• Published 6th Feb 2019
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Sugar and Spice - Foal Star

Rarity fed up with Applejack and Rainbow Dash teasing and pranking her. She decided to use a strange magic to turn the tomboys into "proper mares."

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chapter four: How to Spoil a Golden apple

Rarity was in a frantic state as she ran down the road in a trail of dirt towards Twilight’s library bumping into ponies along the way. The mare then burst through the front doors and shouted, “Twilight! I need your help!”

Twilight grumbled as she got out of bed and was coming downstairs with her mane frizzled and shouted angrily. “Seriously Rarity what’s gotten into you?!”

Rarity started to cry as she explained “darling you need to help me! I did something terrible!” She then burst into tears as Twilight rolled her eyes and used her horn to lift Rarity and laid her down on a couch as she asked, ”so what's wrong?”

Rarity began to explain in a dramatic fashion. “Well, it all started today. You see darling there was this beautiful jewel full of magical energy of some sort. I then accidentally transformed Sweetie Belle into more of a filly then she’s supposed to be. It seemed to change her personality to reflect something I would like.”

Twilight eyed her friend feeling unsure of how to respond she simply gave a nod and a. “Uh huh.”

Rarity gulped and rubbed a hoof on the ground and continued nervously. “Well after that, you see I was pranked on by Rainbow Dash and Applejack and to get them back I thought I could turn them into proper mares for a day or two.”

Twilight eyes lit up. “Wait for what!?”

Rarity with a worried look continued to explain what happened. “I’m so sorry! Okay! I didn't know how bad it was going to be until a few hours ago. We were having a wondrous time then they all of a sudden got super sassy and quite rude then they ...they...they left ponyville!”

Twilight squeaked in horror and shouted “seriously Rarity! How could you do such a thing!”

Rarity kneeled before Twilight and pleaded, “I ’m so sorry! Please turn them back to normal!”

She handed the purple jewel to Twilight who shook her head in disappointment and sighed, “I'm going to have to study this then I'll come up with a cure.”

Rarity looked up and asked, “how long is that going to take.”

Twilight looked up and growled, “hopefully not that long.”

One month later…

Rarity woke up one morning to her sister singing a beautiful song that drifted through the boutique. Rarity was busy at her needles working on a new dress with a fashion magazine with Rainbow Dash on the front cover in a beautiful purple dress and there was a newspaper with “Equestria Daily” printed on top with a lengthy review on a restaurant with Golden Appleseed scrawled beneath. The mare sighed as she listened to the music and turned around to see Sweetie Belle skipping into her room. “Hello, sweetheart sounds like your having a lovely morning.”

The little filly chirped, “yes I am! Now can I sing to you all day!”

Rarity blushed as sweat came down her forehead. “Well...um you need to go to school…”

Sweetie Belle giggled behind a hoof and threw one. “Oh dear sister, I haven’t gone to school for quite some time now you know that. I want to practice my singing!” The little filly whirled about in her little frilly dress and still humming her tune.

Rarity groaned as she rubbed a hoof down her face. “Twilight please hurry up with that cure!”

All of a sudden as if Rarity had summoned her Twilight burst through the doors of the boutique and exclaimed, “Rarity I have it I have a cure!”

Rarity squealed with delight and rushed over to her best friend and threw a giant hug around the purple coated alicorn as she squealed, “oh thank you so much!”

Twilight and Rarity both then turned their attention to Sweetie Belle who was still humming a tune. Twilight came over and asked sweetly, “um Sweetie Belle we need to give you some medicine.”

The filly looked over with a surprised expression. “Oh, really medicine? Why would you make me eat that?”

Twilight was still sweating as she explained, “well...um...it’s for your singing you’ll be able to sing at a higher note than before.”

Sweetie Belle clapped her hooves with delight. “Seriously is this true Rarity?”

Rarity gulped and gave a few nods. “Right darling it’s completely true.”

Sweetie Belle shrugged as she then took the spoon and ate the medicine she then slowly blinked as her silver music note cutie mark faded and was suddenly gone. Sweetie Belle plopped on the floor dazed. The little filly groaned as she rubbed her head and mumbled, “what in the hay just happened.”

Rarity placed a hoof over her heart and gave a big sigh in relief as she came over and hugged her sister. “Oh, darling I’m so happy your back to normal!”

Sweetie Belle was a bit stunned and shouted, “normal! What are you talking about?”

Twilight and Rarity both blinked in surprise seeing that Sweetie Belle didn’t remember anything about what happened.

Sweetie Belle looked up and shouted, “what happened to me seriously! I have these weird memories of singing!”

Rarity came over and explained, “look, sweetheart, I know it’s weird and all but you were um...cursed with an affliction that made you act oddly.”

Sweetie Belle looked up with a confused expression on her face. “Seriously?”

