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My Little Pony: The Lost Soul - Shadow Master

Their friendship is about to get tested as Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force must find and recruit more allies to save their homeland from the forces of Storm King & Dark Curse.

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Chapter 19: Sergei-Maru

"My team and the rest of my allies are doing their best to get more help from Mystic Realm and the rest of creatures from Equestria, but so far, they especially Nezha won't agree to join us. They rather hide and defend their home than taking the offense against Storm King and Dark Curse.

Rather than giving up, they worked together with both Southern Equestria Army and Equestria Rebellion Army in devising the master plan that can save not only me and Shadow Dragon, but also the hostages within Canterlot Castle.

I can only hope that they can do it as fast as they can because Storm King is about to get the Elements of Harmony into his Staff of Sacanas while Dark Curse can finally begin the ritual to set free the Demon God. This isn't good..."

Storm King, Dark Curse, Tempest Shadow, Kyuubi Lilith and Phasma have arrived and entered the throne chamber. Looking at both Storm Guards and some of Dark Mystic Soldiers, Dark Curse pointed at both Shadow Dragon and Twilight, who were still hugging each other closely. He then pointed on both left and right cage, gesturing them to separate Twilight and Shadow Dragon from each other.

The soldiers nodded firmly and understandingly as they approached to the cage. Shadow Dragon held Twilight back while glaring at the enemy soldiers. As they opened the gate, Shadow Dragon screamed in anger as he charged and pushed them back. He then tried to fight back by punching and kicking at them hard for the moment. Phasma came and gave him a hard punch, allowing Storm Guards to come and grab him at once.

Twilight was about to fire her Unicorn Burst, but found Kyuubi Lilith struck out and coiled around her neck, about to choking her. Leaving no other choice but to comply, Twilight stopped using her magic for the moment. Dark Mystic Soldiers dragged her out at once.

Storm Guards placed Shadow Dragon on right cage while Dark Mystic Ponies locked up Twilight on the left cage. Both of them were inside the cage. Kyuubi Lilith, Tempest and Phasma were standing at the entrance. Storm King was standing before the ritual mark while Dark Curse was in middle of it.

As soon as the sun and moon were placed together and formed the eclipse, the Dark Sacrificial Ritual mark glowed darkly and eerily, making two heroes uneasy and worried. Storm King was excited and happy as he's going to get his own power. Kyuubi Lilith, Tempest and Phasma remained silent while watching the event.

"By the ancient power of destruction and chaos bestow on me," Dark Curse chanted darkly and sinisterly yet calmly, "I call upon you to remove the powers of all Elements of Harmony and its connection to Tree of Harmony that dwell within these so-called 'Chosen Ones'. Transfer these powers to the most worthy one, so the true Chosen One shall complete his true mission and cleanse this world! Now, remove their powers now!"

As Dark Curse's eyes glowed darkly and eerily, alerting and signalling Storm King to raise and slam his Staff of Sacanas on the ritual mark's center hole. The ritual mark glowed brightly in blue, spread around itself including Twilight and Shadow Dragon's cages. This surprised and amused the king.

And just before Twilight and Shadow Dragon could react and do anything, the lightning energy of lavender and black colors crawled and spread around their bodies. They also electrocuted and shocked them painfully. Both of them grunted in pain as they struggled to withstand the pain while keeping their powers within.

Unfortunately, they can't hold it much longer. They opened their eyes of white flash as their Elements of Magic, Light and Darkness energy powers burst out from their bodies. They're flowing and entering straight into the Staff of Sacanas.

"NO!" Twilight and Shadow Dragon exclaimed in shock and concern, feeling their powers sipping away from them.

However, they're not the only ones...

At the Cave of Tree of Harmony, Maul and his Demon Changeling Army were standing before the tree. The Dark Sacrificial Ritual mark was placed around it. The ritual mark glowed darkly as well. Its Six Elements of Harmony's was sipping and sending out straight to Canterlot City. The Tree of Harmony is also affecting the Mother Tree of Harmony as well.

As Demon Changeling Army was cheering wildly and happily, Maul laughed happily and amusingly that everything has gone according to their plan.

At Ponyville Town, both E.R.A.s and Southern Equestria Army were donning their own armors and armed with their weapons, readying for the war. Mane Five and their allies were discussing of what they have to do for the battlefield.

Suddenly, Blazefist yelped in pain as he felt his chest hurt before dropped to the ground. As he was screaming, his body was covered by dark crimson electrical energy veins-like. Everyone was alerted of it. And just before they could do anything, Mane Five and Dragon Strike Force yelped in pain as they have the same reaction and respective colorful electrical energy veins on them as well.

While all of them were screaming in pain, they opened their eyes in white flash as their Elements of Harmony energy powers burst out from their bodies. They're flowing and entering straight to Canterlot City at once.

Mane Five and Dragon Strike Force grunted in pain as they dropped to the ground hard after their Elements of Harmony extracted out. They all were panted in exhaustion and pain. They were still recovering from the surprise attack. Their allies approached and helped them out.

