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My Little Pony: The Lost Soul - Shadow Master

Their friendship is about to get tested as Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force must find and recruit more allies to save their homeland from the forces of Storm King & Dark Curse.

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Epilogue B: You Are My Destiny

"The Dark Sacrificial Ritual has begun, absorbing and sacrificing thousands and more of souls to it. The Demon God's now coming back from his prison dimension. Both Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force have to do whatever it takes to defeat Kyuubi Lilith and destroyed the ritual while they still can.

With my soul been removed, I'm now trapped and stuck in the Orb of Lost Soul, slowly fading away to be sacrificed for the ritual. I was losing my hope and faith that I could escape and win the fight. But thanks to Iris Crystal and Midnight Sparkle, reminding of what I've done for the world, and both my friends and family need me now.

By channeling and focusing my connection and energy to the Elements of Harmony, I regain my Rainbow Power. I then make my escape, and reunite with my friends and family. I also destroyed the Orb of Lost Souls and Dark Sacrificial Ritual Mark, preventing the Demon God's return. By using our Rainbow Powers, we fought and battled with the Chaos Herald of Lust, with the help of Tempest and children.

It was fearsome battle with the Dark Goddess, but we managed to defeated her. However, I became tired and exhausted from using so much of my powers to defeat her. I wasn't sure if I can live on or not. Could this be the end of me?"


Shadow Dragon was holding the exhausted and tired Twilight Sparkle in his hooves. All of his friends and children surrounded him while looking at Twilight. Tempest distanced herself from them as she felt she doesn't deserve to be near with them since she led Storm Kingdom and Dark Mystic Ponies invade the capital city.

"Please, Twilight, stay with us!" Shadow Dragon pleaded tearfully and agony, "You can't die again!"

Applejack cried and sobbed tearfully, "Please, Twilight, stay with us. You've just got back home!"

"Mummy..." Nyx pleaded tearfully as she nudged her mother's hoof to pat on her.

All of her friends chatted and pleaded tearfully to Twilight to stay alive and not to die again when they just reunited again. Unfortunately, Twilight was too weak and exhausted to move and speak but to look at her friends.

Luckily, she's still breathing and alive, thanks to Iris and Midnight have used their spiritual magic to heal her. Twilight weakly looked at both spirits, who smiled warmly and calmly before they disappeared and faded away.

Twilight sighed calmly, "Don't worry, guys. I won't be going anywhere because I have some ponies to look after..."

Mane Five, Dragon Strike Force and the children laughed and cheered wildly and happily that they're glad that Twilight's alive and not dead.

"Group hug!" Pinkie cheered happily.

Shadow Dragon was the first pony to hug Twilight, followed by the children, Mane Five and Dragon Strike Force. All of them sighed happily that they have not only won the battle, but also glad that they're alright and alive. Seeing the event, Tempest couldn't help but smile to see them being together while wishing that hers could have done the same thing with her.

Kyuubi Lilith grunted in pain as she slowly yet weakly and painfully stood up from the ground. She groaned in pain while muttered and cursed angrily about everything almost ruined by her enemies. Her face is now completely disfigured, wrinkled, scarred and much more uglier than before. Upon touching her once 'beautiful' face, she gasped in shock yet anger about it. She then looked at the broken window's glass reflection. She saw her face being scarred and ruined. Kyuubi Lilith screamed in anger about it.

Everyone got alerted by the scream. They turned and looked at Kyuubi Lilith, who just got up from the ground while snarling and growling at them. And to their shock, they're now seeing the ugliest disfigured face they ever seen.

"Wow! That's gotta be ouch," Rainbow commented.

Rarity nodded and whispered, "Not to mention, she's ugly too."

Kyuubi Lilith screamed angrily, "Curse you little ponies! You've ruined everything including my beautiful face! Do you have any idea of how it is for me to beautify and moisture my face?!" Everyone remained silent yet angry to glare at her. She snarled, "I won't forget this especially you, Yami and Hikari! Your happy ending disgust me! I will have my revenge!"

Everyone remained firm and silent for the moment. They turned and looked at each other. They nodded firmly as they armed and readied with their weapons. Seeing her enemies are taking offense, Kyuubi Lilith armed herself with her Dark Magic and Claws, but found her magic completely drained out and her weapon is badly damaged during her fierce battle. She even tried to use her Magic Mirror, but Tempest quickly fired and shot her Electrical Shock Blast, destroying it into pieces.

Kyuubi was deeply in shock and concern. For the first time in her life, she find herself to be weak and defenseless, and even also scared of what she's dealing with.

"T-This can't be happening," Kyuubi Lilith exclaimed in shock.

Twilight narrowed her angry eyes while readying with her Unicorn Burst, "It's over, Kyuubi. You won't get away!"

Shadow Dragon nodded firmly, "This ends now!"

Twilight and Shadow Dragon raised their hooves up as they unleashed and fired their both full-powered Sparkling Star Blast and Chaos Hyper Blast. They're heading straight at Kyuubi Lilith, who was still in shock and scared.

Unfortunately, the Dark Barrier appeared and surrounded Kyuubi Lilith to block and deflect the blasts. Mane Six, Dragon Strike Force and the children were in shock and concern of what they just saw. The Dark Mystic Portals appeared as both Dark Curse and Maul emerged from it.

"Dark Curse?! Maul?!" Mane Six, Dragon Strike Force and the children gasped in shock.

