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My Little Pony: The Lost Soul - Shadow Master

Their friendship is about to get tested as Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force must find and recruit more allies to save their homeland from the forces of Storm King & Dark Curse.

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Chapter 21: Death

"All of my friends and family almost died if Mystic-Equestria Alliance Reinforcement hadn't arrive in time to save them. With their help, the battle has turn the tide in their favor. They have achieved many victories such as destroying the Ares's Shield Gate Station, defeating most of enemy troops and fleet, and now reaching to Canterlot Castle.

However, Storm King prevented my friends' rescuing me and Shadow Dragon, no thanks to his Staff of Sacanas. Tempest was about to finish him off but caught and blasted off during the duel with the Storm King.

Despite of what she has done, I pity and sympathize Tempest for taking this path of revenge and restoring her horn. Even though Shadow Dragon doesn't trust her a lot, he's willing to help me save her. But now, we have to face off Storm King.

Is this the end of us?"

Mystic-Equestria Alliance Fleets, Equestria Rebellion Army and Southern Equestrian Army have halted from advancing towards the Canterlot Castle due to the Elements of Harmony storm have unleashed and destroyed most of ships and fighters. All they could do now is wait for the right opportunity to strike while defending and fending off the remaining forces of Dark Mystic-Storm Kingdom.

Strikespell, as Blue Phoenix One, is leading his squadron in finishing off the rest of enemy fighters and also Storm Kingdom fleet. And at the same time, he took a peek through his window. He found Storm King armed and aimed his Staff of Sacanas at Twilight, Shadow Dragon and Tempest.

"This isn't good," Strikespell exclaimed in concern. He then contacted his allies, "Shining Armor, Blazefist, This is Blue Phoenix One. Whatever plan you have now, you better pick up the pace. Twilight and Shadow Dragon are about to get executed!"

"Working on it!" Shining Armor shouted at his com-link as he took down two to six Storm Guards and Dark Mystic Soldiers. He turned and found his wife has returned from leading her soldiers in taking down the enemy troops. He asked, "Are they done, Cadance."

"Almost. But between you and me, Shining Armor, I'm not even sure about Pinkie's plan," Princess Cadance admitted in concern.

Shining Armor sighed, "You and me both. But it's the only plan we have to save Twiley."

Starlight, Sunburst, Grubber, pirate crew and ponies were putting and attaching the familiar party cannon to Bombardier's back. She grunted in pain, feeling the large cannon weighing her down. Nightsceam and Capper were navigating and calculating its cannon's aiming and shooting at its target. Skullitron and the rest of units were pushing and driving off the enemies back,as well as gathering and taking the surrendered enemy troops as their prisoners.

Skullitron returned to Nightscream, Bombardier and Capper. He demanded, "Report,"

"Weapon's ready! Preparing to fire," Nightscream reported.

Skullitron turned and looked at the party cannon. He asked, "Are you certain of this!?"

"Just do it! Thank you!" Pinkie's voice shouted happily, "Okay, big guy! Fire it up!"

Bombardier growled, "I'm a woman, fool!"

"Sorry!" Pinkie apologized. She then looked around of her surroundings. She was cramped inside the large party cannon, with Mane Four, Dragon Strike Force and children, She squealed happily, "I'm excited! Who's excited?! Aaah! I've never been so excited! This is my biggest moment I've been waiting for!"

Blazefist groaned, "Pinkie, if we died, I'm gonna kill you for this!"

"Save it, Blazeifts," Aqua said firmly, "Alright, everypony, buckle up coz we're going in for a big crazy ride. Get ready!"

As soon as everyone held each other tightly and closely, Applejack shouted, "Twilight, we're coming. Okay! We're ready! Nightscream, Bombardier, Capper, fire it up!"

Capper nodded as he turned and looked at his friends, "Everyone, get clear!" As commanded, everyone including Starlight, Sunburst, Grubber and pirate crew quickly departed and moved away from the cannon. He sighed while looking at the Canterlot Castle before looked back at the party cannon, he hissed, "You ponies are crazy! Bombardier, fire a hole!"