"What the hell was that?" Lance asked in concern.

Blazefist hissed in pain, "I have no idea. But that really hurts a lot!"

"My flank hurts a lot," Rarity exclaimed in pain, "I really hate epic adventure!"

"Tell me about it," Saber agreed painfully. He thrust out his right hoof, but nothing happens. It shock and scared him, "Guys! My wind! I can't use my Element of Wind!"

Everyone gasped in shock and concern. Mane Five and Dragon Strike Force performed and thrust out their own Elements of Harmony, but nothing happens. This shocked and scared them off. They all became uneasy and worried of what they just saw.

"I-I don't believe it!" Aqua exclaimed in concern, "My water! It's gone!"

"No way!" Rainbow protested in shock.

"Mine too!" Laxtinct exclaimed in fear.

"This can't be good!" Applejack said in concern, "What is wrong with us?!

"It's happening!" Grubber exclaimed in fear, "Storm King got all the Elements of Harmony! It's starting now!"

Starlight gasped upon looking at the eclipse, "Uh, guys, is today supposed to be eclipse?"

Sunburst gasped, "Oh no! They're gonna start the ritual! We have to move now!"

"We've gotta save Twilight and Shadow Dragon now!" Applejack exclaimed in concern.

"Your highness, your order?" Flash asked firmly and calmly.

Sunset nodded firmly, "We're ready to move out."

Everyone turned and looked at Shining Armor, who just put and worn his Royal Guard's Helmet on his head. He then shown his firm and brave face.

"Equestria, mobilize! It's time to take back our home and our heroes!"

Back at the throne chamber, all of the Elements of Harmony including Twilught's and Shadow Dragon's continued pouring and entering into the Staff of Sacanas. Both the Princess and Mystic Pony screamed and struggled in pain, feeling their powers sipping and taking away from them.

"Check out the light show! " Storm King laughed happily and excitedly as he was still holding the staff while witnessing the event.

Dark Curse smirked amusingly and sinisterly that everything has gone according to his plan. Tempest and Phasma were shocked yet amazed of what they were witnessing. Kyuubi looked at both Twilight and Shadow Dragon struggling and screaming in pain.

"It will be over, my love and my nemesis," Kyuubi said calmly, "Everything will be back to the way it was."

As soon as all of the Elements of Harmony are absorbed into the Staff of Sacanas, Storm King pulled out the staff. He then looked at the staff happily and excitedly as he has never had so much power within it. Both Twilight and Shadow Dragon fell to the ground hard as they have lost their magic powers now. And at the same time, they were looking weakly and tiredly at each other.

"T-Twilight..." Shadow Dragon called weakly.

Twilight coughed, "Shadow Dragon..."

"Wow! Wow!" Storm King said happily while looking at his staff, "I like it. I really like it."

"I'm glad you enjoy it, Storm King," Dark Curse said calmly as he approached to the Storm King, "It is time to begin one last phase to complete our ritual. And soon this world will be yours while I retake what is rightfully mine."

"Hmm... About that..." Storm King said calmly yet amusingly. As he hit his staff on the ground, activating its magic power, he chuckled sinisterly and evilly, "There's been a change of plan, 'partner'..."

And just Dark Curse could ask, Storm King turned and fired his Staff of Scanas's full magical powers in blasting and shooting the Dark Lord, causing him to get disintegrated into ashes.

This alerted Kyuubi Lilith and her Dark Mystic Soldiers to armed with their weapons. Unfortunately, Tempest and Phasma made the loud whistle, alerting Storm Guards to charge in and attack the Dark Mystic Soldiers. Both of them fired their powerful Thunderstorm Power Beam and Laser Cannon Beam at Kyuubi Lilith, who activated and unleashed her Song of Death to block the attacks for the moment. And at the same time, she quickly teleported and escaped the throne room at once.

Twilight and Shadow Dragon was in shock and surprise to see Storm King has turned on Dark Curse before the Dark Lord could do anything.

"I don't believe it. He actually outsmarted Dark Curse?" Shadow Dragon asked in disbelief.

"You never really want to work with him, weren't you?" Twilight asked in shock.

"Work with him? Yeah, right? That guy wasted my time for too long. I don't give a damn about his ritual. What a bogus!" Storm King remarked dryly and annoyingly. He laughed a bit, "Let's get this storm started!" He gasped about the idea, "Ooh, hey, that's good. I should trademark that."

Shadow Dragon grunted, "Maybe you should trademark with 'Storm King being a perfect idiot pawn to Dark Lord'. That fits you well. Since most of this work are actually done by Dark Curse."

Angered and annoyed by the insult, Storm King groaned as he activated his Staff of Sacanas. He turned and glared at Shadow Dragon, "Why you?! No one insults the Storm King!"

Storm King fired a powerful Firestorm Phoenix in knocking both Shadow Dragon and Twilight out from their cages. They both got knocked against the walls hard. And just before they could do anything, he fired a powerful Thunderstorm at them, breaking through the walls of throne chamber. Close to the balcony's bars, Shadow Dragon quickly grabbed and held Twilight close to him as they both have a great impact against the bars hard. Both of them grunted in pain.