"Not today, fools," Dark Curse said firmly and darkly. He turned his attention to weakened and scared Kyuubi Lilith, who is now crying and muttering 'sorry' to him. He scoffed as he turned and glared at his nemeses again, "Rest assure, my little pony friends. We will meet again. Our final war between us shall decide the fate of two worlds."

Maul helped carrying and moving Kyuubi Lilith into the Dark Mystic Portal. Dark Curse turned and walked away from his enemies. He marched into it. Everyone was in shock and confuse of what they just saw, and also surprised that Dark Curse didn't finish them off like they're not worth to deal with.

"What was that about?" Laxtinct asked in shock and concern.

Terrorcreep sighed, "Don't know. I'm just glad that we're alive. We barely escaped the battle with the dangerous herald."

"Not to mention, it's scary," Fluttershy added in concern.

"Agreed," Shorty said in concern as he held Rarity close to him, "I hate to imagine of our next fight with couple of heralds. It can't be good."

"We will..." Flare Tiger said in concern yet uneasily, "In the darkest time of our lives..."

"Well, either way, it's over, right?" Aqua asked curiously.

Blazefist sighed, "It should be. Nothing could have gone wrong now."

Suddenly, Mane Six and their allies got struck down and electrocuted by powerful thunderstorm. They grunted and moaned in pain as they looked up and found injured Storm King, who just climbed over the balcony bars. And to their shock and surprise, he has his claws armed and fired at them with electrical shocks.

"W-Wait! He has thunder in him?!" Saber asked in shock and concern.

"You've gotta be kidding!" Tailtech asked in shock, "So not cool!"

Tempest grunted, "Why else do you think his name was called 'Storm King' in the fist place? In fact, he and his kind possessed powerful thunder and lightning in them."

"Thanks for the info, genius!" Icy remarked dryly, "That could have been helpful!"

"Well, too bad. I've been saving this for the right moment. And this is it," Storm King laughed happily as he continued firing his lightning on Mane Six and their allies. He laughed amusingly, "I may not have the Elements of Harmony, but I still can beat you and win! After that, I'm going after that idiot for screwing everything up! And trust me, I hate screw ups!"

Holding the Obsidian Orb, Storm King chuckled amusingly while firing his lightning strikes on Mane Six and their friends. Unknown to him, both Dragoking and Chaos Slayer snarled and growled at him softly and quietly. They included Tempest noticed it.

Storm King laughed amusingly, "Any last words before I said 'He shall smite the wicked and plunge them into a fiery pit?"

Tempest grunted in pain as she strongly, firmly and determinedly to stand up while arming with her electrical powers, "Yeah. Taste of your own medicine, asshole!"

And just before Storm King could asked, Tempest fired her Thunderstorm Power Beam at his Lightning Attack, sending straight back at him. It shocked and electrocuted him to back away.

And just before he could recover and moved, he got his top torso bit and held by Chaos Slayer, followed by his bottom part grabbed by Dragoking. Storm King yelped in concern of what he has just realized now. Storm King screamed in fear and pain as both Dragoking and Chaos Slayer began tearing him apart.

Mane Six and their friends were in shock and scared yet disgusted of what they're about to see. Twilight quickly used her wings to cover Nyx and Spike to see something scary and bloody. Two Ancient Beasts have torn Storm King into two pieces. They then began eating and chewing him up alive. After finished their snacks, both Dragoking and Chaos Slayer gave their loud victory roar. The Ancient Beasts' teamwork and even Tempest's endurance defeated Storm King shocked Mane Six and their friends.

"Whoa! I can't believe they all did that!" Rainbow commented in surprise.

Twilight smiled, "I can..."

Shadow Dragon nodded in agreement as he looked at Dragoking, "I'm surprise that you didn't try to fight with him over a snack."

Dragoking shrugged, "Protecting... Friends... More important..."

Chaos Slayer lowered his head to pay his respect to Tempest, "Protect my master."

Surprised yet relieved, Tempest sighed as she bowed humbly, "Thank you, old friend..."

"I knew that you would take the second chance," Twilight thanked Tempest calmly and warmly.

Tempest sighed, "I appreciate your comments. But I'm afraid that this isn't enough to redeem all the damages I have caused." She turned and looked at Mane Five and their allies including Shadow Dragon looking at her suspiciously and uncertainty. She continued, "I doubt that they would forgive me easily and warmly as you did."

"In time, they will," Twilight said calmly, "And right now, we need to fix everything. We could use your help."


"Yeah. You know something about Staff of Sacanas, don't you? If so, can you show us how?"

Tempest was still shocked and surprised by Twilight's willing to ask her. Nevertheless, she answered, "Yes. I can."

As Twilight passed the Staff of Sacanas to Tempest, the former Commander took it while approaching to the damaged Dark Sacrificial Ritual Mark. She fired her magic power in destroying and removing the mark, revealing another butterfly-like ritual mark. As she explained while putting the staff on it, Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force placed their hooves on it as they're concentrating and channeling powers.

As two teams have channeled their powers, the Staff of Sacanas's crystal glowed brightly and unleashed its powerful magic on the ritual mark. Instead of malevolent magic, it unleashed colorful magical force on Canterlot City, It was repairing and restoring all the damages to its proper state including freeing Princess Celestia and Princess Luna from their Obsidian Statue.

Shining Armor, Princess Cadance and their teams have arrived and entered the throne chamber, where they were in shock and surprise to see everything is restoring back to normal. Both him and Twilight approached and gave each other a warm yet tearfully comfort hug to see each other safe and alive. They both joined by the rest of their family.

Spotting Twilight and her friends stood before her, Princess Celestia gasped, "Twilight!"

