• Published 6th Feb 2019
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Sugar and Spice - Foal Star

Rarity fed up with Applejack and Rainbow Dash teasing and pranking her. She decided to use a strange magic to turn the tomboys into "proper mares."

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Chapter One: Rarity's revenge

Rarity was beyond excited after the test that Twilight took when she use that secret Starswirl the bearded spell to switch her's and her friend's cutie marks. Rarity was in her studio filled with ponyquins, sewing needles and pieces of fabric thrown about. The mare was sitting at a table and flipping through a giant sketchbook filled with dresses and tiara designs. The mare was quivering with anticipation to show Twilight all the beautiful and lovely dresses as she squealed, “oh Twilight is going to be so pleased! I mean now that she’s a princess she’s going to need ball gowns, and tiaras and new slippers of course.”

The mare then drifted the book into her bag as she sighed, “I know that Twilight isn’t excited about this whole princess thing but I mean she needs to look the part at least.”

As the mare turned around at her mirror and started to fix her mane and then she noticed that her makeup...something was wrong with it. Rarity looked closer into the mirror and saw that under her right eye was a dark blue mark. The mare eyed the mirror and looked closer at her face and then she tried to remove it with her hoof. Instead, she began to smear blue ink all over half her face turning the pure white coat into a dark blue. Rarity scowled as she stomped a hoof on the ground and shouted in pure rage, “Rainbow Dash!”

She then heard rancorous laughter and turned around to the window and stomped over and slammed the windows open. The mare then looked down at Applejack and Rainbow Dash who were both rolling around in the grass and laughing. Rarity was furious as she shouted, “What did you two do to my makeup!”

Rainbow Dash looked up and scoffed, “What’s wrong? Isn’t blue your color!”

The two mares both cheered and slammed their hooves together. Rarity was still furious and shouted, “Of all days you had to mess with my makeup it just had to be today Rainbow Dash! why?”

Rainbow Dash flew up towards Rarity with a with her hooves crossed and scoffed, “ well, because I’m going to see Twilight before you bury her under your fur fru dresses!"

The pegasi then zoomed across Ponyville in a rainbow streak towards Golden oaks library.

Applejack gazed up, and with an apologetic look as she apologized, “don’t worry Rarity it’s just blue ink it’ll come out after a shower.” She then ran towards the library trying to hold back more laughter.

Rarity just pulled her mane with her hooves and screeched, ”I already took a shower!”

But the frustrated fashionista could do nothing and just groaned, “I can’t stand those two and how they act so uncouth. Why they can’t act like proper mares for once in their lives.”

Rarity then stomped off to the shower, and she turned the water on, and she started to rinse her mane in the hot steamy water. As the mare let the hot water go over her and was lathering her coat with fancy smelling shampoos. Then out of nowhere an idea popped into her head. The fashionista snickered as she thought about the spell Twilight used. Rarity then slowly turned the nozzle on her shower off as she whispered, “what if Twilight could turn their cutie marks into something more proper? Maybe that way they'll see how it is to be in my hooves.”

As she stepped out of the shower, she looked onto her tiled floor and spots a grey, dull looking jewel on the ground. Rarity looked around and picked it up with her magic and eyed it then squeaked as her magic infused with the jewel turning it into a dark purple color. Rarity blinked with a surprised look and whispered, “what is this…”

She then placed it down and dried herself and began doing her mane and makeup again. As she finished Sweetie Belle burst into the room and she was grumbling and kicking things as she plopped onto the ground. Rarity turned to her little sister and asked, “Is there something wrong darling?”

Sweetie Belle stomped a hoof on the ground and turned around as she complained to her sister. “Ugh, my friends and I were trying to find our cutie marks today, and I was so close! I mean we were doing a complicated song and dance routine but got nothing! We worked so hard!”

She groaned and plopped down. Rarity gave her sister an apologetic look and sighed, “I’m sorry darling, I’m sure you’ll get your cutie mark soon.”

Sweetie Belle grumbled, ”heck, when Twilight made you the worst weather pony ever. I wish she would’ve given that destiny to me instead! I bet I could be an awesome weather pony.”

Rarity crossed her hooves and scoffed, “well, do I look like pegasi to you? Seriously, give me a break I don't know anything about clouds.”

Sweetie Belle just sighed and grumbled, ”yeah but, it would be cool if I got Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark, I mean I would give anything for any cutie mark!”

