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Sugar and Spice - Foal Star

Rarity fed up with Applejack and Rainbow Dash teasing and pranking her. She decided to use a strange magic to turn the tomboys into "proper mares."

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Chapter Eight: One Long Very Bad Dream

Golden Appleseed was busy working at the small but quaint bistro not far from the apartment she and her friends lived at as she continued serving the patrons. She was a bit tired seeing she had to work late last night and woke up early this morning to fix her friends breakfast. As the mare went about her duties with a tired expression oriented on her face. As the mare took some dishes back into the kitchen and was busy polishing up some silverware and turned to see her reflection in a silver spoon only to gasp upon seeing Applejack staring back at her begrudgingly as she grumbled, “look I don’t mean to pry or anything but you look like ya might need a break.”

Appleseed scoffed, “as if! I don’t need a break, I’m just a little tired don’t worry about me okay?”

Applejack chuckled “it looks like you retained my stubborn nature huh?”

Appleseed smirked as she cooed, “oh don’t worry about me sugarcube, I’ll take good care of your body.”

The mare then continued to polish up the silver. She then turned to see the white-coated mare who was once Rarity was now the meek Steamy Latte who was paying all of her attention on brewing coffee and asked, “hey Steamy how are the things this morning.”

The mare blushed as she bowed a little and whispered meekly. “Oh, I’m doing fine, the patrons aren’t that grumpy, and everything seems to be running smoothly this morning.”

Golden Appleseed smiled and replied, “that’s good to hear. I’m assuming Rainbow Bright didn’t need you today?”

Steamy shook her head. “No, she seemed fine wanting to go and do things on her own today which was rather odd of her.”

The earth pony gave a nod and pondered as she thought out loud. “that is quite odd, Rainbow Bright is very well known not to have an assistant with her at all times…” Before she could think about her friend’s odd behavior even more so a waiter came by who seemed to be quite irritated as he grumbled angrily about something. Appleseed turned around and asked, “so did you see that rude model earlier?”

Golden Appleseed was confused as she asked, “who do you mean? What did she loo…wait was Rainbow Bright was here?”

He just rolled his eyes and gave a nod as he went over to sit down “ugh, and then I swear there was a stallion sitting across from her. Then the next thing I knew there was a mare that had the same features as the stallion sitting where he was. It was like his entire gender changed while I went to fetch Rainbow Bright’s order.”

Appleseed began to tremble a little she gulped as she whispered, “oh no... don’t tell me!”

Steamy Latte looked up and asked the waiter in a meek tone.” Did they have a purple jewel with them?”

The waiter tapped a hoof to his chin for a bit before he shrugged and simply replied, “I’m not a hundred percent sure but I think there was…”

Steamy groaned as she rubbed a hoof down her face. “This is bad! Really bad! We need to go and find Rainbow Bright before she causes any more damage!”

Appleseed gave a nod as she took off her apron. “your right! Steamy we both should get going right now!”

Steamy gulped as she nervously shuffled about and whimpered, “I…I’m not so sure about this.”

Golden Appleseed strolled over and tried to reassure her friend. “Hey, don’t you worry, we're just going to convince Rainbow Bright to give us the jewel before it can cause any problems okay?”

Steamy was still a bit unsure, but she reluctantly sighed, “fine, I’ll go.” The mares then both ran out of the bistro and into the streets of Manehatten.

Both Celestia and Twilight were in a chariot going down to Manehatten as Twilight sighed, “I’m so sorry princess
Celestia. I didn’t realize how bad things have gotten with Photo Finish having Rainbow Dash sign that horrible contract.”

Celestia turned to her former student and smiled, “it’s quite alright, I was more impressed with how Rarity took responsibility for her actions. But I’ll make sure everything is cleared up, and your friends will be back to normal and in Ponyville by tonight.”

Twilight then asked, “but, what about the research you conducted on the purple crystal and how could Starswirl the Bearded's spell make such strange magical residue?

Celestia shook her head as she explained, “like I said the spell is beyond even me. It seems to be just that residue, and I’ll make sure to keep it in my palace’s vault once we retrieve it.”