"Princess Celestia!" Twilight exclaimed happily as she approached and gave her former mentor a warm hug, making the latter returned it to her as well. She sighed, "Thank goodness, you're free."

"Yes. Indeed, I am," Princess Celestia said in relief. As she looked around of her surroundings, she noticed something amiss. She asked, "Where's Iris? Where is my daughter?"

Everyone in the room kept silence while looking down in shame and concern. Twilight looked worry and uneasy as she wondered of how she's gonna explain. Nevertheless, Princess Celestia deserve the truth. Twilight explained to her of what has been happening from the last three days.

Her explanation shocked and scared Princess Celestia as she couldn't believe that her real daughter was indeed dead while the one she met was an impostor to complete her mission. The Princess of Sun cried tearfully and sadly. Twilight approached and gave her mentor a warm comfort hug. Everyone did nothing but remain silent and watched the event.

Canterlot City wasn't the only place that is repairing and restoring the damages. It's also spreading its magic across the Equestria as well. It even also freed Discord and Derpy. The crossed-eyed Pegasus and her daughters both Amethyst star, Dinky gave each other a warm and happy hug as they're together again.

And at the same time; Storm Guards, seeing no sign of their king or commanders, and their allies have abandoned them, dropped their weapons and surrendered in defeat to Mystic-Equestria Alliance. The Alliance gave the loud and wild yet proud victory cheers, along with the trumpets and drums as they have won the Battle of Canterlot City, and also prevented Demon God from returning to their mortal realm, thanks to Mane Six, Dragon Strike Force and the children.

Night time...

The Festival of Friendship is repaired and installed properly for the proper festivity. Mystic-Equestria Alliance Soldiers, Creatures and Citizens have joined the festivity. Nezha, annoyed and frustrated that everything he plan is ruined, forced to join the party by Yuko, Black Alpha and Susano for paying respect to the heroes.

Everyone is now gathered at the musical stage, where Laxtinct is standing on the stage. He now worn a brownish Chinese Announcer Suit. He then cleared his throat on his microphone as he's about to make an announcement

"Fillies and gentlecolts, and of course, our guests of honor and fellow creatures from around the Equestria! Get ready for a little..." Laxtinct casually yet proudly and happily announced. As signaled, the fanfare was sounded, followed by the colorful lights lighting around before giving spotlights to couple of ponies. He continued, "Songbird Serenade and Hyper Linking Park! Duet Time!"

The greenish spotlight revealed on Big Beat in his drum set. The purplish spotlight on DJ Han, who is sitting near to his DJ Jockey. Red and yellowish spotlight aimed on both Delta Headset and Bass, who leaned on each other while holding their guitar and bass. The bluish spotlight aimed on Rap Replay, who is closed with his musical keyboard. The golden spotlight flashed out on Chestnut Vocal and Songbird Serenade. All of them gave a greeting wave to the crowd, who responded by cheering and stomping their hooves while some clapped their claws and hands wildly and happily.

"Equestria! What's up, you'all! Ready for the duet?!" Rap Replay called out happily. Everyone cheered out wildly and happily. He smiled, "That's what I'm talking about!"

"And now, to celebrate the fact that we're all still here in one piece," Songbird Serenade said happily before pointed at Twilight and her friends, "give it up for Princess Twilight and her friends!"

The crowd went wild, followed and joined by Mystic-Equestria Alliance. Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force stood firm and proud, as well as smiling and cheering happily to each other. Both Twilight and Shadow Dragon looked at each other as they gave a gentle nuzzle on cheeks, followed by the rest of couples did the same thing as well.

"Whoo! Way to go, guys!" Mew cheered happily.

DJ Shadow agreed happily, "You said it."

Both The leaders of Equestria and Mystic Council including the reluctant Nezha bowed humbly and firmly before Mane Six and Dragon Strike. They all returned the bow to the leaders.

"Alright, you ready to rock?!" Chestnut Vocal asked proudly, receiving thousands and more of ponies and creatures cheering and applauding wildly and happily. He sighed and smiled happily, "Okay. This one's special for you all. Let's do this."

The crowd gave another applause. The musical stage's catwalk spotlights turned off at once. They all silenced as they watched and listened to a singer and band's duet song now. Big Beat started whacking and banging the drum set, followed by Delta Headset and Bass playing gently and firmly on their guitar and bass, and DJ Han used the DJ Jockey for remixing music with the sound effects.

The backstage's lights slowly lighted up in blue colors. Rap Replay played his musical keyboard while singing gently and calmly. Songbird Serenade slowly turned from back to the front as she continued singing softly and calmly.

[Iridescent & Rainbow - Part 1]

Chestnut Vocal approached to the front of the musical stage, where he held the microphone stand. He began to sing sadly yet gently and firmly. Twilight and all of her friends smiled happily to see that both the band and a singer working and singing duet together perfectly and harmonically. The

Princess of Friendship couldn't be any proud and happy that everything in Festival of Friendship went smoothly especially both ponies and creatures are gathered here for both performance and friendship with each other. It was perfect.

[One More Light - Part 1]

Signaled by Songbird Serenade's spreading her left wing, each three Earth Pony dancers worn same mane style and worn the bow tie popped out to dance happily and passionately.

Pinkie and Princess Skystar laughed happily as they held on each other's shoulders over their victory. Queen Novo approached to her daughter, who turned and hugged her warmly and happily.

"I am so proud of you, Skystar." Queen Novo said happily and proudly. Princess Skystar giggled as she nuzzled her mother gently. She smirked slyly before giggled, "And by the way, you are so grounded."