"Way to go..." Twilight remarked in annoyance.

Shadow Dragon coughed a bit, "Hey, we got out, didn't we?"

"Not bad. Actually, kinda first rate." Storm King said amusingly as he exited the throne chamber. He then looked at the staff, "What else does it do?"

Tempest followed Storm King. She spoke, "Your Excellency, you promised to restore my horn and give me—"

Phasma interrupted, "Silence, pony! You have no right to make demands."

"Know your place, Captain!" Tempest snapped angrily.

Phasma snapped angrily, "No! You should know your place, deserter! Storm King will do as he pleased!"

"Deh-deh-deh-deh-deh, okay. Hang on." Storm King exclaimed in frustration, silencing Tempest and Phasma.

Storm King turned and approached to Twilight and Shadow Dragon. He raised his staff, readying to attack. This caused Mystic Pony used his body to cover Twilight from the attack. Instead of the attack, the sun was raised up, alerting the king.

Seeing the sun moving based on his Staff's movement, Storm King tested its power by moving up and down. It's affecting the sun's direction to follow. This shocked and amused him a lot.

"You gotta be kiddin' me! I can even move the sun?!" Storm King asked happily. He chuckled as he walked and passed by Twilight and Shadow Dragon, "A ha ha! Wow! These Elements of Harmony are something! Now this is what I'm talkin' about! Ha ha! Time to play!"

Storm King laughed gleefully as he playfully and happily swung the Staff of Scanas, controlling the sun's direction. Phasma and Storm Guards clapped their claws for the king achieved their goals. Twilight was in shock and uneasy about the latest situation while Shadow Dragon remained firm and serious about it. He turned and glared at Tempest.

"I hope you're happy for this." Shadow Dragon snarled angrily, "You've given him the most powerful weapons in Equestria and Mystic ever has to defend the realms. He's gonna destroy the world, and even kill you! He won't give you your horn back!"

Tempest scoffed in soft tone, "Of course, he won't honor my agreement." Shadow Dragon was in shock. She continued, "I'm aware of it since the start of my true mission. I will kill him before he gets his chance. I will have my reward."

"W-What?" Shadow Dragon asked in shock.

Twilight nodded weakly, "It's true."

After playing his Staff of Scanas, Storm King slowly turned and faced at Shadow Dragon and Twilight. As he was approaching, Mystic Pony quickly moved and held Twilight back of him. He was glaring and snarling at the Satyr-like King. And just before they could do anything, Storm King slammed his staff on the ground, activating Vine Whips in grabbing and holding them down.

Storm King laughed amusingly, "Ooh! Love! How cute!" He groaned as he readied his Staff of Sacanas's Thunderstorm power, "How I hate it. Time to finish you up for good!"

BOOM! This alerted most of everyone on the balcony, they all turned and looked at the front. They spotted and found five pinkish layered cream cake were on midair. They all fell and dropped on Storm King, who yelped and yelled in shock. Instead of holding still, the cake turned into liquid while flattened on him.

Tempest, Phasma and the Storm Guards were in shock. Twilight and Shadow Dragon laughed amusingly to see the cake dropped on their enemy, and also relieved that their friends have returned in time. Suddenly, the screaming of anger was sounded as Storm King emerged out from the creamy cake. He even spitted some out from his mouth.

"I hate cakes especially if it's made of strawberry!" Storm King exclaimed in anger and frustration. He then found a notice card on it. He read it out loud, "'Get ready to get your ass kicked, Dark Lord's puppet!' PUPPET?! PUPPET?!"

Storm King screamed in anger as he activated and unleashed his Staff of Sacanas's Ice Beam in freezing and breaking them apart. He turned and looked at the distance, where he found Captain Celaeno and her crew, Pinkie, Princess Sksystar, Indigo, Sour Sweet and Lemon Zest were making some funny faces and insulting out loud. This annoyed and angered him a lot.

Storm King screamed, "No one insults Storm King! Get them! Send the army!"

"How many?!" Phasma asked in concern.

"First to five waves! 30,000 of our soldiers! Or something! Oh, I don't know!" Storm King exclaimed in frustration, "Just send them and kill all the resistance now!"

"But your majesty, it could be trap!" Tempest insisted in concern yet firmly.

Storm King snarled at Tempest, "Do I look like I care?! I will show you how I handle the resistance since Shockwave and Deadlock have the problem in finishing them up!" He took and used headset for contacting his army, "All units! This is Storm King! Go and finish the rebellion now! Forget the strategy, trap and tanks! Just kill them all! Easy peasy!"

Storm King and his officers turned and looked at the front, watching the large army of 120,000 Storm Kingdom and Dark Mystic Soldiers were marching out and chased after Rainbow and her team, who turned and ran off at once. Twilight and Shadow Dragon prayed and hoped that their friends are ready for the biggest fight against the army.

After donning their armors and armed with their weapons, the army of 120,000 Storm Kingdom and Dark Mystic Force charged out from the Canterlot City. They all charged straight at Pinkie and her team.