Rarity gave a blush as she whispered, “yeah it was my fault that it happened, you see I found a diamond with some rouge magic from when Twilight performed the Starswirl the bearded spell. Anyways, this rough magic transformed you into another filly who loves to sing.”

Sweetie Belle looked up with eyes full of wonder as she asked, “seriously! Did I have a cutie mark?”

Both Twilight and Rarity gulped as they both exclaimed at the same time. “Yeah you did!”

Sweetie Belle squealed with delight as she jumped in the air with glee. “That’s awesome!”

She paused mid-jump and asked, “so why would you take it away? What's wrong?”

Twilight came over and slowly explained, “look, your other personality was kind of annoying and very rude.”

Sweetie Belle pouted as she crossed her hooves and scoffed, “so what I at least had my cutie mark.”

Rarity just sighed taking the potion. “Well, darling at least your back to normal you can earn your cutie mark the right way.”

She then took the potion and turned to Twilight with an apologetic smile. “Well, I better go save our friends.”

Twilight gave Rarity an evil glare and growled, “yeah you better go do that. As much as I appreciate you going out to help Applejack and Rainbow Dash. I’m still mad about the that fact you changed their personalities in the first place! Celestia is still thinking of a fitting punishment.”

Rarity gave a sheepish smile as she scooted backward and then burst through the door and out into the streets of Ponyville.

Applejack now known as Golden Appleseed was in one of the highest rated restaurants in Restaurant Row. The former farm mare was eating a fancy apple salad with a whole bunch of ponies standing around her all looking down trembling with fear as she munched on a salad with a side of wine. The mare's once simple straw mane was now golden locks that waved over like a waterfall she wore a fine sparkling gold dress with gold heels on each hoof. The mare gently placed the fork down and then exclaimed, “that was a very well made salad I will sure to write highly about it in my review.”

The ponies around gave big sighs of relief as they gave a thunderous applause. Golden apple seed then got up and strutted out of the restaurant as she went down the street she saw her old friend rarity running over and shouting “Applejack oh thank Celestia I found you!”

She turned around with a surprised look on her face and smiled “oh hello Rarity did you come to review some fancy foods with me? I have to say half these restaurants are to die for then we can go and try out some new dresses I bought.”

Rarity shook her head and shouted, “no I came to fix my mistakes I can’t have you stay like this for one more day!”

Golden Appleseed laughed and waved a hoof. “Oh come now, what is this nonsense your spouting. You can at least let me treat you to a nice meal before you insult me.”

The sassy farm mare strutted away as Rarity stomped a hoof down on the cobblestone streets. They continued down to a small cafe where a waiter quickly came over and bowed. “Miss Appleseed we were expecting you.”

They already brought out a nice cup of tea and a danish in front of the mare as she flicked a hoof. “That will be all.”

The waiter quickly bowed and left as she sipped the cup of tea and Rarity gulped and asked, “so how are things doing in Canterlot?”

She yawned and patter her mouth with a hoof. “I’m doing fine, if you read Equestria daily my reviews are making headlines in the restaurant industry. I pretty much own Restaurant Row.”

As soon she finished her tea another cup was instantly replaced by a waiter as she looked up with a smirk. Rarity looked down thinking maybe she can slip the potion in her friend’s drink. But was unsure of how to go about it.

They continued sipping tea as Golden Appleseed looked over and asked, “so darling it seems you’ve been doing well.”

Rarity gave a small blush and nodded. “I am darling and I have to say your a completely different mare then when you left Ponyville.”

The mare scoffed “oh I know I am, I have never felt alive eating the finest of foods and giving a restaurant a bad rating. ”

She gave her mane a pat as the mare turned to see a waiter bowed before her. “Mistress, how was your meal? I hope everything was to your satisfaction?”

Golden Appleseed turned over and brushed a hoof under his chin. “Oh it was just amazing darling and I would love to have some dessert.”

The waiter blushed and stepped back a little as Rarity took the opportunity to pour the potion in her friend's tea. She then took a sip “well let’s move on shall we I would love if we went and hit the spa before you go back to hillbilly Ponyville!”

Rarity blushed and whimpered, ”sure why not darling!”

Soon the two mares were in a royal canterlot spa soaking in a huge spa bath with frothy bubbles all over. Golden Appleseed yawned as she felt something was off the mare looked over to her friend and asked, “um Rarity I have to admit I feel off… it could be the heat?”

Rarity who was wearing her mud mask looked over and shrugged. “I’m not sure, but I bet it could be darling?”

Applejack shrugged as she continued to soak in the steaming relaxing bath as she then eeped! As she suddenly felt her mane starting to straighten out. “My mane what is going on!?