Princess Skystar yelped in shock and surprise, "Aw, come on, mom!"

Queen Novo laughed amusingly, "Gotta face it, honey. You make mistakes, gotta face them especially saying rude about me behind my back. That means you're not going out to the world for three months, honey."

Princess Skystar and Pinkie groaned in disappointment, "Aw man!"

Laxtinct cleared his throat while poking on Princess Skystar's shoulder, she turned and looked at him. He presented a bouquet of flowers to her, with a smile, "I believe this will cheer you up."

Princess Skystar awed happily as she grabbed and hold on the flowers. And just before she could say anything, Laxtinct quickly kissed her by cheek, which shocked and surprised her. He looked nervous and embarrassed by the attempt.

"Sorry about that," Laxtinct apologized, "But I really, really like you, Skystar. You're very beautiful and nicest Hippogriff I ever met."

Princess Skystar awed happily, "You're the nicest, funniest and best guy I ever met. I also like you too, Laxtinct!" She then grabbed and gave him a long passionate kiss by lips. She cheered wildly and happily, "Whoo! Totally worth for being grounded!"

Princess Skystar was still holding Laxtinct close to her as they both were still kissing each other by lips. Queen Novo and Pinkie looked at each other as they laughed amusingly and happily about Laxtinct and Princess Skystar being perfect for each other.

[Rainbow - Part 2]

Captain Celaeno and Rainbow gave each other a friendly fist or hoof bump. Blazefist cleared his throat, getting the pirate captain and her crew attention. They turned and looked at him but they find something shock and surprise. He pointed at the newly military airship with pirate symbol on it and flag. They were shocked and surprised by it. Captain Celaeno and Blazefist gave each other a gentle shake for the moment that the Commander of Dragon Strike Force has honored the deal.

Poked by someone else, Blazefist turned and found Indigo jumped and hugged him warmly and happily. Aqua came and gave her husband a hug as well. He smiled gently and happily as he hugged his family back. He was so happy and glad that they're alive and safe. He then looked up at the night sky, where he imagined that Ruby is watching over them.

[One More Light - Part 2]

Rarity presented black top hat and cape to Capper. He then tried and worn them both. He hummed amusingly and happily as he was impressed with the designs. He gave a wink and thumbs up to her. She sighed happily to see him happy.

Shorty cleared his throat, getting her attention on him. Rarity giggled amusingly as she presented a new glasses for him to change and try it. Shorty awed in amazement and surprise it. He then shown and gave his girlfriend a bouquet of lavender flowers. She was surprised by it. He smiled warmly and happily as he gave her a gentle kiss on her cheek. This make her blush and look at him for the moment. Tailtech and Icy looked at each other as they smiled and nodded happily that everything is alright, though they briefly shown blush before looked away.

Skybeak was standing in the middle of the audience, accompanied by both Terrorcreep and Roughneck. The Hippogriff looked nervous, worried and scared over his reunion with the family whom he hasn't seen since the Fall of Seaquestria. Both Soul Sweetie and Fluttershy guided and led Ocean Flow, Silverstream and Terramar through the crowds. Upon reaching to the middle, the Hippogriff family met up as all they did is stare and look at each other in shock and surprise. And just before Skybeak could say anything, his family hugged him warmly and tearfully at once. Surprised yet relieved, he cried in tears of joy as he hugged them warmly and happily.

Seapony Sisters and married couple looked at each other as they both smiled warmly and happily that everything went well. Seapony Sisters gave each other a hoof bump, then they were joined by their younger sister as they all laughed warmly and happily. Terrorcreep and Fluttershy looked at each other as they gave each other a warm passionate kiss.

[One More Light & Rainbow - Part 4]

Applejack and her family presented some of Apple Ciders to Skullitron and his AexKnight Warriors. Surprised and intrigued as they tried and drank their ciders for the moment. After the brief drink of it, they were surprised and amazed by the taste. They including Applejack, Saber and their families held their drinks up while shouted 'cheers' happily and wildly before they drank it up. After their drinks, Saber smiled while patted Applejack's head, making the latter smiled and giggled a bit before hugging him warmly and happily

Nyx and Cutie Mark Crusaders helped Grubber reunited with his obese hedgehog mother worn the beautiful decorated gray dress as they both hugged and held each other tearfully and warmly as they're finally together. Lance and Shiroi were looking at each other before giving both gentle nuzzle, and then a long passionate kiss. Spike helped teaching Dragon Lord Ember about dancing and singing, which made her nervous and embarrassed about it. Dragoking was eating pile of fishes happily and wildly. Flare Tiger chatted happily with her family about their crazy adventures from last four days.

[Rainbow - Part 5]

Shining Armor and Princess Cadance stayed close and leaned on each other while holding their baby Flurry Heart. The baby giggled happily from listening to the music. Starlight and Sunset helped taught their boyfriend - Sunburst and Flash on dancing properly and also have some fun. Both Team Fighters and Shadow Five were also joining in the fun by singing and dancing happily and proudly.

Jason distanced himself from the crowd as he was checking on his wanted list and weaponry from his gauntlet, accompanied by his trusted Vileraptor companion Blue as they both hated parties.

During the musical performance, Twilight and Shadow Dragon danced gracefully and calmly around the area. Aftermath, they stopped before laughed happily and warmly. They turned and looked at the musical stage for listening on music. Twilight halted from turning as she found Tempest standing at the end of platform. The former commander turned and looked away from the scene.