Lemon Zest whistled out loud, "Wow! We've got their attention!"

"It's good enough!" Pinkie exclaimed happily. She sighed, "I can't believe the author let me use the cake plan, even though it's not in the same plot!"

"Seriously?" Sour Sweet asked in annoyance.

"Everyone, retreat! Fall back!" Captain Celaeno ordered.

Pinkie and her team dropped and left their funny face masks and tools behind. They all began running and retreating. Storm Kingdom-Dark Mystic Army continued charging and chasing after them at once. Despite having large numbers and moving in high speed, the enemy army is unable to catch up to them.

As Pinkie and her team continued running for their lives, they then spotted sandstorm ahead of them. They even spotted a shadowy figure waving to them. They all smiled happily as they continued running and entering into the sandstorm. Though they're aware of trap, the enemy force continued marching and entering the sandstorm, searching and hunting them down.

Storm Kingdom-Dark Mystic Army continued trotting and marching wildly and angrily through the sandstorm, without stopping or hesitating until they catch and kill the enemies. And so far, they found nothing and no sign of the enemies. They then noticed something ahead of them - a large shadowy building shaped. Though uncertain and feared of it, they continued marching towards it.

As soon as they come close to the strange building, more arrows and laser beams shot out from the shadowy building as they hit and struck own on some of troops. Despite the surprise attacks, Storm Kingdom-Dark Mystic Soldiers gave out loud roar and screech as they all quickly march and entered the building's entrance before they get shot and killed. Most of them have managed to enter the building, some of them got killed during the march.

With all of Storm Kingdom-Dark Mystic Soldiers entered the building-like, all of its entrances immediately closed down and sealed off. Some of units have entered to the dead end, open spaces or even cornered areas, thus, the large metallic doors immediately emerged from the ground, cutting them off from the rest of their main units. This shocked and confuse the army as they have no idea of what they're dealing with.

Back to the Canterlot Castle, Storm King and his officers were in shock and surprise of what they just saw. Twilight and Shadow Dragon were amazed of it. They're looking at the large metallic and armored yet decorated Japony's Fortress-like, filled with garrisons-like, some towers, and couple of large arsenals (Armored Tanks, HAM Walkers, Cannons, Turrets, Catapults and Ballistas) around in its maze formation-like. It was sprouted with many yet different nation flags - Equestria's, Mane Six's, Dragon Strike Force's, Sacred Light Wizards', AxeKnight Warriors Corp's, Harpies', Abyssinians', Hippogriffs' and Seapony's.

"What the hell is that?!" Phasma demanded in shock and confusion.

"I-It cannot be..." Tempest said in shock and worried, "Sergei-Maru?! They actually build the Sergei Clan's most formidable fortress in mobile?!"

Shadow Dragon exclaimed proudly, "Alright, Lance! That's my son!"

Twilight sighed, "They did it. They've got the help to fight back!"

Storm King screamed in anger as he turned to his headset, "All units, don't hold back! Attack! Attack! Attack!"

Though the army of Storm Kingdom-Dark Mystic Force have received the order and willing to fight, they're still scared and confuse as they wondered where and how to find and kill the enemies. They search and search everywhere to find a garrison or locating the enemies for them to kill, but found nothing, empty and dead end.

In the middle of Sergei Mobile Fortress, lies a large armored tower-like castle. Shining Armor, Princess Cadance, Jason, Blazefist and Skullitron were inside the tower's command bridge, witnessing and overseeing the event. Sunburst and Capper were leading the team of engineers and technicians, handling both communication and controlling the mobile fortress's system.

"We've got them where we want them to be," Jason said confidently.

"For an old and outdated formation, it's quite useful against them," Princess Cadance commented, "Hopefully Team Fighters and the rest get inside and rescue the hostages."

"Not if we fight and draw them out as much as we can..." Shining Armor said firmly.

"Skullitron, Jason and I will go out and lead my team to go offense now," Blazefist said firmly. He turned to Sunburst, "Sunburst, you know what to do."

Sunburst nodded, "Understood. Don't worry. This is like riding a bicycle."

Blazefist nodded firmly as he, Jason and Skullitron put their helmets on. They then used the lift to go down and lead their team. Shining Armor turned and looked at Princess Cadance, who nodded firmly and confidently. He turned and looked at Sunburst and Capper.

"Form up! Begin the attack!" Shining Armor ordered firmly.

Sunburst and Capper nodded as they and their technicians signaled and contacted some defense units to form up and begin the attack. They also handled the Sergei Mobile Fortress's formation system.

[Castle of Glass - Part 1]

As signaled by the middle main tower, the Sergei Mobile Fortress's walls and doors began shifting and moving into different kind of formations. This alerted E.R.A. and AxeKnight Warrior soldiers to move out and follow the formation at once. And the formation also confused and concern the Storm Kingdom-Dark Mystic Army as more of them got separated from the main units, and trapped into small yet cornered areas.