Rarity looked down at the purple crystal and squeaked as the magic sent out and hit Sweetie Belle and she transformed as her cutie mark turned into that of a diamond of a note. Both Rarity and Sweetie Belle blinked in surprise, and they looked down, and her little sister squeaked, “I got it my cutie mark!”

She squealed hearing her voice, it was high pitched and also sounded angelic. She then looked down at her cutie mark and gasped in delight unable to take her eyes off it and squealed, “this is so beautiful! How did you do that Rarity?”

The mare blinked with confusion on her face as she stammered, ”I’m not sure…but um…could you just stay here for right now? I’m not sure what happened.”

Sweetie Belle gave the nod and shivered thinking of the time when Apple Bloom had the “cutie pox.” She then whispered, “right I don’t want to end up like Apple Bloom. I better stay here just in case." The little filly looked up and asked, "you'll talk to Twilight right?"

Rarity came over and ruffled her sister's mane. “Just hold still Sweetie Belle, if this magic isn’t evil or anything. Then I’m sure we can keep that cutie mark on you.” The white-coated mare then rushed down the stairs and sped out of her boutique.

“Good Morning princess Twilight!”

The purple alicorn groaned as she turned around in her bed and faced Spike standing by and waving a claw. The mare grumbled, “Spike, I told you not to call me that.”

Spike snickered as he was dressed in his cute pink apron as he placed a plate down and responded, “Oh come on it’s so cool that you’re an alicorn now.”

The mare turned around and saw the wings on her back and sighed, “It's still all weird to me, heck I’m trying to get over the fact I'm supposed to start flying lessons with Rainbow Dash today.”

Twilight slowly got up and stretched her wings and began eating her eggs and pancakes as Spike rubbed a claw over his spines and nervously explained, “Well, Your friends um…they got a little excited for you becoming a princess…”

Twilight rolled her eyes having a feeling she already knew what Spike was implying. “What did Pinkie Pie do?”

Spike looked down and snickered, “You should just come downstairs to see.”

Twilight eyed her assistant as she followed him to the top of the stairs and when she looked down the alicorn squeaked in surprise. Her entire library was now covered in streamers and balloons with a big banner hanging overhead that read "Happy Alicorn Day!"

Pinkie Pie looked up in surprise and shouted in delight. “Happy alicorn day! I wasn't sure what else to call the day of you turning into an alicorn. So, I just stuck with what I already mentioned the other night!"

Twilight groaned as she rubbed a hoof down her face and slowly walked down the stairs and explained, “Pinkie, as much as I appreciate you throwing a party for me. But I was hoping just to kick back and read all day today.”

Pinkie Pie bounced over and exclaimed, “but we need to have an alicorn party! You’re a princess now!”

Twilight sighed as she brushed her mane and whispered, “Yeah but…”

Then Rainbow Dash burst through the door and into the library and shouted, “Oh you stop whining Twilight! It’s about time you got wings!”

She started flying over and examining them. “Oh, these are so awesome! I mean they’re huge! You're going to be flying in no time.”

Twilight shook her head and grumbled, “yeah, well I’m not going to be a wonderbolt any time soon. I just would like to learn how to fly.”

Rainbow Dash slapped Twilight’s back. “Oh don’t you worry I’ll start with the basics, baby steps.”

Twilight just muttered under her breath as Applejack came through the doors next chuckling, “well it ain’t every day a pony turns into an alicorn. I mean ya do look quite stunning with those wings.”

Twilight flapped them a little and sighed, “yeah, but I mean they’re just wings.” Rarity came through the door and proclaimed, “all of you are forgetting that she is a princess. The most important thing is to make her look like a princess!”

Twilight was now glaring at the wall as Rarity began doing measurements on her wings and she growled, “Rarity, I don’t need fancy gowns I have some already.”

Rarity waved a hoof and cooed, “your forgetting darling those were made before you were turned into an alicorn. Now that you have wings we need to redo your entire wardrobe.”

The alicorn rolled her eyes and grumbled, “Fine, but seriously this is way too much.”

Fluttershy was the last of Twilight’s friends and sneaked in with a scared look on her face. As she slowly crawled up to the mare and cooed, “oh you do have beautiful wings though…”

The irritated purple coated alicorn muttered under her breath as Rarity giggled and cooed, “you are so right Fluttershy, and don’t you think a fine gown would make them shine!”

