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This story is a sequel to Never

A whole year... a whole year and Starlight Glimmer still hasn't healed-- she was used, humiliated, and eventually expelled... all because of her... the girl who is now admired and respected by everyone, even the ones whose lives she ruined.

She now spends her days slumped in alleys or walls, just waiting for death to come for her... but she is about to interact with three people-- one who offers sympathy, one who offers friendship... and one that offers revenge.

Part of NDSB

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Wait wasn't there a chapter where should Cloud meeting up with Sunset again only he had Gilda as his girlfriend?What happened to that one?

There was, but I’ve since then retconned that story, due to new ideas and slow loss of interest on my part. Clouds story will most likely remain unchanged for now, but this story is meant to set up things to come in NDSB.

So will he make a appearance soon again? I got to say while i don;t like tempest, feel she just using them to further her agendas, what Sunset did was pretty horrible, and she got away with it!

i love Sunset but this one i hate, even thous he changed, she doesn't seem to get how bad she fucked up, and Derpy! what did she do to Derpy!
how can the other girls forgive her so easily?!

Er, gotta ask . . .

Sunset has allegedly changed, but she will never believe her... not after what she did to her.

Who does all those pronouns refer to? Sunset? Starlight? Pinkie Pie?

Yeah, I can get the confusion there, the first “she” refers to Starlight, the second “she” to Sunset, I’ll try to clear the confusion when I get the chance.

So they are targeting Sunset, now? I wonder what would be come of the Humane 6 now.

When is the next one

Wow, I’m surprised starlight was able to keep her composure around sunset. And, I honestly hope sunset gets what she deserves.

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