As some units of Storm Guards and Dark Mystic Soldiers struggled and worried in finding a way out or searching for the enemies, more pikes emerged from the walls' lowered ground in injuring and slicing on enemies' feet and hooves while some spears and glaives thrust out and speared at the enemy troops' chests and heads.

After wounding and bringing down the enemy troops to the ground, the walls formed into various doors to flip and opened at once. The ponies and their allied creatures to emerge and finish the enemies off at once.

The army of Storm Kingdom and Dark Mystic Army were still confused and panicked by the confusing and tricky formation as they have no idea of what they can do now. They then received the message from Storm King, who is getting impatient and furious with them unable to handle the situation.

"Stop being idiots and do something!" Storm King's voice demanded angrily, "Kill them! Kill them all! I don't know how but I Don't care! Just kill them now for Storm's Sake!"

As ordered by Storm King, the army of Storm Kingdom & Dark Mystic Army managed to calm themselves and recovered as they refused to let the formations of Sergei Mobile Fortress confuse them. As soon as the E.R.A.s and Southern Equestria Soldiers emerged out from the walls to attack, some of them all got grabbed and struck down by the enemy troops. They refused to give in to their fears and confusion.

Shining Armor and Princess Cadance, from the main tower, were in shock and surprised of the enemeis managed to recover and fight back. Nevertheless, they quickly and firmly ordered Sunburst and Capper to signal and send the Mane Five and their allies to fight head on.

From northern garrison, its gate opened in two as Blazefist emerged out from the gate. He was riding his armored grayish dragon out. He was charging straight at the group of Dragon Yokai Raiders. The raiders spotted him. They turned and rode their skeletal dragons-like. First to four raiders threw their spears at him. The commander of Dragon Strike Force easily swung his Falcon Spear to block and deflect the spears.

[What I've Done - Part 1]

Closing to his enemies, Blazefist screamed out loud as he thrust his Falcon Spear at the first Dragon Yokai Raider out from his skeleton dragon. He then swung and struck down second, third and so on raiders. He then came across to the group of raiders formed in on line as they thrust out their spears at him. Fortunately, he halted his beast while throwing out some of explosive dynamites at them, causing most of them exploded. He then continued engaging and battling against the enemies.

From the Northern Garrison, Indigo cheered out wildly upon looking at her father bravely fought and defeated the raiders.

"Way to go, dad! Kick their asses!" Indigo cheered.

"You think that's cool, kiddo?" Aqua asked confidently and wildly, alerting Indigo to turn and look at her happily. She smirked, "Watch this! Let's go, Dash! Let's kick their ass!"

"OH YEAH!" Rainbow cheered.

The Northern Garrison's western gate opened, letting both Aqua and Rainbow out. They both armed with their Water Tiger Claws and Mystical Rainbow Spear. They all stood before the large army of Dark Mystic Soldiers and Storm Guards. All of them charged and attacked them head on. And just before they could do it, Aqua charged as she gave a powerful spin with her claws swinging and striking down on multiple enemies for the moment.

Rainbow flew, charged and raid through the enemy lines until she took down Demon Elite to another garrison, where she pushed him into the turned as she armed and engaged the enemy troops in high speed while using agility to dodge and evade the attacks.

After the spin attack, Aqua shrugged and dropped her claws down, making the enemy troops surprised and believed that they can take advantage. They all charged at her at once. She quickly grabbed the spear, piercing and killing Storm Guard's chest. She then grabbed and thrust his spear at another Storm Guard before grabbing and taking his to attack one and another couple of warriors.

After defeating most of enemy troops in their area, Aqua and Rainbow turned their attention to a small squadron of Dark Mystic Soldiers, Skeleton Scout and Storm Guards. They all became worried and scared to fight as they were backing to the walls. Both of them smirked as they both make the loud whistle noise.

As signaled, Indigo make the battle cry as she and her squadron emerged out of the walls and attacked the remaining enemy troops at once. For the moment later, enemy squadron has been dealt with. Indigo turned and looked at her mother and rival, who smiled at her.

"Awesome!" Indigo cheered.

"Definitely, awesome!" Rainbow and Aqua agreed.

Fluttershy panicked as she was running away from the Storm Guards, Orc Soldiers, Werewolf Scouts, Frankenstein Brutes and a single Vampire Baron. They chased her all the way into the darkest yet emptied garrison. They have cornered and trapped her as she is alone and isolated.

And just before the enemy troops could do anything, the garrison's entrance closed down at once, which shocked and surprised them. They looked at the front as they found Terrorcreep emerged from the shadows. He armed with his Dual Thunder Axes. But he wasn't the only. More of Mantis Struckers and Hunter Bats including Sour Sweet, Nightscream and AxeMantis made the most scariest faces and screeches at them. Enemy troops panicked and screamed in fear. Unfortunately for them, they have nowhere to escape.

