with first, but he will react when he has a second to settle down.

I'm half surprised that the cows haven't complained 'bout their milking (since that schedule is definitely off), plus there's the herd on (or near) the Acres ...

Forgive me for the wierdness of chapter 10, I let my subconscious run with the story and that is the route it made.

So is he really a descendant of Thor?

I am not entirely sure, my subconscious keeps its secrets to itself, so we both will find out when and if it decides to tell us more.

I agree, why no reaction? That just doesn't fit.

Thiiiiis is why you don't write late at night. XD

Comment posted by Ciphers deleted Oct 23rd, 2020

"I would hold off on introducing your Clydesdales to the citizens of Ponyville, it might create a bad first impression, so I recommend a tractor instead."

I don't know, they could make a hit...

The lack of reaction should be addressed, and odd that the two horses didn't come out to see the ponies when they were closeby.

Wonder if Roger will realize that the ponies might be able to make that steam tractor of his ... even small scale production would help ...

I can understand the stress, hes kinda stuck behind the 8-ball and then some.

This chapter is really starting to strain the suspension of disbelief.

Ok... i can not be the only one who can't wrap their head around this guy's humor. I mean most of the time it's just plain juvenile and not funny, but these little "pranks" he pulls not only would they get you punched in the throat but they makes him look like a sociopath. What makes it even wrose is how old the guy is, if he bought the farm 20 years ago that means at youngest he's in his forties... what person in their 40s acts like this, hell what person in their 20s or 30s act like this.

I'm going to be editing the story a little, cause I understand that the readers are left to guess his age and I need to fix that and a couple other things.

There, I added a line at the end of the dream that will hopefully help keep this story somewhat feasible. There, now I have corrected the age thing. It is supposed to be 10 years since he first got the farm, not 20. I will put in a bit of his backstory to clear up the confusion regarding his marriage and age in the next chapter I publish.

I added a extra dialog for the phone call conversation, hopefully that improves the story a little tid bit. If you see anything else that needs to be addressed, such as my different directions for the location of his farm. Please let me know, and I will correct them or improve them. FYI I have went through to chapter 6 and edited them, I will go back through again when I have the time to.

Pinkie... Pinkie... I don't think he's.. PINKIE!

You can't just volunteer him like that!

Great job on selling supplies to the townsfolk, you just need to get the fields setup and producing and you'd be set

Sorry all, I'm gonna switch up the story a little. I don't like the direction that I took the day's events, therefore I will be editing a bit of Chapter 19. Sorry for the inconvenience

great story so far. hope your doing well. i look forward to reading more.


Thanks for you both enjoying the story so far, I am doing fine. RL is just a bit demanding at the moment and don't have much free time to continue with the story.

Thanks for the Feature of this story, wish one of em would go hot one of these days lol.

Sparkle, Celestia, Luna, Cadence and the rest of Equestria leaders successfully fail the test for intelligence and wisdom.
(Where is the use of magic to remove parasites and methods of storing and growing food? Where are all equestria advisors? Or is education worse than in the series? If so, it was necessary to point it out ..)
Other things look passably..

A half hour later, ..

Twenty minutes passes ..

She then coughs and continues her story, finishing it with telling her how he might be injured and require their attention..


From what he said about the fence, I can only think that he crash landed on or near Sweet Apple Acres.

- only SAA got fence in the whole equestria (it would be better to track the area of sleep with the indication of ponyville or apple trees - it would be more logical .. but so far the whole story rests on .. *simple* logic ..)
Will it be a hidden comedy?.. 🤔

This is a children's story with children's logic and its vision from the perspective of children! So it's ok..

following the the trail of blood :pinkiecrazy:

Okay, I shall tell you everything then

Yes! flirting after mass genocide! Flattershy would love it, all of it!:fluttercry:

She looks closer at him and sees that he has a bit of wood sticking through his middle.. ...
She then drops her head down to look for a wound when she spots something sticking through the other side..

..no major organs were damaged beyond repair.. ... He will be able to leave in a couple of days..

Ten minutes later in room 11 ... Thirty minutes later in room 11

I wake up and.. ... I apply more strength into my right arm as I lift her from the chair and onto my lap..

BEST. MEDICINE. EVER! :pinkiehappy:

First it's not a children's story because it's rated M. I won't disagree with your comments on the children's logic and perspective but I don't think that intentional.

..hit.. so hard and jumped off the bed and ran out of the room crying

- and left him bleeding .. teeth in place? brain concussion .. - it's still a hoof ..

..he intended for you to scamper to the end of the bed in a panic.

- at which he lay .. nothing is crushed..?

If he doesn't, well, you can give him nightmares until he does.

- or just force him to propose to her.. to be sure! no pressure .. friendship is magic - magic WILL MAKE EVERYONE be friends!

She lets her anger rise a little bit and allows her mane to start smoking

I chuckle and answer her.. ... "..it couldn't have been funnier if ah tried."

Iron nerves, cast iron head

..and lightly hits him over the head

- round two...

the nurse to come and take the IV out

- He also raised her on his lap with a dropper? fantastic ... I mean fantasy!

Luna is a thousand year old virgin mentally and bodily a teen until

Yes-Yes - to fight with a Sombra, rule a country,fight nightmares (show and explain the mistakes of subjects), command troops .. - Adult
communicate with others - a teenager .. what does she communicate with the troops? what was happening in the country and, perhaps, sombra would have gone crazy a little later.. if he had not communicated with her.. did not know about her existence ...
Although the lack of help at night has ensured a thousand years of peace ...

ok... After chapter 4 there was almost nothing interesting, but a lot of nonsense.. Thor was the last blob.. I leave it so as not to downvote the story ..

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