Both Nightscream and Capper covered their ears as Bombardier gave the loud roar and fired her large cannon, which blasted off Mane Six, Dragon Strike Force and the children. They all screamed and panicked in fear and frantically while Pinkie laughed happily and excitedly as they're heading straight to the Canterlot Castle's balcony.

Back at the castle's balcony, Storm King was busy laughing while aiming his Staff of Sacanass at Twilight, Shadow Dragon and Tempest. He was about to finish them off for good, but instead he got rammed by a group of ponies. All of them got knocked and pushed straight back into the throne chamber.

Twilight and Shadow Dragon quickly moved and returned inside. They both gasped in surprise as they found familiar friends were lying around on the ground while moaning and groaning painfully. Storm King groaned in pain as he got knocked out from hitting on two giant doors.

Pinkie giggled weakly, "Bull's-eye!"

Blazefist grunted in pain as he recovered from the blast, "One of these days, Pinkie, your stunt is gonna get us killed!"

"Save your death threat, Blazefist. She got us in." Applejack's said firmly. As she hot up, she looked up and found Twilight and Shadow Dragon approaching her and her friends. She gasped, "Twilight!"

"Applejack, you're alright! All of you! You're here!" Twilight exclaimed in surprise and relieved. She then sobbed tearfully, "I'm so happy that you're all alive! Applejack, Pinkie, I'm so sorry for everything especially how I talk to you both. I was wrong to-!"

Interrupting her talk, Applejack hugged Twilight while gently shushing her, "Shh... It's okay, Twilight. It's okay. I know you didn't mean to. And I'm also sorry for how I talk and ruin the friendship with Skullitron and get the help we need."

"Yeah, Twilight." Pinkie agreed, "Friends mess up sometimes, but we never should've doubt and abandon you."

Touched by Applejack's and Pinkie's apology and kindness, Twilight hugged back best friends for the moment. Both of them smiled tearfully and sincerely. Watching the scene, it made everyone smiled and awed happily that two best friends have reconciled and together again. They then both departed.

"I know you all didn't. But I'm glad you all came back." Twilight said in relief. Remembering about the hat on her head, she took it down. She then passed it to surprised Applejack, "I believed this is yours."

Applejack laughed softly as she took and put the hat on her head, "Thanks, Twilight."

"That's nice and all about sappy, happy and warm fuzzy feelings of all nonsense." Terrorcreep remarked dryly, making Fluttershy nudged him by shoulder. He grunted, "We've got the situation here!"

Noticing Storm King recovering and standing up, Twilight gasped, "Yeah. You're right, Terrorcreep. I've got to get the staff away from that Storm King!"

"Go! You've got this, Twilight!" Pinkie cheered.

"No." Twilight disagreed, surprised her friends. She turned and faced Storm King, "We've got this. Together."

Shadow Dragon smirked as he summoned his Darkness Blade, "Oh yeah. Now that's the Twilight I know!"

"Kick his freaking ass!" Nyx cheered happily.

Twilight groaned in frustration, "Okay! Who taught her that language?!"

"Not me!" Lance and Spike denied in concern.

"Focus here!" Shadow Dragon said firmly as he and his friends armed and readied with their weapons. He snarled, "Let's take that asshole down!"

Storm King growled, "You'd think you can take me down?! I would like to see you try, ponies! Nopony can take the Storm King down!" He laughed wildly before coughed and wheezed heavily. He cleared his throat, "Anybody got any lozenge?"

"Everyone, take him down!" Twilight and Shadow Dragon ordered firmly.

[What We Don't Know]

Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force charged straight at the Storm King. Lance, Nyx and Spike moved and take cover from the attacks. Tempest, still shock and confused of Twilight risked her life to save her, witnessed the fierce duel between Mane Six-Dragon Strike Force and Storm King as she wondered how will their Magic of Friendship defeat the maniac king from Storm Kingdom.

As Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force are close at their targets, Storm King roared as he jumped and slammed his Staff of Sacanas, summoning and unleashing powerful Earthquake. This prompted everyone moved and dodged the attacks at once.