They then landed near the apartment building where Twilight’s friends were staying. Many ponies gasped as they saw the two alicorns being excited from the chariot by some royal guards and they all quickly bowed their heads. Celestia raised a hoof and smiled, “it’s quite alright now can you tell me where the model Rainbow Bright maybe?”

Many ponies pointed to the end of the sidewalk where the princess turned to see Rainbow bright was walking with her new mare friend Flutterin were strolling together. Flutterin’ clearly had a makeover with her mane touched up, she now wore an ample amount of makeup and blush on her face along with a new frilly gold dress with sparkling gold high heeled shoes. Rainbow Bright gasped upon seeing Princess Celestia as the two alicorns gave sighs of relief. Celestia then stepped forward and exclaimed, “oh there you are Rainbow Bright! We were just looking for you!”

Rainbow bright and Flutterin’ both performed a curtsey as Rainbow Bright responded, “it is an honor to be in your presence Princess. What business may you have with me?”

Twilight couldn’t help but chuckle seeing Rainbow Dash acting like a noble mare while Celestia giggling a little herself as she explained, “well it seems we need you to come with us as I will pay to have your contract with Photo Finish ended and we can fix this whole mess.”

The mare was stunned at this proposal, and she whispered, “sure, that would be fine but first…”

She eyed them seeing the princesses standing there with their manes undone, no clothes and having only their chariot as transport. The model was horrified at the uncouth nature of the princesses and exclaimed, “how can you two be princesses and be wearing nothing out in public! With your manes a mess! Have you two no decency!”

Celestia and Twilight rolled their eyes as the purple coated alicorn walked over and took out a small vial and replied, “just take this first, I would like it if Rainbow Dash was back in control of her own body if that’s okay with you? I’m sure I can find a way to have you accommodated.”

Rainbow Bright was flustered as she then took out the gem and held it up and before the princesses could do anything she proclaimed, “well it seems you two are due for a much-needed makeover!”

Before the alicorns could react tendrils of magic wrapped around both princesses holding them down tightly as she gave an evil smirk, “don’t worry my dears, I’ll make proper princesses out of you two before today ends.”

Golden Appleseed and Steamy Latte both were breathing heavily and sweating all over as they ran through the streets of Manehatten. Eventually, the two came outside the apartment building they were staying at. The mares mouths dropped upon seeing a giant golden carriage outside and a large crowd of paparazzi shouting at some bellboys trying to keep the crowd back as they snapped photos and were demanding questions. Golden Appleseed led the nervous Steamy Latte through the herds of ponies and was asking loudly, “hey did any of you see Rainbow Bright?!”

One stallion reporter came over and exclaimed, “yeah she went into the apartment complex with Twilight and Celestia! But they were acting weird as they were embarrassed about walking around naked for some reason. I think one of the mares looked like Soarin, but he was also a mare.”

The two mares were stunned as Steamy whispered meekly. “Oh dear! Oh dear! She used the gem on the princesses and turned Soarin into a mare!”

Golden Appleseed growled, “this has gone too far! Come on Steamy were going to put an end to this!”

The former sassy food critic was now stomping her way through the main lobby while steamy meekly followed. They then went into an elevator and as it rose up through the floors. Steamy was busy fixing her glasses and whispered, “But...I...I’m also Rainbow Bright’s assistant, and I have to do everything she says.”

She then looked into the shiny walls making up the elevator she saw her reflection of Rarity who responded, “darling, I know you’re supposed to be meek and more humble, but we need to stop Rainbow Bright from doing any harm to Celestia and Twilight.”

Steamy mulled it over for a moment and whispered, “your right Rarity I won’t let you down.”

Appleseed saw the reflection of Applejack who also gave her other self advice, “you better not let Rainbow Bright win girl, this is more than just about you or her reputation. Without us, we can’t use the elements of harmony, and while Celestia being more worried about her looks that’s leaving Equestria in danger with no pony to protect us.”

Appleseed gave a shiver as she whispered in a worried quiver in her voice. “Right, I doubt Sombra or Discord would allow us to have what we have. Don’t worry I’m sure I can somehow convince Rainbow Bright to revert everypony back to normal.”

