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Author's Note:
According to the rules, posting the same story twice is okay if the two versions have different ratings.

Fluttershy deals with various problems with her nicotine vaporizer, Marine Le Pen comes to Equestria, the girls go to earth, mostly Montana to defeat springs that are killing people.

This was mostly written with voice to text and my right hand, since I was laying on my bed in such a way that it was much easier to use my right hand on the keyboard than my left hand. Then I went back and cleaned it up so it would pass inspection from the FimFic police. Does anypony remember what the original title was? I'm too lazy to find it in my emails and also I avoid my emails since they are overwhelming and I get like 200 each day and they are a lame source of stress and anxiety.

Also the cover picture has nothing to do with the story.

I really did try to get to sleep but my sleep schedule is messed up.

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My grandpa saw a man get killed by a spring once. In a spring factory. Where he was applying for a job (my grandpa, not the guy who got killed). My grandpa did not take that job, even though it was the Depression, jobs were scarce, and the factory had an immediate opening.

Point is, springs will kill you.

So will hot springs.

It's shut down now, but the subreddit r/watchpeopledie had some pretty gnarly shit.

I come from a part of the world where many springs occur naturally. Not the metal kind, the water kind. Including hot. Legend from the 1800's says that last one is what made the Red-Man red, bathing in insanely hot water. Unlike White people, who later did do this for "therapeutic" reasons, the natives likely weren't that dumb and let it cool first. I guess what I'm trying to say is it's a good idea to be careful around springs of any kind.

PS: Truly sad thing is that in the US of A, Marine Le Pen would be considered mainstream or even a moderate.

PPS: I should probably not ask how you did the columns, because I'm reasonably certain I would abuse the function.

Gets a like because Marine Le Pen.

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