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I am taking time to think about my actions and may or may not return.

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Okay...wtf was dis?!?!

Oh God, oh fuck, he's here again to collect his tribute of fear and pleasure.

Sweet merciful buttfuckery

Comment posted by Strictheadmare deleted Apr 24th, 2020

that sounds like an amaaaazing idea!!! :pinkiehappy: i dont know if i am ready for a collab yet but when i am that sounds incredable!!! :pinkiesad2:

Spike was in the Everfree Forest.

"Hey Zecora, how do I get a horn?" asked Spike.

"Stupid dragon, what you say? No need horn, for you are gay," answered Zecora.

Well that escalated quickly...

Huh I don’t remember the notification for this one

Spike should have shot himself through the heart to stop it from attacking him, then maybe he would have lived.

It is possible to survive a bullet through the heart. You most certainly cannot survive a bullet through the skull.

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