Rarity, Shorty and Tailtech armed with their Diamond Gatling Blaster, Flame Volley Blaster and Typhoon Blaster. They fired their blasters at Storm King, who quickly used Armor Mode and spun his staff in blocking and deflecting the blasts. Using her Icing Skated Blades' skate mode, Icy charged straight at him while dodging and evading the blasts. Storm King tried to swung his Staff's Firespin Attack at her, she dodged and slide down while tripped him to the ground. Laxtinct jumped up high and gave body slam on his back, followed by Terrorcreep and Saber holding and pinning him down by grabbing his hands and arms.

Applejack and Rainbow charged as they tried to grab and pull the Staff of Sacanas. Unfortunately, despite pinned down, Storm King held tightly on his staff. He then activated and unleashed Staff's Thunderstorm, shocking and electrocuting the teams to back off at once. He roared angrily as he then unleashed his powerful Firestorm Phoenix at his surrounded enemies to back away from the attack. They unable to get close to get the staff.

Unfazed by the flames, Aqua gave the loud battle cry as she charged and barged through the flames. She then engaged with Storm King in a fierce combat. Armed with both Ice Punch and Earth Fist, he attacked her, bruising and injuring her. Swift and quick yet fierce as the water, she dodged the attacks while striking back by punching and kicking at him by face, shoulder and legs. Both Storm King and Aqua have been punching and kicking at each other for few times.

Managed to punch her face, Storm King unleashed the Hydro Cannon in blasting and knocking her off. Aqua was about to hit the balcony's bars but prevented by Rainbow and Fluttershy to grab her in time.

Activating and readying the Staff of Sacanas's Ice Beam, Storm King was about to fire the Ice Beam at Aqua, Rainbow and Fluttershy. Luckily, Flare Tiger used her Time Spell to halt the time while rescuing and moving them away. Pinkie poked Storm King to turn back as he found Pinkie playfully fired the nonstop firing of her cupcakes at his face. It annoyed and angered him as he tried to swing and strike down his staff at her but only missed and got his guts kicked by Applejack.

Blazefist and Saber gave the loud battle cry as they charged and rammed him off, followed by Shadow Dragon to jump and slam a powerful punch on the Storm King's face, and then Twilight and Rarity ducked down to make him trip and fell on his back. Finally, Laxtinct swung his Rock Hammer on his face while Terrorcreep jumped and struck down his Dual Thunder Axes on both of his shoulders. Both Blazefist and Saber thrust their Falcon Spear and Twin Dragoon Sabers on his guts. This angered and annoyed him to blast Wind Storm at all of them off.

Activating his Staff of Sacanas's Kindness Healing Power, Storm King recovered and healed from the injury. Using both Honesty Strength and Loyalty Speed, he charged and knocked Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force one-by-one. Tailtech tried to shoot him down, but he summoned and activated the Generosity Barrier to block the blasts. He slammed his staff on the ground, activating and summoning the Vine Whips to coil and trap the ponies.

Storm King laughed evilly and maniacally as he summoned his Metal Soldiers and even gave them Laughter's Explosive Grenades. They're ready to finish off the heroes.

Luckily, Lance jumped into the action as he rammed and pushed Storm King back. He summoned his Dual Blades as he engaged with him. Spike quickly came and saved Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force while Nyx used her Battle Form to engage and destroy Metal Soldiers to cover his back.

Storm King roared angrily as he slammed his Staff of Sacanas at Lance, who blocked and held the attack before kicked the former off. He charged in high speed as he swiftly swung and struck his Dual Blades at him for few times. He managed to wear him down as much as he can before kicked at the king's face. And just before he could do anything, Storm King threw the Laughter Explosive Grenades, prompting Lance to back off at once but got hit by Solar Beam and Hydro Cannon. Storm King smirked amusingly as he launched and fired Fireball Shots, Frozen Shards Zen Air Slashes and Thunderballs at Lance, who blocked and deflected the attacks as long as he can. He then got hit and blasted off by Earth Fist.

Storm King grabbed and held Lance up for the moment. He readied and activated Crimson Lightning, readying to finish Lance off. However, Lance quickly gave him a headbutt before tripped him to the ground. Lance slammed his Dual Blades at Storm King, who blocked and held off the attack.

