• Published 6th Feb 2019
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Sugar and Spice - Foal Star

Rarity fed up with Applejack and Rainbow Dash teasing and pranking her. She decided to use a strange magic to turn the tomboys into "proper mares."

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Chapter Two: The Beautyfying

Applejack was feeling guilty for what she did to Rarity as she slowly walked back to her farm; the mare was looking down at her hooves as she talked to herself. “Darn, I just think that we went too far with that prank at Twilight’s. I mean it’s not that bad we just poured water on Rarity's head.”

She then heard a loud grumble, and the mare gave her stomach a pat and grumbled, “I’m getting mighty hungry, I'll ponder over things while I get something to eat.”

Applejack looked around to see a small restaurant nearby, and she suddenly had an urge to like go and check out on what’s on the menu. The mare slowly walked to the restaurant with a little more elegance and seeming to have a strut in her trot. Applejack eventually made her way to the restaurant and sat down one of the stools raising her tail as she did so. The mare then turned around a fancy looking waiter who strode over and asked in a polite tone. “Hello Applejack what would you like in this afternoon."

Applejack looked up at the waiter and asked, "I'll like a fruit salad with extra apples.”

The waiter wrote down the order and then asked, “what would you like to drink?”

Applejack tapped a hoof to her chin as she pondered what she was craving and then lifted a hoof and proclaimed, “well, I have to admit I am craving a glass of Cabernet.”

He gave a nod, “excellent choice, we had a good vintage imported from Canterlot yesterday.”

The waiter then strode off as Applejack sat there with a blank face and seemed to be completely confused at her own behavior. She never drank during the day and especially not wine. She then rubbed her head still confused about her own behavior. However, eventually, the salad came over as did the glass of wine as she took a sip and gave a nod of approval. “Very well done! Excellent vintage!”

The waiter bowed his head and whispered, “thank you, if you need anything else, please let me know.”

Applejack gave the waiter a smile and chirped, “of course, now it’s time to move on to the salad.”

The mare dipped her fork into the mixture of fruits and apples as she took one big bite and suddenly the taste was revolting. The mare gagged and spat out the food as the waiter stepped back with a terrified look on his face. “Awful, terrible! Why would my tongue touch such terrible fanfare!”

Applejack pushed the salad away with a look of disgust. The mare then sipped her glass of wine and suddenly looked around seeing other ponies just giving her odd looks.

Applejack stood there with a deer in the headlights look, and she quickly threw a bag of bits on the table and ran down the streets of Ponyville as fast as she could. Applejack was out of breath as she looked up and reached the spa...the spa? What was she doing at the spa?”

The farm mare paused as she looked up and then down at her dirty hooves covered in dirt and mud. “My goodness their hideous how could I be eating food with these!”

She then blinked and grabbed her head with her hooves and cried, “wh...why am I so concerned about my hooves...why did I call that delicious salad fanfare!”

The mare was stunned as she seemed to be completely confused by her own behavior she subconsciously slowly entered the spa unaware of the fact. Aloe and Lotus Blossom were both there, and she came up and asked, “I need my hooves and mane done stat!”

The spa mares were a bit confused but when Applejack placed down a big bag of bits on the counter. Aloe and Lotus Blossom jumped on the opportunity as they walked around gage her as Aloe asked, “so what do you want done exactly sweetheart?”

Applejack blushed, “Uh...I need my mane straightened, and my hooves cleaned and manicured.”

Lotus Blossom took one of the hooves and examined it. “My goodness, these are going to need a lot of work Applejack. I mean you buck apples for a living if you go back to doing that what’s the point of giving them a manicure?”

Applejack stood there with a blank stare and stammered, “I...I don’t buck apples..”

Aloe scoffed as she took of Applejack’s cowboy hat and snickered, “Lotus Blossom dear, this isn’t Applejack; she just looks like Applejack.”

The farm mare shouted, “huh!” She turned around and saw where her old cutie mark was it was replaced by three golden apples printed on her rump.