Terrorcreep and his ambush units are jumped and attacked the enemy troops, slaughtering everyone of them. Hunter Bat and Mantis Struckers engaged the enemy soldiers fiercely. Nightscream gave a powerful screech noise at the soldiers while swinging and striking his wings' blades in killing them. AxeMantis made a screech noise as he wildly and manically slaughtered most of the soldiers. Sour Sweet screamed out loud in bashing Storm Nunchucks at her enemies to pieces. Terrorcreep kept Fluttershy close to him as he swung and struck down his Dual Thunder Axes at them while she used her Stare to halt them from approaching.

For the moment has passed since Terrorcreep and his units launched the ambush, the garrison has been silenced. The garrison opened its door and revealed a wounded yet scared and trauma Storm Guard emerged out from it. He screamed in fear as he ran for his life. Terrorcreep and his team emerged out as they gave cheers out loud. Both husband and wife looked at each other as they gave a warm hug for the moment.

[Castle of Glass - Part 2]

Coming out from the Western Garrison, Saber and Applejack are charging and facing off against the army of Dark Mystic Foot Soldiers. They all made some screeching noise as they charged and engaged two heroes at once. Both of them looked at each other for the moment. They nodded firmly as they armed with Twin Dragoon Sabers and Mind Whiplash.

As soon as the enemy foot soldiers came close, both of them began swinging and taking the enemies down fiercely and relentlessly one-by-one. They also helped and protected each other. Despite their efforts and determination, more soldiers continued swarming and attacking them.

Luckily, Sugarcoat jumped and landed in front of Saber and Applejack. She make the loud whistle, activating the floor traps. The enemy troops fell into the hole, where Skullitron, Phantom, Skeleton Warriors and Ghoul Assassins attacked and killed all of them at once. Sugarcoat covered her allies by swinging Ocean Trident and even used its ability of tsunami in pushing them into the holes.

Applejack's Team have managed defeated and cleared out the enemies from their garrison. They gave battle cry for their victory. Applejack, Saber and Skullitron gave each other a hoof bump for teamwork and victory.

[What I've Done - Part 2]

The small squadron of brute warriors of Gorr Warriors, Chimera Berserkers and Frankenstein Brutes have arrived at the eastern garrison. They were trying to ram and bring down the walls. This shocked and scared some soldiers within.

Fortunately, Bombardier and her Ogre Brutes have arrived at the scene. Laxtinct were there as well. All of them gave their loud battle cry. Their battle cry alerted the brute army to turn and face them. And just before they could do anything, all of them charged and engaged them at once. Bombardier punched and knocked them one-by-one, and even used her twin cannons in shooting and blasting them to pieces. Laxtinct screamed angrily as he swung and slammed his Rock Hammer, killing and breaking them.

While Laxtinct and his team were fighting, Pinkie came out as she make the loud whistle. Lemon Zest and her team emerged out from the walls. They all armed and fired their cannons and blasters in shooting and killing the enemy troops down at once.

While the army of Dark Mystic Soldiers were searching and hunting down on enemy troops, Icy came out from the walls. She charged and struck two to three enemies down, with her Icing Skated Blades. The enemy troops turned and found her making funny faces at them. They all screeched and roared angrily as they armed and aimed their blasters and bows and arrows at her. She quickly used and turned her weapon into skates for her to use and escape. They all chased after her at once.

For the moment has passed, Icy came to the dead end. The Dark Mystic Soldiers are coming close to her as they readied and aimed their blasters and arrows to shoot at her. And just before they could fire, she smirked before dodged down at once. The walls opened in two, revealing Shorty, Rarity, Tailtech, Sunny Flare and the army of rifle ponies and archers. They aimed and fired their blasters and arrows in shooting down the enemy troops. And at the same time, they marched and continued firing at the enemy troops.

[Castle of Glass - Part 3]

On the northwestern garrison; Flash Sentry, Starlight and Sunset armed themselves with their weapons - Whirlwind Spear, Blazing Fan and Glimmering Staff as they're facing the army of more Storm Guards and Dark Mystic Soldiers. They're outnumbered and outmatched against the enemy troops.

And just before the enemy troops could do anything, Flash make the whistle, alerting Captain Celaeno, her crew and Kludgetowners armed and lassoed their ropes on the enemy units. They all then pulled and dragged the enemies into their garrisons, where they and the ponies quickly slaughtered and killed all of them. Flash, Starlight and Sunset also helped them by attacking some units that tried to escape captive.

As soon as almost all enemy troops were disposed, leaving only one Storm Guard remaining to stand. He looked nervous and scared. Sandbar threw and lassoed the creature before dragged it down. Unfortunately, the Storm Guard resisted the pull but Boyle and Mullet came and helped Sandbar pull and drag him into Captain Celaeno's garrison, where Lix and Squabble pulled him. Captain Celaeno and her crew make the quick kill on him.

[What I've Done - Part 3]

The last remaining of enemy troops were leading by Storm Guard Commander. They have managed to find and regroup with some small squadron to the center. They turned and found the center garrison opened itself, where Shining Armor and Princess Cadance emerged, along with Jason, Rexstrike, Flare Tiger and some units.