The elevator eventually came to a complete stop, and it’s sliding doors opened. The two mares quickly ran down the red-carpeted hall, and they both burst into their apartment, and they both gasped in astonishment at what they saw. Celestia’s mane and tail were now a bubblegum pink, and she was wearing a ridiculous frilly pink dress, with yellow satin bows tied in her hair and around her waist. The princess now had a sparkling gold tiara on her head with make-up well applied to her face and was daintily sipping a cup of tea. While Twilight was sporting a bright baby blue dress with her mane now just a curly mass as was her tail. She was also daintily sipping a cup of tea and chatting about the history of dresses with Celestia who was mildly paying attention as she as looking in a hand mirror and was applying eyeliner. Rainbow Bright and Flutterin were sitting together and were flirting as they fed each other little powdered pastries. Just to top it off was there was now two maids in a fancy black and frilly white dresses, along with small white bows in their blue manes just standing behind the mares waiting for order to serve the four mares.

Rainbow Bright was the first to acknowledge the newcomers and smirked as she waved a hoof at her friend and asked, “please sit down and enjoy yourselves.”

The two mares gave each other a nervous glance before they sat down among the rest of the fancy dressed mares. Steamy was shaking nervously as she sipped her tea as Appleseed eyed Rainbow Bright and asked, “Rainbow Bright what did you do to Princess Celestia and Twilight?”

Rainbow Bright gave Golden Appleseed a coy smile as she explained, “Celestia is now Sunny Skies, and Twilight is now Starry Night. They are two lovely princesses, and I’m teaching them some educate. It seems that proper manners is lost among the Equestrian royalty. After I have completely reformed these two, I should pay a visit to Princess Luna and Princess Cadance as well. I bet they could also use fine tuning.”

Appleseed couldn’t help but scoff, “yeah and in the meantime have us go from the most popular mares in Equestria into wanted criminals? Yeah no thanks, I think I’ll pass.”

Rainbow Bright rolled her eyes and explained casually, “oh please, it’s not like I’m kidnapping them. I’m just giving them a much-needed attitude adjustment. Now that’s out of the way why don’t you sit down and just drink your tea.”

Appleseed crossed her hooves and asked, “so you want us to take over our bodies completely and have Rainbow Dash and Applejack trapped in our psyche for good? Isn’t that right?”

Rainbow Bright slammed a hoof on the table and shouted, “they would do the same to us given a chance! Just say yes, and I can even help restore your reputation I have connections in Canterlot! You have nothing to lose by just letting this happen.”

Golden Appleseed looked down into her cup of tea seeing Applejack’s face shaking no as if trying to say she would never do that. This also got Golden Appleseed to ponder a little she then asked, “What about Equestria’s protection? Without the elements of harmony and Celestia and Luna worrying more about their makeup and outfits. Equestria can be taken over by all kinds of evil.”

Rainbow Bright rose up out of her chair and stood unto p of the table as she proclaimed, “Imagine if we used this jewel instead of the elements of harmony and transform all criminals and villains into prissy mares that will do our bidding! We can do the same to Discord or Sombra and show the world what happens if they mess with us! Then in time we can become princesses’ ourselves and rule Equestria!”

The evil model then turned to her assistant and asked, “what do you say Steamy? Will you join me?”

The mare squeaked in freight and unconsciously gave a nod as she responded meekly, “it sounds like a good plan.”

Rainbow Bright then turned her attention to the princesses and asked, “What about you two will you let me protect Equestria with the power of fashion!”

Celestia couldn’t help but burst into laughter, “oh I would love to see Discord in a dress! Letting you rule would be worth seeing that!”

Twilight also giggled like a little filly and chirped, ”oh what a great idea! Maybe have them go through etiquette school! That’ll make them never want to break a rule again!”

Rainbow Bright snickered she then turned to the maids who just meekly curtseyed. “whatever you demand Rainbow Bright we will follow.”

Rainbow Bright turned to Appleseed who was the only pony glaring at her as the model gave the former food critic an evil grin as she held up a cup of tea and whispered menacingly. “It seems the only one who disagrees is you. I can easily just transform you into a pony who will be more willing to go along with my plans.”