Fluttershy blushed as she checked out Twilight's wings taking them with her hooves and smoothing over the feathers. “Oh yes I agree on Rarity, a dress would definitely make her wings stand out more they’re nice and smooth.” The yellow coated pegasus looked up at Twilight and chipped, “I have to teach you preening techniques to keep them like this.”

Twilight was beyond irritated as she stomped a hoof and shouted, “fine! I got wings I get it! Can we just party!”

All of Twilight's friends all blushed and stepped back as Pinkie placed purple party hats with little paper wings tapped on the sides onto the heads of everypony and exclaimed, “oh enough fussing let’s do what Twilight suggested and let’s party!”

Soon the library was alight with music as Applejack brought out her accordion and a large table filled with all kinds of sweets. The ponies gave each other nervous looks but were soon eating and having a good time.

After a few hours, the party was coming to an end as Twilight’s friends left the party one by one and Twilight and Rarity were last in the library. Twilight and Spike were busy finishing sweeping up the confetti and taking down the streamers. The white-coated mare nervously turned around and asked, ”Twilight…I have a question darling...About magic?”

Twilight eyes lit up with surprised and turned towards her friend and asked, “oh what would you like to know Rarity? I mean, I never thought you cared for magic!”

Rarity was slowly balling up some streamers a little unnerved as she asked casually, “let’s say you cast a massive spell like the one that changed the cutie marks of me and our friends, could some of the power linger afterward?”

Twilight tapped a hoof to her chin and muttered, “it could, but I’m not sure, I never cast such a spell before…: Twilight placed her hooves on her cheeks in horror and shouted, “why!? did you see a pony with an odd cutie mark or something? You need to tell me!”

Rarity squeaked as she stammered, “n...n..no not really I was just thinking about it is all…”

Then as she stepped back a ton of water was dumped over her head by a storm cloud. As her mane was now sloshed over now completely sopping wet, with her makeup now streaming down her face. Rainbow Dash and Applejack were both on top of the stairs laughing as Rarity reared up and shouted, “you two are so dead!”

Rarity then began to chase two heated with anger Applejack and Rainbow Dash around and ran them out of the library as she stomped a hoof down and shouted, “I swear I’ll get you back somehow!”

After chasing them out of the library, she turned to see Twilight laughing as she scowled. Then Rarity's scowl slowly turned to an evil grin as she smirked, “let’s talk about this later Twilight I need to do something first…”

Twilight gave the nod and cooed, “yeah, uh that’s fine by the time you get back I’ll have this place cleaned up.”

Rarity gave a slight nod as she stomped out of the library with an evil grin on her face as she snickered, “oh yes, I’ll have my revenge on those two.”

Rarity eventually found the two mares near her boutique as they both were still snickering as she came over to the two pranksters. Rarity waved her soaked mane away as she cooed, ”hello there you two.”

Rainbow smirked and waved a hoof as she scoffed, ”Hey Rarity, shouldn’t you have fixed your mane and makeup before coming out?”

Applejack scoffed, ”yeah ya look like a rodeo clown who got dunked in a trough of apple cider!” The two mares both burst into laughter as Rarity scoffed, “haha, I get it. You two think I can’t do anything because I care so much about fashion."

Applejack feeling guilty now and looked up and apologized, “Hey it was just a dumb prank we don’t really think that about you.”

Rainbow Dash flew down and sighed, “yeah we were just messing with ya, we weren't trying to be mean. It’s just funny to see you fuss over your makeup and mane.”

Rarity whipped her mane back as she cooed, “yes, I guess I can be a little over dramatic now and again. How about we all come together and let's hug it out.”

She lifted her hooves for a hug, and both of the tomboy mares shrugged, and they hobbled over and Rarity embraced them with a giant hug. As the two mares nervously hugged their soaked friend. Rarity took advantage of the situation and lifted a purple gem with her magic and flashed it behind their backs. Changing their cutie marks as Rainbow Dash's turned into that of a Frilly bow colored in a rainbow design. While Applejack’s cutie mark turned into three shiny golden apples. Rarity snickered as she broke the embrace and watched the two walk off unaware of the changes to their cutie marks and as soon as they were far enough away. She reared up and roared with malicious laughter, “muahahaha! I told you that I Rarity will have her revenge!”