Storm Guard Commander snarled as he readied with his spear and shield. Shining Armor readied with his Royal Crystallized Sword. They both charged and engaged with each other. They both swung and struck their blades at each other fiercely and firmly for few rounds.

As they were fighting, Jason spotted an archer armed and aimed his blaster at Shining Armor. Just as he blasted it out, Jason jumped and blocked the blast while shooting back at him. Jason dropped to the floor hard as he was injured.

Just as Shining Armor was distracted to find his ally get injured, the commander was about to finish him off. Princess Cadance teleported and used her magic barrier to block the enemy commander's attack, allowing her husband to turn and struck his sword in killing the commander. He turned and smiled at her. She smiled back at him as well.

Shining Armor turned and helped Jason to stand up. The bounty hunter nodded firmly and proudly. The Crystal Empire Prince nodded firmly as well. They both then joined their allies as they're facing the remaining enemy troops. More enemy troops are armed and fired their blasters and arrows at the units, Flare Tiger used her Time Spell to halt the time of enemy's shooting, allowing Shining Armor and his units to charge and finish them off at once.

Mane Five and their allies have successfully defeated and eliminated the first wave of Storm Kingdom-Dark Mystic Army. They all gave the cheers wildly and happily as they won the battlefield. Shining Armor fired his sparkle flare to the sky, signalling Sunburst and Capper to control the Sergei Mobile Fortress to continue moving towards the Canterlot City.

Storm King has seen everything. He screamed angrily and wildly as he fired and shot his Staff of Sacanas's Hydro Cannon, which dropped and poured the water on him, making Twilight and Shadow Dragon snickered at him, despite both of them were still coiled by vine whip. Tempest was annoyed about it while Phasma was embarrassed and annoyed to see her king get himself humiliated.

With his Wind Storm to blow and dry his fur, Storm King shook his body before growled angrily. He then contacted more of his troops.

"Second, Third and Fourth Wave! Go and deal with them! Bring down that stupid fortress now!" Storm King exclaimed angrily, "Forget about guarding the river, cave and sewer! All of them are at the fortress!"

"But sire, that would lead the enemies take that routes to get here!" Tempest exclaimed in concern, "It's too risky!"

Storm King scoffed, "You worry too much, Tempest. In fact, these ponies are just too dumb for thinking that they can win because they've beaten my generals. I'll just show them of who they're messing with!"

"Sire, allow me to take the role," Phasma exclaimed firmly, "Allow me to take care of them personally. I will avenge my comrades. I will make certain that they will be dealt with."

Storm King smirked, "Be my guess, Captain! Go and finish them at once!"

Phasma nodded firmly. She turned and gestured the rest of her Storm Guards to follow her. All of them have left the throne chamber. Storm King turned and watched the event. Tempest remained silent and calm that she hoped the plan she and her master has crafted will go smoothly. Shadow Dragon and Twilight were still coiled and trapped by vines.

"Attention! All flight personnel, please report to your commanders immediately! Attention! All flight personnel, please report to your commanders immediately! We have been given direct order to head to Canterlot City at once! Troopers and Pilots, you'll be briefed by your squadron leaders on route. Good luck!"

Responding to the announcement, both pilots and soldiers from ten countries of Mystic Realm are making the preparation. They're all donning and wearing their battle armors. They're also gearing up with their weapons and blasters. They're loading up the military transports and flights into Mystic Prime Battleships and Mystic Assault Warships. The pilots and soldiers are boarding into their ships as well. Ten Mystic Councilponies and their officers have also boarded into their ships.

Mystic Ponies are not the only creatures making preparation for battle. Dragons, Griffons, Yaks, Buffalos, Changeling,s Minotaurs, Diamond Dogs, Breezies and more of other ponies including Pillars of Equestria are also making the preparation for war as well. They're now heading out to battle.

As ordered second, third and fourth wave of 60,000 soldiers were marching out to engage and deal with the Mane Five and their allies at once. Thus, they have left the river, cave and sewer unguarded. Seapony Sisters and their Seapony Guards emerged out from the river and waterfall as they're peeking and found no sign of enemies. They submerged and continued swimming. Queen Novo, Princess Skystar and the Hippogriffs came out from the caves. Team Fighters, Han Zane, Mystic Tao and his family, Grubber and some of their troops are coming out from the sewerage.

Though there are enemy troops were guarding the hostages and prisoners in the cages, they were too few of them. And of course, most of them including Storm Guards were arrogant and relaxing for letting their guard down. Some of them were annoyed and disappointed that they didn't get to join to the battlefield.

As the enemy guards and patrols were distracted with their own patrolling and personal matters to deal with, Team Fighters and their allies emerged out from their hiding and attacked them.

Seaponies jumped out of the water to grab and drown most of them into the river. Hippogriffs flew up to claw, grab and drop them to the ground and attacked them. Team Fighters and their allies quickly free the prisoners and hostages including Songbird Serenade and Hyper Linking Park from the cages. Han, Mystic Tao and his family quickly led and guide the hostages to sewerage, leading all of them back to Ponyville Town.