She picked up the feel as Appleseed eyed her, “how about this Rainbow Bright if I play along with this for a day. one day! I’ll consider this deal, if not you can do whatever you want with me.”

Rainbow Bright got up and clapped her hooves. “excellent! Now how about we go out and have a royal night! I think it’s about time we went to a Bridleway musical!”

Later that evening the mares were now in the upper seats of the play and watched silently on a play called the “Princess Swan” where it was about a princess who was cursed to turn into a swan as her brave prince had to fight some evil sorcerer to save her. The musical was quite dull and was predictable. Golden Appleseed was bored out of her mind grumbling “if I were a critic this would get a one out of ten seriously? This was clearly designed for little fillies not grown ponies.”

She then turned around to see both Celestia and Twilight were tearing up seeing the stallion going to kiss the mare in a swan costume. This just made Golden roll her eyes at such a cheesy performance. All the while Rainbow Bright was commenting on the outfits the actors were wearing. Appleseed was eyeing Rainbow Bright silently while the maids and Steamy were going about serving out refreshments. Steamy slowly placed a glass of wine in Appleseed’s hooves and as she peered down into the red liquid Applejack appeared and asked bluntly, “any plans on snatching that jewel?”

She sighed as she swirled her drink around as she responded, “I’m not sure, but I don’t have a lot of time if I don’t get it before the end of the play. I may not get another chance.”

Then she saw her opportunity when Flutterin was going in for a kiss with the model. Golden Appleseed didn’t spare a second as she rushed over and snatched the jewel from Rainbow Bright’s purse. The pegasus suddenly squeaked in surprise, “what do you think you're doing Goldy!”

Appleseed stood somewhat away from Rainbow bright as she growled, “keeping this away from you; that’s what.”

Rainbow Bright then flew into Appleseed and tackled her to the ground. The two rolled about as the jewel fell out and rolled away, as both mares tried to grab it. But the treasure bounced over to Twilight who just picked it up and cooed, “oh what a beautiful jewel! This would look great on a princess!”

Without realizing it, Twilight then sent tendrils of magic at the lead actress who was transformed into an alicorn princess as she kissed the stallion. The crowd gasped and clapped in applause thinking it was apart of the musical making both the actress and actor just blush and bowed. Twilight clapped her hooves in delight and squealed, ”there instead of a sad ending! It’s a happy ending!”

Both Appleseed and Rainbow Bright squealed in horror as they ran at Twilight trying to take the jewel from her. Twilight gasped upon seeing the mares chasing her and accidentally tripped on her dress and the jewel fell out of her magical embrace. Celestia then scooped it up and smirked as she shot magic at Twilight transforming her. Turning the mare taller with bigger wings now looking like Celestia with her new physche. Celestia smirked, “there see how you look like a proper alicorn princess!”

Twilight twirled about in her dress as she rose her wings in the air and shouted “I’m a true alicorn princess now! Now I just need to find my handsome prince
and live happily ever after!”

Everypony in the audience looked up with confusion seeing Twilight looking more like Celestia and acting quite odd. Some clapped thinking it might be something to do with the bizarre musical.

As Twilight fluttered down Celestia blushed and commented, ”yeah it seems so, my nephew is available if you want him.”

The princess squealed she clapped her hooves. “Oh thank you, Celestia! We should plan the wedding immediately!”

Celestia gave a nod of approval. “Of course, we can do it tomorrow Blueblood is going to love that surprise!”

As the two princesses were now distracting talking about weddings. The jewel was now lying on the ground as Rainbow Bright quickly snatched the gem and flew into the air hoping to escape only to fumble it and watched as it fell into Steamy’s hooves as she picked it up she looked it over, and Rainbow Bright held out a hoof. “Give it to me! Now!”

Appleseed shook her head and whispered, “don’t do this give it to me let me get things back to normal.”

Steamy gulped as she closed her eyes and shot magic at Rainbow Bright, but Futterin’ got in the way shouting “noooo!” He was then hit with the full force of the magic. She squeaked as the tendrils of magic wrapped around her and Flutterin’ slowly reverted into a Rainbow dash clone complete with the short rainbow mane and tail and magenta eyes. the mare blushed as she held a hoof to her face and whispered, “woah I’m Rainbow Dash!”