As both Storm King and Lance have clashed for the moment, the former smirked sinisterly, making the latter worried and scared. He activated and fired the Chaos Hyper Blast in blasting and knocking him to the door hard. Storm King then used The Orb of Light and Unicorn Burst in blasting and injuring Lance a lot.

As Storm King was distracted of attacking Lance, Spike came from behind as he unleashed the Dragon Flame, which burnt his butt. He screamed in pain as he got blasted up to midair. Blazefist, Aqua, Rainbow and Terrorcreep slammed their punches at him straight to Twilight, Shadow Dragon, Applejack, Saber and Laxtinct to punch him back to their friends on air. Both team continued punching and throwing him up and down, with the help of Flare Tiger's Time Spell of Fast Forward, injuring him more.

Shorty, Icy, Tailtech and Nyx approached and healed Lance's injury. Nyx looked at her older brother, with her concern and scared looks. Lance smiled weakly and happily at her, making her smiled a bit.

Storm King, injured by the attacks, activated and unleashed Nightmare to repel and knocked both Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force out. He then fired his Enchanted Light Beams injuring and wounding them more. While still pinning down by the attack, Pinkie threw some strawberry cupcakes at Storm King. The attacks annoyed and frustrated him as he hated the cupcakes a lot.

Laxtinct got up as he swung and slammed his Rock Hammer at Storm King straight to Aqua, who threw a powerful punch at him. He got thrown back at Shadow Dragon, Blazefist and Saber, who grabbed and slammed him to the ground. Applejack and Rainbow jumped and slammed on him by guts.

As Storm King slowly getting up from the ground, Fluttershy came before him as she gave him 'The Stare', which scared, distracted and held him down for the moment. Terrorcreep flew at once to get a grab on the Staff of Sacanas but the king managed to resist 'The Stare' to grab and swing the vampire at the shy pony off.

And just before Storm King could finish off the married couple; Mane Six, Dragon Strike Force and the children jumped and attacked him. Angered and annoyed as he relentlessly fought back and attacked them. Rainbow helped Terrorcreep and Fluttershy to get up and joined their friends to battle Storm King.

Tempest couldn't believe in her own eyes that Twilight and her best friends continued to resist and battle the Storm King, despite knowing that they might not have the chance to withstand and overcome him and his powers.

Then again, she also recalled Twilight risked her life to save her, despite the destruction she has caused at Canterlot City and even insulted the princess that friendship failed her. Could she be wrong about friendship?

Fusing and combining all the Elements of Harmony powers, Storm King has unleashed and fired his Staff of Sacanas's Elemental Powers in knocking and defeating Mane Six, Dragon Strike Force and the children. All of them moaned and groaned in pain by the powerful attacks. Despite the pain and injuries they have suffered, all of them grunted and struggled painfully to stand up, readying for the next fight.

Storm King laughed amusingly, "Wow. You ponies got some guts." He scoffed as he readied with his Staff of Sacanas's Elemental Powers, "Yeah. This is where our game needs to end. Goodbye, my little ponies."

"Do you worst," Shadow Dragon said weakly and painfully, "We've seen the worse..."

Twilight coughed, "We're doing this together..."

"Yeah..." Mane Six, Dragon Strike Force and the children agreed firmly.

Storm King smirked amusingly. As soon as his Staff of Sacanas' being powered up Elemental Power, he was about to unleash the powers on the ponies. Mane Six, Dragon Strike Force and the children quickly come to hug and held each other tightly as they're ready to brace an impact.

BOOM! Storm King got his back struck and hit by powerful lightning. Mane Six and their friends were in shocked and surprised that the king got hit. They then found Tempest is the one, who is responsible of attacking him, with Thunderstorm Power Beam.

"Tempest?!" Everyone asked in shock and surprise.

"Now's your chance! Hit him!" Tempest called out loud.

As instructed by Tempest; Mane Six, Dragon Strike Force and the children gave the loud battle cry as they charged and attacked him by punching, kicking and swinging their weapons at him for few times while pushing him towards the balcony.

