• Published 6th Feb 2019
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Sugar and Spice - Foal Star

Rarity fed up with Applejack and Rainbow Dash teasing and pranking her. She decided to use a strange magic to turn the tomboys into "proper mares."

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Chapter three: A dinner gone wrong

Rainbow Dash and Applejack both were strutting through Ponyville in their fancy dresses. Rarity looked over her new friends and couldn’t help but admire their unique looks and the way they walked and talked. It made Rarity all giddy as she tagged along by the two mares. They eventually made their way to a fancy looking restaurant with columns decorating the outside. As they entered through the front doors they enetered a red carpted lobby where A earth pony waiter wearing a nice tuxedo confidently trotted over and bowed, “aww, Good evening Rarity I see you brought some friends this fine evening.”

Rarity waved a hoof and replied with a smile. “Oh yes darling, I got some of my friends to come dine with me tonight!”

The waiter’s eyes went full with surprise seeing the two mares. They looked exactlly like Applejack and Rainbow Dash despite them wearing dresses and makeup making the waiter shout in surprise, “Seriously that’s Rainbow Dash and Applejack!”

The mare once known as Applejack stuck her nose in the air and scoffed, “it’s Golden Appleseed darling not Applejack.”

While the mare once knowm as Rainbow Dash gave a blush as she bent her head down and cooed, “my name is Rainbow Bright, sweetheart.”

The butler blushed as he bowed, “I apologize, it’s just you two have an uncanny resemblance to some of miss Rarity’s other friends.”

Rarity giggled as she continued to play along. “Oh, it's alright their new in town, and I wanted to treat them to one of the best restaurants in Ponyville.”

The waiter gave a slight nod and exclaimed, “then follow me please, I’ll find a good spot for you two.” She then continued on their way inside the restaurant. The mare gaped in awe at how extravagant it was with nice red carpet, golden colored walls and chandeliers that hung overhead lighting the giant room. The dining room itself was filled with patrons sitting around large round tables dexorated with clean white linen eating delicous courses of small fancy portions on their plates. The waiter escorted the trio of mares to a small table as they sat down around with menus placed in front of the mares. They then began to look over the menus as Goldy looked over her menu. “Hmmm, I think I’ll start with the fancy Apple fruit salad.”

Rainbow Bright blushed and explained daintily, “oh I’ll just have the light salad with just leafy spinach I need to watch my weight.”

Rarity snickered as she chirped, “I’ll have what Rainbow Bright’s having.”

The waiter nodded as he wrote the orders and asked, “may I ask if you want anything to drink? We have an excellent selection of wine.”

Rarity turned around and cooed, ”bring a glass of your finest red wine.”

He gave a nod. “Of course, I’m sure you will be pleased.” The stallion walked off to tell the chef to start prepping the orders.

The mares then went about talking as Golden looked around with a keen eye. “This place is quite clean and beautiful, but it could use some more lighting.”

Rainbow Bright blushed as she looked around. “Yeah, this place could use more color; it’s so drab in just red, gold and white.”

Rarity giggled as she asked, “oh I’m just glad you two are enjoying each other’s companies.”

Golden Appleseed snickered behind a hoof. “Oh stop it Rarity you have been far too kind treating us like this.”

Rainbow Bright looked up and continued to flatter her friend. “Oh yes, first the spa date, a new dress and now this lovely dinner. I can’t believe that this is all happening heck I don’t remember feeling like this in a long time.”

Rarity snickered and chirped, “oh well thanks darling, I think this worth it as it has been a very long time since we had a girls night.”

The waiter came by with their salads, wine glasses and a bottle of wine. As the waiter poured their glasses, Golden Appleseed tasted her salad and gave a dissatisfied look. The waiter looked up and asked, “tell me are you doing okay?”

Goldy shook her head and pushed her salad aside “It’s better then the garbage what I had earlier but this still needs work, add more red delicious apples please and less granny smith apples and also top it with some more cinnamon for taste.”

The waiter gulped as he took the bowl of salad and explained, “of course madam, I’ll take this to the chef to get this fixed.”

He quickly left as Rarity turned around at her friend. “Um Goldy darling, that was extremely rude you could've been more polite.”

Goldy rolled her eyes as she flicked her mane. “Well I am a food critic, and I need to be strict about my palette at all times, it’s my job.”

Rarity sighed, “yes darling but you don’t have to be a food critic all the time.”

Rainbow Bright who was clearly eating her salad chirped. “Yeah Applejack you don’t have to be stuck up mare all the time!”

Applejack just sipped her wine. “Well, I have to say for a model your quite bouncy much like our friend Pinkie Pie.”

The blue coated pegasus pressed a hoof to her mane dainty. “Oh, jealous much? I can be this way because I can rock any photo shoot.”

Golden Appleseed rolled her eyes, “you never had a real photo shoot, I doubt Photo Finish will ever give you a photo shoot.”

Rainbow Bright glared at her friend and turned towards Photo Finish dining with some of her friends. The mare stood up and tossed her mane aside as she scoffed, “watch and learn Goldy.”

The mare strutted over to Photo Finish who turned around and asked in an agitated tone. “Who darez approached me!