Team Fighters regrouped with Seapony Sisters, Queen Novo, Princess Sksystar and their forces. They're now discussing for their next assignment.

"Alright, everything has gone according to plans," Lance said firmly and confidently, "We've managed to get everyone out in time!"

"Now, we rescue mummy and Shadow Dragon now!" Nyx exclaimed impatiently.

Spike nodded fearfully, "Who knows what kind of bad things they will do to them!"

"We will, dear," Queen Novo said gently, "Right now, we need to disable the arsenals and military transports before they could do damage to Sergei Mobile Fortress!"

"Agreed," Soul Sweetie exclaimed in agreement, "Let's move out now before it's too late!"

"I'll go with these guys to get inside the castle," Princess Skystar insisted calmly.

Roughneck scoffed, "Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on my cous."

Queen Novo and Soul Sweetie were reluctant and worried, though they knew that they need to cover it up as soon as possible. They nodded firmly that they allowed their relatives to go.

With everyone nodded in agreement, Team Fighters and their allies quickly moved out and split up. Seaponies and Hippogriffs are heading to the south via swimming on the river and flying on midair. Team Fighters, Princess Skystar, Roughneck and Grubber headed to the north. Unfortunately for them, they got blocked by Phasma and their army of 10,000 Storm Guards.

"Phasma!" Grubber exclaimed in concern.

Nyx groaned, "Get out of our way, freak!"

Phasma readied and loaded up her blaster, "No! You won't be going anywhere, traitor! You will not able to save anyone either!"

"No!" Lance exclaimed in concern.

Seaponies and Hippogriffs have arrived at the south, where the defense turrets and military tanks have positioned and readied to fire at the Sergei Mobile Fortress. And just before they could do anything, they heard the battle cry. They turned back and found Storm Kingdom-Dark Mystic Soldiers, Mammoth Destroyers and Neutron Death Tanks have arrived and aimed at the army of Seaponies and Hippogriffs. They were all in shock and scared of what they just saw.

"Shit!" Queen Novo and Soul Sweetie cursed in shock and concern.

BOOM! The enemy defense turrets and military arsenals are firing and shooting down at the Sergei Mobile Fortress. The mobile fortress is approaching to the walls. And at the same time, second and third wave of 50,000 Dark Mystic Soldiers and Storm Guards have breached the fortress and they attacked Mane Five and their allies, who are struggling to fight back and also taking cover from the powerful blasts by 20 percent.

Sergei Mobile Fortress is taking heavy damages from the turrets and arsenals. Their soldiers also suffered casualties from the attacks as well. The main tower got blasted by Mammoth Destroyer's beams. Luckily, Sunburst, Capper and the technicians escaped it in time. They regrouped with Shining Armor, Mane Five and their allies.

"Shining Armor, we can't take much more of this!" Sunburst exclaimed in concern, "Sergei Mobile Fortress is taking heavy damages!"

Capper nodded, "If our friends don't take down that defense, we're finished!"

"Just hold on as long as you can! We have to!" Shining Armor exclaimed in concern.

"Everyone, keep on fighting! We can do this!" Applejack exclaimed in determination, "Keep fighting! We have to save our friends and stop them!"

Everyone nodded firmly and determinedly. Mane Five and their allies turned and continued battle against the enemies as fierce and determined as they can. Despite their bravery and effort for fighting and pushing the enemies back, the enemy defense turrets continued firing and launching the barrages on them. They might not able to hold the line and breach Canterlot City in time.

BOOM! Instead of Sergei Mobile Fortress get the blast, the Canterlot Castle's walls got blasted. And most of the enemy turrets and arsenals are also destroyed. This alerted and surprised Mane Five and their allies by it.

"What just happen?" Sunset asked in surprise.

Starlight gasped as she saw something in the sky, "Everyone, look!"

Mane Five and their allies looked up and found the large fleets of Mystic Prime Starships, Light Cruisers and Assault Warships are floating above them. Not only them, but more creatures and ponies from the Equestria have too also arrived and reinforce at the Canterlot City. Mane Five and their allies were in shock and surprise by reinforcement.

"I-I don't believe it..." Princess Cadance said in surprise.

"They're here..." Applejack said happily, "We've got reinforcement and help! We now have the chance to save our friends and stop them too!"

Saber nodded firmly, "You bet it is, AJ. We can do this!"

"This is our chance. Time to fight back!" Blazefist exclaimed firmly.

"Twilight... Shadow Dragon... We're coming now..." Shining Armor sighed firmly before turned and faced at the Canterlot Castle's entrance, "Everyone, this is it! To war!"

Mane Five and their allies gave the loud battle cry and cheers. All of them charged and rammed through the gate. They all began the fierce battle against Storm Kingdom and Dark Mystic Army, with the help of their reinforcement now. Will they win or lose?

To be Continued...

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Author's Note:

1. Sergei Mobile Fortress is based on Sanada-Maru from real-life Sengoku Period from Japanese History and its counterpart - Samurai Warriors: Spirits of Sanada, and also combined with Tortoise Formation from Red Cliff Part I (2008 Film).