Closing to the edge of balcony, Storm King managed to make his stand on the ground. And just before he could do anything; Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force charged and gave one last swing of their attacks. Shadow Dragon screamed as he used and thrust both Darkness Blade and Sparkle Star Blade at Storm King's guts, making the latter yelped and screamed in pain.

Twilight quickly grabbed and snatched the staff away from Storm King. Shadow Dragon distanced himself for few meters away. He charged straight at wounded king. He jumped up high as he struck and kicked straight at him. Storm King yelped and screamed in pain yet agony and fear as he was thrown and fell into the tons of tornadoes

Storm King screamed, "Nooooooooo! Cursssssseeeee you ponies!"

Feeling the tornado force dragging and pulling her towards it, Twilight grunted as she can't hold on much longer. Luckily, Shadow Dragon and Applejack came and held her down. The rest of Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force also helped them too. Twilight smiled in relief. She quickly swing her Staff of Sacanas as she quelled the chaotic natural disasters. Everything has returned to normal now.

"Did we win?" Nyx asked hopefully.

Scanning and checking around the area, Twilight sighed in relief as she turned and looked at her friends and children, "Yes, Nyx. We did it."

Everyone cheered wildly and happily as they approached and gave her a warm smile and hug that they have won the war. Twilight sighed and smiled in relief that she's glad to have friends and loved ones are there for. She then looked at Tempest, who is conflicted and uncertain of what she did before and now, remained silent to look away from them.

"Thank you, Tempest," Twilight thanked gently.

Surprised by Twilight's kindness and still thanking her, Tempest sighed calmly yet shamefully, "You shouldn't have. I... I don't deserve it or forgiveness." Twilight looked down in disappointment. She turned and looked at the her, "But I appreciate you for saving me. Thank you, princess."

Twilight smiled, "You're welcome..."

As Twilight and all of her friends were hugging and having their moment over their victory, Tenpest noticed something amiss behind them. She saw and found Dark Mystic Portal was created and appeared. To her shock and concern, Kyuubi Lilith slowly emerged out from the portal.

Tempest gasped, "Behind you!"

And just before Twilight and her friends could react, Kyuubi Lilith unleashed the Song of Death on them. Most of them got thrown and fell into the throne chamber's floor. All of them groaned and moaned painfully as they struggled to get up. The Chaos Herald of Lust snapped her fingers, summoning the Harpy Soldiers. They quickly grabbed and held them and even Tempest to the ground.

Twilight grunted in pain as she struggled to get up while trying to use the Staff of Sacanas. Unfortunately, Kyuubi Lilith fired her Dark Magic, inflicting more injures on the princess to drop on the ground. She then approached to the wound princess. She took away the Staff of Sacanas while her tails grabbed and coiled around her tightly.

Twilight grunted and coughed painfully, "K-Kyuubi... Lilith..."

"This is your end, Hikari.." Kyuubi Lilith said sinisterly. She turned and looked at the ritual mark. She smirked as she snapped her fingers, summoning the Orb of Lost Soul on left hand. She sighed amusingly, "And I am going to enjoy to kill you again."

Kyuubi Lilith snapped her fingers, prompting her tails to move and slam Twilight hard on the ritual mark. The Princess of Friendship yelped and screamed in pain. She then used the Cursed Spell on her, summoning the chains out, trapping and holding her down to the center of ritual mark. Twilight grunted painfully and agony as she struggled to get out.

Dark Sacrificial Ritual Mark glowed darkly, along with the sun and moon still forming the eclipse. Twilight and all of her friends gasped in shock and concern. They realized that the ritual is about to start.

"Twilight, No!" Shadow Dragon shouted.

Applejack screamed, "Twilight, get out of there! It's starting!"

"I'm trying!" Twilight shouted and struggled to escape especially unable to perform her magic, "I can't use my magic anymore!"

"My brothers and sisters..." Kyuubi Lilith called through her psychic links, "It is time!"

