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That was beautifully horrible....yea, that works.

As always, I really like your worldbuilding (even though here it's mostly focused on the characters), and the ending is very appropriate and amusing. :rainbowkiss:

This was so funny, but It feels so wrong....

Oh my... Will there be part 3? I wonder how Twilight reacted, possibly like that::facehoof:

Well, the final joke kinda stops working if you know what Twilight replied... I have an unwritten story that features Dashie having similar sentiments as in this story that could perhaps be in the same universe, but that didn't even involve Twilight and Rarity.

Sex education, with ponie-

:pinkiegasp: Dashie was getting turned on by Cupcakes?!
:rainbowhuh: ...
:facehoof: ...

Admittedly, this makes me look at the Rainbow Dash Presents version in a whole new wa-

:pinkiehappy: The one with the gorilla suit and Mrs. Cake always interrupting?

Remember, the sillyness establishes that Dashie doesn't get turned on by horror stories where everypony dies, which I think describes Cupcakes pretty much.:ajsmug: She'd be totally turned on by the cover to some Cupcakes comic or movie, though, with herself strapped to a board and a grinning Pinkie holding a hacksaw!:pinkiecrazy:

im not even goin to read it im just going to thumbs up it and fav it thats how awesome i know its going to be :pinkiecrazy:

In the next story...

"Yeah, that's right Soarin', rub that there pie all over mah body..."
"Heh, you'd like me to take a big bite out of this here Apple, wouldn't you?"

Soarin' + Pie + Applejack, that's a threesome, right?

Soarin' + Pie + Applejack, that's a threesome, right?

yes ..... yes it is :pinkiecrazy:
but like i said i didnt even need to read it to know it was going to be AWESOME!! :rainbowdetermined2:
Great job

I'm sorry, but this wasn't meant to be that kind of story. I thought that was obvious from the description, but I'm sorry to have wasted your time. :coolphoto:

On a completely different note, are you serious that you want Dash/Twilight/Rarity to engage the erotic roleplaying equivalent of cowponies & buffaloes? Because that is the kind of fantasy Rainbow Dash is suggesting. Not just generic sexings which most clop readers want, because I thought the fic made it obvious none of them was interested in that. That's RD's point at the end: she cannot easily get her fantasy fulfilled because it is so out there. Because if you are serious, sure, I'll write one.:trollestia:

Next Chapter: HOT AND STEAMY CUPCAKES!:pinkiesmile::heart::rainbowwild:

I've been waiting for this so long... and then I missed the notification somehow <_<
Twilight Rarity and Rainbow Dash are, in that order, my favorite ponies, so the idea of the role play at the end... ohmygodyesplease
if you ever write that I promise you, you will get a fanart, no, a set of fanart illustrations for that fanfic that :D and I don't care how cloppy it might get. :pinkiecrazy:

... I'm sitting and writing it now, tentatively called DARING DO AND THE CANNIBAL PALEOPONIC NYMPHOMANIACS OF XETLAXOXOA.

I have no shame.:ajsleepy:

yep, heh, made me happy. Plus lets pretend is still and awesome game.

>its owner, Mrs Paperback, who
There should be one period after "Mrs"

>when you was a filly
"was" should be "were"

>things that is harmful
"is" should be "are"

>I think she did that do deflect our
"do" should be "to"

Thankyou for this. Thankyou so much^^

Kinda sad there weren't more in this series. Very fun writing.

I can't help but feel sad about that poor, lonely male griffon. :pinkiesad2:

Thank you Cherilee, I couldn't have said it better.

(I am so, so sorry... - The Author)

There was only one thing you could sorry about, and also you shouldn't be sorry about this, 'cause this is your preferences (althought, second part kind of make up for this)... So, let's go with this story being awesome and funny:twilightsheepish:
P.S. Ohm, there's third part, ough... see ya again when i done with it:twilightsheepish:

Are you... a fanfic writer?!

The horror! The horror! :pinkiegasp: :rainbowlaugh:

Are you... a fanfic writer?!”

Behold the hierarchy of evil:

Hitler -> Satan -> Lawyers -> Fanfic Writers.

You're link didn't load. I'm not sure if it's compatible

It's just a gif of Gandalf saying he has no memory of this place. Seriously, I didn't even remember this fic, and my comment was old enough that replying to it may as well have been replying to a stranger and tagging me instead.

Oh, that's happened to me lots and I always laugh

Hearing rainbow talk about her snuff porn obsession has really acted as a mirror for my own desires.

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