Rainbow Bright waved her mane as she gave the mare her puppy dog eyes as she introduced herself. “The name is Rainbow Bright, and I’m here to see if I can model for you."

Photo Finish pushed down her sunglasses and looked the mare over. Then proclaimed in a dramatic tone, “Well, I have to admit you do look quite ztunning! Pleaze zhow me what you got.”

Rainbow Bright struck her first pose crossing her forelegs and throwing her mane back and gave Photo Finish a charming smile. The fashionista was beyond stunned as she took pictures with her big camera. “Mravelouz! Juzt marveoulz! keep going you are a natural!”

Rainbow Bright stuck another pose bending down and raising her head a little Photo Finish continued to take pictures as Rainbow Bright stuck a stunning pose flipping her mane back and flashing her eyelashes at Photo Finish. Photo Finish grasped a hoof to her heart with dramatic fashion. “Dear Celeztia! You are ze bezt model I have seen in all my yearz! Now I’m taking a train to Manehatten for a photozhoot for the big fazion magazine "Manehatten Ztarz!" and I need you to be on ze front cover.”

Rainbow Bright squealed with delight. “Oh thank you miss Photo Finish! I’ll be there I promise!” She then bounced back to her seat with a smug grin struck back at Golden Appleseed. “See told you I could do it.”

Goldy scoffed and continued sipping her wine as Rarity waved a hoof. “Oh you two are so competitive, but Rainbow Bright you seriously can’t be thinking of going to Manehatten.”

Rainbow Bright looked up after taking a bite of her salad and scoffed, “seriously, I have to go now and pursue my passion. I can’t stay and rot here in dumpy Ponyville for the rest of my life.”

Rarity blinked and scolded Rainbow Bright. “Darling stop, Ponyville is fine. I mean it’s not the fanciest town in Equestria, but it has places like the spa and restaurant.”

Rainbow Bright gave the mare puppy eyes and apologized. “I’m sorry Rarity, I honestly don’t know why I said that.”

Goldy who found herself eating her new salad and writing something down as she explained, “well I have to admit that you did quite well Rainbow Bright, but I can do you one better.” The mare got up and took the paper and strutted off towards a table where a handsome silver coated unicorn stallion wearing an expensive looking business suit with a drab looking newspaper for a cutie mark. When she reached his table, she simply slipped the piece of paper near his plate and introduced herself. “Hello there sir, I don't mean to interrupt your dinner, but are you must be a writer for Equestria Daily.”

The stallion was quite astonished as he got up and whispered, “yes how did you know?”

Goldy fluttered her eyelashes at the stallion as she casually explained, “well, first off your cutie mark is a dead giveaway for what your profession is. There isn’t a lot of newspaper ponies here that aren’t foals, second, you have an expensive suit, and I would assume you bought it at Carousel Boutique, but the tag clearly says “Equestria Suits and Ties.” Thirdly to know you work for Equestria daily your tie has an ink stain that smells of the same newspaper that's used by the Equestria daily.”

The stallion smirked as he looked over Goldy’s review. “Well, you have a sharp eye that’s a good sign of a food critic.”

He continued to read until his jaw dropped as he pushed himself out of his chair and exclaimed with astonishment in his voice. “Well, this is an amazing review very detailed and has very well written criticisms.”

He turned around and asked, “we need a new food critic for restaurant row in Equestria. How would you like the position.”

Goldy gave him a dainty look, “I would be honored...sir?”

The stallion instant stuck out a hoof. "Ink Blot miss Appleseed."

Goldy gave him a sweet smile as she shook the hoof and replied, "just call me Goldy..."

Ink Blot gave a small nod and whispered, "Goldy that's a cute nickname."

Golden Appleseed just strutted back to her seat and took her cup of wine in a hoof. The confident earthpony mare looked over at the flustered Rainbow Bright and asked with a coy smile. “How was that sweetheart?”

Rainbow crossed her hooves and scoffed, ”oh you're going to write stuffy reviews huh? Well, you’ll see how popular I’ll be when my magazine it's the number one in all of Equestria!”

Applejack got up with anger printed on her face as she shouted, “wait until my reviews outsell newspapers faster than your stupid magazines!”

They both got up at the same time as Rarity stood up and shouted, ”girls that’s enough you’re spoiling this good time!”

Applejack finished her wine and slammed it on the table. “As if this restaurant is horrible and is getting a one-star review you can read it tomorrow.”

She then stepped off as the Stallion took her by the hoof and led her off through the front doors with Rarity looking down with an astonished expression. Rainbow dash was simply dabbing her chin with a napkin and chirped, “This was a lovely evening Rarity, but I do need to catch the next train to Manehatten. We’ll see each other again soon.”

Before Rarity could stop her Rainbow Bright fluttered over to Photo Finish and exclaimed, “well I’m going to Manehatten too. Would it be okay If I rode with you!?”

Photo Finish scoffed as of the pegasus was asking a obvious question and proclaimed quite loudly. “Of course! I will make you the next star of Equestria!”

As here two friends walked out of the restaurant heading to their new destinations. Rarity just stood there with her jaw dropped open as she whimpered. “What have I done?”