As commanded by Kyuubi Lilith, the other eleven Chaos Heralds including Maul have made the final preparations and taken their places at their own locations for Dark Sacrificial Ritual - Pride at Frozen North,Lust at Canterlot City, Ronin's essence at Tree of Harmony, Envy at Changeling Kingdom, Greed at Griffonstone, Sloth at Manehattan, Vanity at Seaequestria, Gluttony at Somnambula, Wrath at Demon Land, Melancholy at Hollow Shades, Bloodthirsty at Tenochtitlan Basin, Dread at Dragon Land and Manipulation at Japony.

As the eclipse glowed darkly and eerily, the Dark Sacrificial Ritual Marks also glowed darkly. All Chaos Heralds have positioned themselves in the middle of mark. They squatted down in praying position as they began chanting darkly and sinisterly. The ritual marks continued glowing more dark and sinisterly. The time to free Demon God.

"Let the Light extinguish its own Life, awaken the true essence of evil from the Darkness's Depth. Free the Demon God from its prison. Spread its seeds across the Heaven, Earth and Tarturus. Destroy the old order. Recreate the new order. Now, my Children of Chaos ad Destruction, Complete the mission."

Sensing the Dark Sacrificial Ritual has been activated, Kyuubi Lilith smirked sinisterly and darkly. She amusingly turned her head to glare at the worried and scared Twilight. She held the Staff of Sacanas and the Orb of Lost Soul up high, allowing the eclipse's powerful dark light ray to hit and shine on them. It began to glow darkly, sinisterly and eerily.

Kyuubi Lilith then fused the Orb of Lost Soul together with the Staff of Sacanas's Crystal, which glowed more darkly and eerily. The Chaos Herald of Lust began praying and chanting sinisterly and darkly:

"When Sun and Moon are One, Where Good Asleep and Evil Awake,

The Thirteen Unite as One, Reveal the Prison They Know and Find,

By cursing Element of Light, shadowing Element of Darkness,

Sacrifice the Blood of Light, Unleash the Rage of Darkness

Consumed its Thousands More Souls of Life and Death

Release the Demon God from its Prison Hell

The Day of Destruction shall forged a New Age of Demons,

Age of Mystic shall fall and be forgotten..."

Kyuubi Lilith held the Staff of Sacanas up high, "Now let your light shall be sacrificed to awaken my Great Father! Die, Hikari!"

Kyuubi Lilith slammed and struck down her Staff of Sacanas straight at Twilight chest, piercing and stabbing through her heart. The Orb of Lost Soul gave the shocking energy surge. It launched and struck its electrocuting energy down on the princess's body.

As her body got electrocuted and shocked by the Staff of Sacanas's powers, it began to bleed out from her chest. Princess of Friendship then screamed in pain while coughing and spilling out so much of blood. She even can feel her soul is being ripping and pulling out from her body; slowly surging and flowing into the Orb of Lost Soul. All of her friends gasped in shock and scared of what they just saw.

"Twilight! Nooooooooooo!" The ponies screamed in shock and despair.

As soon as Twilight began losing her strength and will to move or resist the powers, the Orb of Lost Soul has ceased absorbing as it has taken the soul in. The Staff of Sacanas's Crystal began to glow more darker than before, affecting and corrupting all of Elements of Harmony's powers. Twilight coughed and wheezed heavily and weakly.

"One last task..." Kyuubi Lilith said amusingly. She pulled out her staff from Twilight's chest, which injured and pain her a lot. She snapped her fingers, commanding her Harpies to release the prisoners. She then kicked the Princess of Friendship straight at them. She declared, "Witness the end of her life. Say your peace to her before I sealed her fate. This will be the last time you ever see and love her..."

"No... No..." Flare Tiger exclaimed in disbelief, "This can't be happening! We failed?!"

Shadow Dragon screamed as he grabbed and held his girlfriend in his hooves, "Twilight! Twilight! Don't die!"

"Please, Twilight. Stay with us!" Applejack pleaded in fear and despair, "Please!"

"You can't die, Mummy! Please!" Nyx shouted and cried in tears.

"Twilight. Don't leave us!" Lance and Spike pleaded in despair, "Don't leave us, mom!"

The rest of Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force cried and pleaded tearfully and painfully as they don't want her to die. Tempest was in shock and disbelief that someone has actually able to kill the Princess of Friendship.