Though she has helped the team defeated the enemies, Tempest felt uneasy yet guilty and confusion over Twilight's forgiveness and also wondering about her missing piece of horn. She then looked up and found Chaos Slayer stood before her. He growled softly and gently as he lowered his head to nudge and nuzzle her head. Tempest sighed sadly before patted her companion warmly.

Sensing someone is already behind her, Tempest sighed sadly, "Well, that's one thing that never changes around here. The party."

That pony was Twilight. She smiled warmly, "Well, I hope you'll stay. More friends are definitely merrier."

"Friends..." Tempest said in uncertainty yet curiously. She turned and looked at Twilight. She asked, "I still don't understand. Why would you risk everything to save me, and give me the second chance after this? Are you so forgivable?"

Understanding the former commander's concern, Twilight sighed, "Well. You're not the first pony, who wanted revenge and having hard time with the past. And believe me, they're not very pretty as yours. They almost succeeded with their revenge but gave up."

Tempest was shocked yet confused to ask, "Why? Why would do they do that? In fact, why would you forgive them?"

"Because they and you reminded me of myself," Twilight explained. Tempest was in shock and surprise by revelation. She continued, "Before I met my friends, I was alone and never make friends because I was scared and worried of being abandoned and betrayal, and not to mention, I didn't want to hurt them either. So, I spent my time to be alone before that time came."

"But yours is not worse as mine."

"If I have to be honest, Tempest, I have those terrible thoughts of wanting revenge on my friends for betraying and abandoning me especially the wedding and the last four days ago. But instead, I chose not to. I couldn't forget those things."

"Why?" Tempest asked in confusion.

"They're my friends and families. I love them so much for me to hate and hurt them for petty revenge. And the ponies I met before, they're just lost and misguided as you are to do wrong things for the right reason. I understand them well, and pity them too," Twilight explained, "And so, I chose forgiveness and gave them the second chance. I am willing to work and help them. If they refused, I have no choice to end them. I'm glad that you chose the right one."

"I see..." Tempest said in surprise. She sighed in defeat before looking at her broken horn, "But, um... my horn."

Twilight smiled as she approached Tempest, "You know, your horn is pretty powerful, just like the pony it belongs to." She then looked at Chaos Slayer, who wagged his tail happily before nudging and nuzzling his master. She giggled, "After all, who else able to capture the Tyranno Chaos and make him as your friend."

Though upset that she could never get her hon back, Tempest smiled warmly yet proudly that she couldn't disagree with the princess that she did the impossible thing without her magical horn.

"I did tell you I wanted to show everypony in Equestria what I could do, right?" Tempest asked amusingly.

Twilight nodded a bit, "Yeah, I do. So, what is it you want to show?"

"Watch and learn, princess," Tempest said slyly.

Tempest approached to the front. She began channeling and focusing all of her energy powers within. All gathering enough power within, she then unleashed and fired her power straight to the night sky for the moment. It then exploded, creating various colorful fireworks.

The audience awed in amazement and surprise while dancing and singing happily and gracefully. Both Hyper Linking Park and Songbird Serenade continued singing passionately and calmly. Twilight and Tempest were surprised and amazed to see the audience's response to the fireworks. They temporary looked at each other. The princess smiled warmly as the commander, who looked away in embarrassed briefly before looked and smiled at her sincerely.

Suddenly, Pinkie came as she dragged and brought Tempest to the audience for both fun and getting alone. Tempest was surprised and shocked that the ponies invited her to the party, despite the destruction she has made. Nevertheless, she joined and tried to have 'fun'.

[Iridescent & Rainbow - Part 5]

Twilight giggled happily to see them being happy especially allowing Tempest to join the fun. She turned and looked at the night sky. She enjoyed looking at the moon and stars. It really does calm and make her happy sometimes.

"Mind if I join you?" Someone asked calmly, getting her attention. Twilight turned and found Shadow Dragon has arrived at the scene. He smiled and asked, "Am I allow?"

Twilight nodded a bit. Shadow Dragon approached her as he sat down close to her. They both looked at the moon warmly and peacefully. Though Twilight was happy and peaceful, Shadow Dragon can tell that something's bothering her.

"You okay?" Shadow Dragon asked.

"Yeah," Twilight said uneasily and softly.

"You don't sound like one. Want to talk about it, Twi?"

"Sigh... I've been thinking of what Dark Curse has said. And I'm really worry about 'final war'. It kinda makes me worry and scared. I mean we survived our first encounter with Kyuubi Lilith. The next time we meet her and the rest of Chaos Heralds, I'm scared that the final war will be hell and dangerous to us. We might not survive it. Do you think we can win?"

"Of course, I do. As long we stay together as one, we can win."

"I'm not sure about it."

"Don't worry, Twi." Shadow Dragon said calmly as he patted Twilight's back, "It'll be fine. I'll keep you safe. I won't let it happen again."

Twilight smiled in relief, "Thanks, Shadow Dragon..."

[Rainbow - Part 6]

Feeling nervous and worried, Shadow Dragon blushed a bit about what he needs to do. After what he has been through since his arrival to Ponyville Town, he took a deep breathe as he believed that it is time for him to do it.

"Twilight," Shadow Dragon called. Twilight turned and looked at him. He asked, "Can you close your eyes for the moment?"

"Why?" Twilight asked.

"It's a surprise," Shadow Dragon answered ambiguously.

Though uncertain and suspicious of Shadow Dragon's attention, Twilight nevertheless sighed while closing her eyes, "Alright. I closed my eyes, waiting for this surprise of yours..."