Rainbow Bright quickly slammed her assistant to the ground taking the jewel as she shouted, “there’s “no way I’m losing Flutterin!”

The Rainbow Dash reared back and then sprang forward moving at a sonic speed she shouted back “buck no!”

The daredevil pegasus slammed down into Appleseed as they rolled about the jewel skittered across the floor, and Golden Appleseed slowly picked it up. Rainbow Bright was now pinned down by the Rainbow Dash clone the trapped pegasus could only shout, “Goldy! Remember what I promised! Give it to me, and I’ll give you everything you want!”

Golden Appleseed looked down at the jewel remembering all the awards she received for her reviews, all the glory, the nights she had with Silver dollar. All that was going to be lost...she closed her eyes as tears welled up and then without realizing it Steamy took the jewel into her hooves. “No, this is all on me. All of this is on me, and I’m the only one who can change things back to normal?” She then held the jewel up and shot a beam of energy into the jewel as cracks formed in it Golden Appleseed whispered,” goodbye Applejack, Silver Dollar...don’t forget me.” The jewel then exploded as a bright light enveloped the entire theatre.


Rarity gasped as she awoke in cold sweat as she was now in her bedroom. The mare gazed around the room and saw Twilight, Soarin, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and two royal guards all sleeping soundly in padded white sleeping bags all around her room.

She then looked over to see Celestia smiling down at her as she asked, “What happened? Did we defeat Rainbow Bright?”

The princess smiled, “well kind of, you see I believe everything reverted back to how things were a month and week before you used that jewel on your friends.”

Rarity was confused as she smiled meekly and asked, “can you explain
on how that happened?”

Celestia gave a nod, “certainly, it just means that we are back on the very night your friends fully transformed into their alternate personalities and everything after that has been forgotten like it never happened.”

Rarity sighed, “I see...well...that’s great and I’m happy things are back to normal. But I can’t help but feel that we should do something to save Golden Appleseed and even Rainbow Bright.”

Celestia continued, “I believe they’ll still be there with Applejack and Rainbow Dash. I’ll have to keep an eye on them to see how they deal with their alter egos. As for you...I’m glad you learned your lesson, but you did a lot of damage causing a rip in our reality. You should be happy only some personalities and genders were changed. Things could've gotten a lot worse.

Rarity gave a deep, exasperated sigh as she held the blankets close to her chest and whimpered, “I’m so sorry about everything. I didn’t mean for things to get so out of hoof over some stupid prank.”

Celestia placed a hoof to Rarity’s head, “it’s okay, everything really is fine now... However, when you destroyed the jewel, you took the full brunt of its power. In fact, I placed an illusion spell on you to keep you calm.”

Rarity was now extremely nervous as she squeaked, “what do you mean darling? Am I some kind of monster or something?” Celestia shook her head. “Oh no nothing like that, it’s not terrible...but it’s also shocking.”

The white-coated unicorn closed her eyes as she whispered, “just do it! I can take it.”

Celestia sighed as her horn lit up and Rarity could literally feel herself growing at least a foot or two higher, and she heard her bed squeak form extra weight. Celestia then replied, “you can open your eyes now.”

Rarity slowly opened her eyes to see that she now had massive forehooves and large white coated back hooves. The mare continued to look her body over seeing that other than the fact she was more muscular; she still has her other attributes. Rarity had a feeling what the jewel transformed her into as she took a hand mirror from a shelf into her magical embrace and looked at her new face. It was big with a more massive jaw, and a square face, with a short crop of curly purple mane protruding from her head completing her new look. and she still had her purple eyes despite being a stallion’s face though. But the mare just froze looking at herself as Celestia and whispered, “I’m sorry Rarity but you...your a stallion now.”

The mare dropped the mirror as she did one final check as she looked under her covers only to verify that she had a new organ attached to her body. At that moment after Rarity confirmed she was biologically a stallion, she fainted.

to be continued….

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Rarity confirmed she was biologically a

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