"I... I... I'm sorry..." Twilight coughed heavily and painfully yet sobbed tearfully, "I'm... so sorry... I... Hurt... You all... again... I'd... Never meant... it..."

"Stop talking, Twilight! You'll be fine!" Shadow Dragon said frantically and firmly. He turned and looked at Shorty and Flare Tiger, "Shorty, Flare, you've gotta save her now!"

"Please! You guys are the only ponies, who can do this!" Fluttershy pleaded in concern.

Shorty looked at Twilight's wounds. He hissed, "I can't. The wound is too extensive. It's impossible to heal her."

"I can't heal her or reverse the time," Flare Tiger said tearfully and shamefully, "My Time Magic is almost depleted. Kyuubi will find a way to kill her, and even curse the event back to its right track. I can't change the fate!"

"You can't mean that!" Rarity said in concern.

Rainbow protested frantically and tearfully, "No! No! There's gotta be a way!"

Pinkie exclaimed in concern, "We can't let her died!"

"It's okay, everyone... It's okay..." Twilight wheezed weakly and painfully while spilling more blood. She coughed, "I... I'm glad... All of you... are here... And... And... I apologized... For everything... You girls... are... best friends... I could... ever have..."

"Twilight..." Rainbow, Rarity, Fluttershy and Pinkie said tearfully.

Applejack sniffled and sobbed tearfully, "You're more than just my friend, Twi. You were my sister. I love you..."

"Me too... Me too..." Twilight said weakly. She turned and looked at Lance, Nyx and Spike, "You... You guys... Are... Are... My precious... To me..."

Spike sniffled, "We know, Twilight. So are you to us!"

"We always love you, Mummy!" Nyx cried tearfully.

Lance hissed before giving a kiss on Twilight's forehead, "Like I said before, you're the best mom as real Iris I could ever have in my life..."

"I should've been there for you," Shadow Dragon hissed in anger before cried tearfully as he held and hugged the dying Twilight close to him, "I'm so sorry, Twilight. I failed you..."

"No... No, you didn't..." Twilight said weakly and painfully. She weakly and slowly moved her right hoof up, gently touching her boyfriend's face, "I... I'm glad... We met... Fall in... Love... with you... I... I love... I love you... Dragon Hope..."

Shadow Dragon hissed in pain while crying tearfully, "I know, Twilight. I know."

Sensing negative emotions and despair boiling up within the ponies' hearts, Kyuubi Lilith smirked amusingly as she believed it's the perfect moment to complete the ritual. Standing on the center of ritual mark, she raised her Staff of Sacanas up high.

"Goodbye, my nemesis. Go back to hell again."

Kyuubi Lilith slammed and struck down her Staff of Sacanas at the ritual mark's hole, activating the Dark Sacrificial Ritual. Both the Orb of Lost Soul and Staff of Sacanas glowed darkly and eerily and also surging with electrical energy wildly and crazily.

The souls including Twilight's within the Orb of Lost Souls have been surged and sent through the staff to the ritual mark, followed by all of the Elements of Harmony and negative emotions the users have carried. The ritual mark has received all of both souls and negative energy powers, it then make the exploding noise while glowing darkly and eerily in dark purplish and blackish colors.

The Orb of Lost Souls and Staff of Sacanas have then launched and shot out the blackish beam into the sky. It formed the darkest clouds hissing, howling and screeching eerily and darkly, along with the purple lightning struck out and the screams of pain and despair sounded. It began consuming and blocking the clear sky and brightest sun's light. It also then rained its dark purplish water drops and the lightning struck down on the ground. The earth quaked and glowed darkly and eerily, along with spiritual energy sapping out and slowly sending straight into the dark clouds.

Due to the ritual's effects, Twilight gave the last breathe as her hoof that touched Shadow Dragon began to fall and drop on the ground. Her eyes slowly and weakly closed down. She became both immobile and lifeless. Shadow Dragon and all of his friends gasped in shock and fear of what they just saw.


Twilight Sparkle is dead. The Dark Sacrificial Ritual has begun. The Demon God is returning from Hell...

To be Continued...

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