While still waiting for the surprise, Shadow Dragon approached and gave a passionate long kiss with Twilight, who returned it to him. Aftermath, they then departed while looking at each other.

Twilight giggled, "What was that for? We've been doing this for a long time. There's not much difference."

Shadow Dragon smiled warmly yet slyly, "Look at your horn."

Twilight was confused and uncertain. She did what her boyfriend instructed. She looked up on her horn. She gasped in surprise as she found a golden dragon ring with sapphire diamond was placed around her horn as she couldn't believe what she just found.

"Yeah," Shadow Dragon confirmed. He knelt down, surprising Twilight even more. He raised his right hoof before her. He asked sincerely and gently, "Will you marry me?"

As Shadow Dragon remain still and calm, Twilight couldn't help but pour the tears of joy as she jumped and hugged him at once while shouting, "Yeeeeessssssss!"

Both Shadow Dragon and Twilight then gave each other a warm long passionate yet celebrated kiss. They're getting married!

[One More Light - Final]

Walking away from their family and friends for taking a breath, Applejack laughed happily as she has arrived to the scene. And to her surprise and shock, she then found a ring on Twilight's horn while her best friend was busy kissing with her future fiance for a while. She then smiled warmly and happily to see it.

"Well, I'd be," Applejack commented.

Chestnut Vocal: Well I do

(Tribute For Chester Bennington (1976-2017),

Your Legacy and Songs will never be Forgotten,

They lived on through our Hearts and Minds)

After their long passionate kiss, Twilight and Shadow Dragon turned and found Applejack standing before them. They told her what happened, she gave both of them a warm hug while cheering 'yeehaw'. They turned and informed to the rest of Mane Six, Dragon Strike Force, other friends and families. They responded by giving out their wild and happy cheers and applause that they're proud to hear that both of them are getting married.

Twilight: Do you remember the first time we've met
We were friends and love
We've been through the good and through the bad
We're always be together from the start till the end

The next day, Mystic Tao explained to Twilight, Shadow Dragon and the rest of their friends and families of how the wedding works. Night Light also explained of how his side of wedding works. They all nodded firmly and calmly as they understood of how it works. They then went off to buy lots and lots of wedding stuffs and props as they're going to set up both of Chinese and Canterlot Style of wedding. They also invited some of their friends, allies and other relatives for it.

Twilight: So, no matter how hard and tough battle is

Mane Six: No matter how

Twilight: Our friendship and love will never change

Mane Six: Will Never Change

Mane Six: All this I know
That I can't never find anyone like you

Six months have passed, everyone is ready for the wedding. They're doing the Chinese Style of Wedding.

At his Tao's Old Antique Shop, Shadow Dragon looked at his reflective mirror as he is now wearing his own black Chinese Formal Suit with golden Chinese Dragon pattern on it. He turned and found Dragon Kick called him to come down now. He then climbed down the stairs. He found his friends and family worn their formal suits and dresses. Dragon Strike Force all have gotten on Dragoking as all of them are ready to move out now.

Mane Six: We finally make our dream come true
It was the day I met you
Our friendship has blossomed into an amazing feeling
You are the love in my heart

At the Sparkle's Resident, both Night Light and Twilight Velvet helped their daughter getting dressed in her beautiful wedding dress with phoenix and stars symbol on it, golden shoulder bracelet, pinkish ribbon around her waist, golden horseshoes and a blossoming cherry flower on her head. The rest of her friends and families were setting up the buffet and party for the wedding.

Mane Six: I never found the words to say
You're the one I think about each day
And I know no matter where life takes me to
A part of me will always be with you

Shadow Dragon and his team have arrived at Canterlot City, where the rest of Mane Five and Sparkle relatives were gathered and waiting. Spike was the first dragon that allowed and helped Shadow Dragon to get down. He and his friends faced off all kind of trials and fun obstacles that Mane Five have set for them. It was funny and awkward moment yet fun for them to enjoy especially when Laxtinct and Terrorcreep were embarrassed from eating the chocolate stick together, which almost got them kissed.

Shadow Dragon: When you think back on all we've done
It was our happiest time
When you look back and see how far we've come
It's now our time to shine

After the trials, Shadow Dragon and his friends marched into the Castle of Friendship. They met and greeted Twilight's parents, who greeted him warmly and calmly. They then guided him straight to the bedroom, where Twilight, a cowl covered her face, was sitting and waiting on the bed. He approached and opened it. They both smiled happily before nuzzled on each other's faces gently and warmly.

Shadow Dragon: So, no matter how long and much time change

Dragon Strike Force: No matter how

Shadow Dragon: Our friendship and love will always be there

Dragon Strike Force: Will Always be...

Shadow Dragon: All this I know
That I can't never forget and love you

Shadow Dragon and Twilight walked down the stairs, where they were greeted by their friends and families. They all chatted happily and warmly with others, and even having fun as well. Both the bridegroom and bride were performing the tea ceremony to Twilight's parents, her relatives and friends. Spike, Nyx and Cutie Mark Crusaders were serving the tea to Shadow Dragon and Twilight, who presented the red pouches to them. They all even got the picture on them as well.

Dragon Strike Force: We finally make our dream come true
It was the day I met you
Our friendship has blossomed into an amazing feeling
You are the love in my heart

They all have arrived at the Castle of Friendship, where they were greeted and helped to come down by Lance. All of them entered it, where they were greeted by Shadow Dragon's relatives and the rest of friends, families and citizens of Ponyville Town. Like Sparkle Residence, Shadow Dragon and Twilight performed tea ceremony with his side of family.