She then eeped at her voice seemed to have changed and become deeper with a southern accent. The mare burst through the spa and splashed sudsy water all over many another patron as she shouted. “This gosh darn spa is terrible what did you do to me! I am going to write a terrible review and burn your reputation to the ground!"

One of the spa mares working whimpered and bowed, “I’m so sorry Mrs. Appleseed please don't give us a bad review.”

Goldy gave the mare a glare as she stomped a hoof on the ground. “fix my mane stat! I might give it a mixed review!”

The mares went about trying to fix her mane but nothing worked as it becomes wild and crazy along with her tail. Golden screamed in horror as she could see the makeup running down her face and her cutie mark was now three simple red apples printed on her rump. Golden placed two hooves to her face and screamed, “I'm hideous!”

She wailed and ran out of the spa splashing water all over the place and knocking rich nobles out of the way. Rarity got up from the spa and shouted, “Applejack come back!” She then also got up and smashed through the nobles as well as she ran after her best friend.

Golden Appleseed was walking through the Canterlot streets with water dripping all over the ground with her makeup running down her cheeks. The mare groaned rubbing a hoof over her face and looked into a window and saw her reflection. Goldy blinked and groaned, “what's going on what’s happening to me?”

She looked around the streets of many nobles pointing and laughing at her the mare got up and shouted. “What yall laughing at! Get the buck out of here before I buck you all up!”

The nobles were stunned by the bravado from the sassy mare. They all stepped back with fear printed on their faces all running off or going back to their own business. Golden Appleseed then continued on her way until she came over a mud puddle. The mare smirked seeing an angry noble stallion shouting at some foals she quickly ran over and jumped into the mud puddle sending it all over the stallion's fancy suit. The mud covered stallion squealed as he fell backwards into the puddle and then the foals and Golden Appleseed burst into fits laughter. The mare then took her muddy dress off and threw it over the foals cleaning them up with the fabric. “There ya go now go off to your parents before mr muddy oants tells on ya.”

They all waved bye and ran off as the stallion ran off to get cleaned. Applejack couldn't help but laugh at the noble trailing mud across the streets. She then skipped off and looked around Canterlot rubbing her mane with a hoof she pondered out loud. “How the buck did I end up in Canterlot and why was I wearin’ some fancy dress?”

She then went over and sat down on a stool grumbling as the same waiter from before stepped over with a worried look on his face and asked, “um what would you desire Mrs. Appleseed?”

Applejack looked over the menu and shouted, “give me one of them big apple pies and a pint of apple cider!”

The waiter was stunned at the order and the way it was given. The stallion paused halfway and asked again. “Are you sure that is what you want?”

Applejack crosses her hooves and scoffed, “of course!”

The waiter blinked and gave a nod before he went off to get the order Applejack looked around to see many ponies gawking at the mud-covered earth pony as she asked: “what y'all lookin’ at?”

Rarity eventually caught up with Applejack and was gasping for breath and gasped upon what she saw. The once regal earth pony now gorging on a giant apple pie getting crumbs and pieces of pie everywhere and chugging down a liter of cider.

Reporters were flocking over her as one asked “so Applejack you were using the alias known as Golden Appleseed for quite some time. Why would you suddenly go back to your old ways?”

Applejack gave a loud belch making the reporters back up as she replied, “I have no idea what y'all talkin’ about? I'm Applejack and always have been.”

She then continued to munch away as one reporter asked “Mrs. Applejack you spent a month becoming the queen of Restaurant Row and in less than a hour you ruined your entire reputation. Why would you do that?”

Applejack scoffed, “I have no idea what y'all sre talkin' about I dun know who's Golden Appleseed. Also in my honest opinion the food at Restaurant Row sucks they give ya such small portions and it's way overpriced for what ya get.”

Many of the regal reporters gasped as they grumbled and wrote furiously in their notebooks. Rarity was sweating and hiding behind her friend with a menu over her face as Applejack who was quite irritated got up and shouted, “now can y’all scram so I can eat in piece jeez!”

The reporters grumbled under their breath as they walked off and Rarity took the opportunity to sit over near Applejack who gulped down her food and exclaimed, Rarity! what in the hay happened? How did I end up in canterlot.”

Rarity just smiled seeing her uncouth friend having a good time. “It’s a long story darling and I don't have a lot of time to explain.”

Applejack shrugged and grumbled, “sure I guess so.” The farm mare then placed a bag of bits o. the table and burped in the waiter's face as she gave her stomach a pat. “Compliments t the chef.”

The waiter went white as he stammered “uh...sure whatever you say.

As Rarity quickly pushed Applejack down the streets the farm mare looked over at Rarity and asked,” who the buck is Golden Appleseed.”

Rarity quickly took Applejack by the hoof and lead her away as she gave a deep exasperated sigh, “I'll explain things on the way now come on we need to go find Rainbow Dash.”