Dragon Strike Force: I never found the words to say
You're the one I think about each day
And I know no matter where life takes me to
A part of me will always be

On the next day, all the families and friends were gathered at the Canterlot Castle's Hall Chamber. Shadow Dragon was standing on the stage, accompanied by Dragon Strike Force, Flash Sentry and Sunburst as his best stallions and also Mane Five acted as bride maids. The door opened as Nyx and Cutie Mark Crusaders were throwing flowers happily. Shining Armor was accompanying and guiding Twilight straight to the stage.

Twilight: Whenever you remember our struggle we faced
Remember how tough we have to go through
When we thought there was nothing for us,
But I realized that you are the one I was looking for

Shadow Dragon: Whenever you remember, I'll be there
Remember how we reached our dream together
Whenever you remember

Princess Celestia make the speech and also the vow for marrying both Shadow Dragon and Twilight to become husband and wife. They then both kissed warmly and passionately. Most of everyone cheered wildly and happily, some like Shining Armor and Mystic Tao cried tearfully in joys to see them grow up and get married.

Shadow Dragon: So, no matter what and how everything change
Because love and friendship will always be there

Twilight: Our friendship and love will always be there
All this I know
That I can't never forget and love you

Both: No matter how hard I've face and fought
I will never say goodbye
No no no no

Next week, everyone including their families and friends were gathered at the Canterlot Castle's dining hall for the dinner and party. Everyone including Shadow Dragon and Twilight were having great time of their dinner, chats fun and partying happily and enjoyable. All of them were happy for Twilight and Shadow Dragon's marriage. Shining Armor and Tao make the speech of how much they loved and care for the bridegroom and bride

All: We finally make our dream come true
It was the day I met you
Our friendship has blossomed into an amazing feeling
You are the love in my heart

After the long dinner party, Shadow Dragon and Twilight gathered on the stage, where they cheered their drinks, joined by their friends and families, and also the large crowd. As everyone cheered out wildly and happily, they all then get the group photo of Twilight, Shadow Dragon, their children and families, Mane Five, Dragon Strike Force and also Team Fighters.

It was the best and memorable wedding that Shadow Dragon and Twilight ever have in their life. And their new life has just begun...

All: I never found the words to say
You're the one I think about each day
And I know no matter where life takes me to
A part of me will always be...

Twilight and Shadow Dragon: A part of me will always be with you

At the War Council Chamber, Nezha was all alone. He was very angry and frustrated that his authority was diminished, and forced to comply with the Mystic Council and also require their approval for decision and proposal. He then look up as he was staring and glaring at the long fabric banner that has the image of his grandfather. His looks and heart was filled with anger and fury.

"Why grandfather?! Why are we family to those... Weaklings?!" Nezha demanded in fury, "They were weak and deserve to face the judgement! Their friendship is weak! They're the reason of my family's death! They all must die!"

Nezha screamed in anger as he unleashed and fired his deadly and destructive Death Beam around of his surroundings, breaking and destroying most of machines, furniture, file reports and more, and even the Emperor's Banner. For the moment of destroying everything, he calmed himself down slowly after he finished venting out of his anger.

"Your highness, are you done?" The voice asked calmly and firmly. Nezha turned and looked at him. Death Tactic marched into the war council, "If you're done, let us review our latest situation with her."

Nezha sighed calmly, "Yes. We shall. Report."

"Despite it did not go according to our plan, we do have good results," Death Tactic said calmly and firmly, "You finally have ascended to the throne while your grandfather is still in recovery, despite the council has assumed the control. However, we will get the power and control back."

"The sooner the better I hope. I want to eliminate them all at once, with our latest weapon - D-Nuke. That will make every creature bow before us."

"Patient. It will come true. But our main concern is the threat we have. As long as Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force around, we will not accomplish the goal. And yet, we need them alive and intact with the Elements as well for our next master plan."

"Yes. I agreed with you, old friend. They will be the key for my ascension to the Power of God, and awakening the Mystic Guardians to cleanse the Equestria and Demons."

"Rest assure. We will achieve and fulfill our mission. Thanks to her, she is now the commander of the Princess of Friendship's Royal Guards. She will inform and update us of their activity and situation, and soon she will capture and deliver them to us."

"Yes. She has indeed proven herself well. She's a perfect soldier we need for our units." Nezha said in agreement. He turned and looked at the mysterious figure from the entrance. He continued, "You have served me well, commander. Grand Admiral Death Tactic's recommendation was accurately right about you. Continue your mission. You're now Grand Commander and also Ultimate Warrior of Stealth, Tempest Shadow..."

Th mysterious figure revealed to be Tempest Shadow, who now worn a black suit with dark crimson crystallized Ultimate Warrior Armor with black cowl and cape, and surprisingly has the dark cyan crystal attached to her broken horn with golden armored appendage.

"Do not fail us, Commander." Death Tactic said calmly as he patted Tempest Shadow's shoulder, "I've kept my word to restore your horn. Now you must continue your service and save our world. We're counting you."

"Yes, sir. I will not fail you." Tempest said firmly and calmly, though shown concern and uncertainty due to Twilight saved and forgave her. She wondered if she ever get exposed of the truth, will the princess even forgive me for deception.

At the Dark Throne Chamber, Dark Curse was sitting on his throne chair while glaring at both Maul and Kyuubi Lilith, who were bowing to the ground. They weren't alone as both Demon Generals and Chaos Heralds were there as well.

"We were so close to accomplish our goal, but instead, you failed, Kyuubi," Dark Curse said dryly and darkly. Kyuubi was frightened and feared to speak and look up. He sighed in annoyance before shown his calm and collective looks, "But it doesn't matter. This is merely setback. We will free him soob. For the time being, we remained in defense until the right time to strike. We will let Mystic and Equestria to handle their own 'problems'."

Maul chuckled amusingly, "I can't wait to see that happening. Sooner or later, their Heaven will fall, and the Hell will rise to take its rightful place."

"We promised you that your body will return. And we will have our revenge," Kyuubi Lilith said darkly and calmly, "Demon Father..."

Dark Curse smirked amusingly yet darkly as his own shadow slowly formed into a gigantic shadowy yet demonic figure with large and small pair of horns. It even formed two dark crimson eyes.

"I'm counting on it, my child..."



Review and Suggest...

Director: Nigel5469
Producer: Stingergirl, 13mcjunkim & cartoonfan22
Writer: Nigel5669 & P-for-Phantasm

Main Casts:
Tara Strong: Twilight Sparkle, Bombardier
Matt Lanter: Shadow Dragon
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Andrea Libman: Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy
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Josh Keaton: Blazefist
Sam Riegel: Shorty Thinking, Snarl
Will Friedle: Saber Dragoon
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Wil Wheaton: Maul

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Brad Kane: Terrorcreep's Singing Voice
Dee Bradley Baker: Shorty Thinking's Singing Voice

Secondary Casts:
Latham Gaines: Dark Curse
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Andrew Francis: Shining Armor
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JerrickVolson: Jerrick
kaciekk: Kaciek

Author's Note:

1) And there you have it! This the first time that I created two endings for you to choose on how it goes and ends. Hope you enjoy both bittersweet/sad and happy endings. Small part involved of Nezha's throwing tantrum done by cartoonfan22.

2) 'We Finally Make Our Dream Come True' is based on S Club 7's 'Never Had A Dream Come True' and Carrie Underwood's 'Whenever You Remember'. And of course, the marriage is based on my older sister's wedding from 6 & 13 October 2019.

3) And of course, I am taking a long break from writing MLP Mystic Universe stories for now. I'm doing Transformers Prime and Ben 10 for now. And also, this is 5th Anniversary of writing the franchise since 2014. I personally wanted to thank these people for helping and assisting me on this Mystic Universe over five years - P-for-Phantasm, Stingergirl, 13mcjunkinm & cartoonfan22.

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:) I love this ending better.

What is your reaction to the Ending A?

Well... Lets say I kinda felt my stomach drop into a pit.


So, may I know when do I get to see this Chinese Version of MLP The Lost Soul?

Are you going to have the Demon King fully return for the final battle of Mystic Season 5? Also, exactly what franchises do you include in the entirety of the series? Just want to be sure of that last question so that I don't get confused.

No. Grogar (Real One) is the main antagonist of Mystic Season 5. Dark Curse and his Dark Mystic Ponies and Chaos Heralds will be last one for The Last Story. I don't understand about 'what franchise included' but this universe is based on MLP: FIM (Canon Series) with some changes. Transformers and G.I. Joe are the movie version to crossover with this MLP version.

Okay, I just wanted to make sure because even though Demon King is trapped, I thought that he could be released and finally DESTROYED for good sometime in the future, because I believe even something as evil as that doesn't deserve to simply be trapped forever. Still, it's up to you to decide. This was just a suggestion. Also, I was thinking about making a library section for this series, so I just wanted to know: what would YOU call this series?

You can call it 'MLP: Mystic Series' or for short, 'Mystic Series'. And also, it's called 'Demon God', not 'Demon King'.

If Kyuubi called Dark Curse 'Demon Father', then that means that Dark Curse and the Demon Lord are one and the same, right? If so, I can see why Dark Curse will be the final antagonist for the Last Story. Also, do you think you'll be able to provide us with images of the characters that were added to your MLP timeline in your blog? (Dark Curse, for example, since he wasn't in the canon timeline)


Here is the website, where I posted most of images on Mystic Ponies and Dark ones, and all the information of the characters as well.


By the way, I wanted to make a bookshelf based on this series, but because there seem to be details that are in other authors universes, I'm confused on the order of the stories. Do you think you could put a story timeline in your blog?

P.S: If you need an example, go over to Foxhelm's blog. He should have a story timeline on his My Little Mages Universe.


The Timeline of Stories:
1. Twilight Destiny
2. His Light, Her Darkness (After MLP Season 4)
3. Rainbow Spark Rocks
4. Spirit of Hearths Warming (Haven't posted yet. Check from Deviantart or Fanfiction.Net)
5. Journey through Demon Land
6. MLP Mystic Season 5
7. Friendship's Heart of Destiny
8. MLP Mystic Season 6
9. Legendary Knights of Friendship
10. MLP Mystic Season 7
11. Mystery Magical Case
12. Mystic Equestria Girls (Including four movies)
13. MLP The Lost Soul
14. MLP Mystic Season 4
15. Spirit of True Gifting
16. MLP Mystic Season 5
17. The Colors of Hope
18. MLP The Last Story


No. It's Mystic Season 4 & 5 because I changed everything to start from 1 till now and lots of people get confused and wondering why I didn't start with 1 due to I started the His Light and Her Darkness. Read Terrorcreep's Light from Mystic Season 3 Episode 24.


I didn’t think of that. I chose Mayor Mare to do it since she’s both mayor and priestess because her appearance from Slice of Life and Perfect Pear.

What do you think of Ending B?

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