Lotus Blossom blushed as she whispered, “I’m sorry miss you look a lot like a pony we know.”

Applejack gave a blush and waved a hoof. “It’s no problem madam.” She squeaked hearing her accent wasn’t that thick southern accent, and now it was more of something from Prance.

Aloe who was busy placing the cowboy hat and set it on the coat rack and asked, “so...what is your name?”

Applejack was a bit stunned at the question as she gazed at the cowboy hat and proclaimed, “my...my name is Golden Appleseed, my friends called me Goldy.”

Aloe then gently led Applejack onto a stool and chirped, " Well Goldy there's no need to fret my sister and I will take good cade of you."

The spa mares then went to work grabbing Applejack and started to comb down her mane and tail. As they sprayed it with hairspray and rubbed good smelling creams. Applejack directed them asking the two to make sure it came out straight and to use a lotion that smelled of roses. Aloe then turned to see her hooves being washed with lovely smelling soaps and they cleaned out the hooves scooping out the dirt and grime. All the while Lotus Blossom applied black eyeliner and make-up to Applejack’s face. After an hour of work, Applejack turned to see herself in a mirror and saw an entirely new mare. Her mane was now waving around her shoulders like a waterfall, black eyeliner lined her eyes, and her face seemed more distinct with the makeup. Her hooves were now shiny and clean it seemed the years of bucking was gone leaving pristine cleaned hooves untouched by the slightest ounce of work. The mare stared into the mirror utterly perplexed as she whispered, “wow I really look amazing.”

Aloe turned around with a surprised look on her face as well as she whispered. “Well, I have to admit. I feel like something magical is about you. I don’t know how to put it, but you look like a different mare then when you walked in here.

The farm mare gave a deep blush as she looked at her new cutie mark. “Well...um...I...I guess that I just traveled for some time...I just needed to get a makeover…”

While Applejack was enjoying herself at the spa. Rainbow Dash was flying off a bit concerned in how Rarity acted before she left the boutique. “It’s odd she would be so calm after we dumped a cloud of water on her then she hugged me.”

She then flew down on the ground and turned around looking back at the carousel Botique with a concerned look. “I don’t trust her. She did somthing to me I know it.”

Rainbow Dash then flew back straight back to the boutique. When she burst through the front door she found Sweetie Belle standing nearby singing a lovely tune and wearing a cute silver frilly dress, with a big silvery bow tied in her mane. “Oh hello, Dashie! What brings you here?”

Rainbow Dash was stunned at the question as she scratched her mane. The mare suddenly forgot why she was here and with a small blush the mare asked, ”um do you have a bow?”

Sweetie Belle giggled and placed a hoof to her face, “a what?”

Rainbow Dash gave Sweetie Belle an odd look as she eeped realising at what she just said. Rainbow Dash shook her head and stammered in a nervous tone.“I..didn’t mean that! I meant I need to find your sister Rarity.”

Sweetie Belle gave an apologetic look as she explained. “I’m sorry she won’t be here for a while. However, I can assist you in getting you a nice bow in that mane. Come on follow me.”

Sweetie Belle skipped through the boutique, and Rainbow Dash subconsciously started to actually follow the little filly through the store. Eventually, they came upon a massive selection of bows. She then picked a sparkling pink bow and started to tie it in her mane. Rainbow blushed as she looked down at the cute bows and whispered, “oh I don’t know which ones to choose!”

The pegasus then took out a cute glitering bow and squealed and asked, “Sweetie Belle can you tie this in my mane?”

Sweetie Belle chirped, “sure thing!” the little filly used her magic to take the bow and gently tie it into Rainbow Dash’s mane. Once finished Rainbow Dash looked into the mirror and gasped upon seeing the glittering pink bow woth whote frillls now tied around her mane. Rainbow Dash looked at herself for a few more seconds before she then shook her head and shouted in anger. “What am I doing! Why would I wear such fru fu things! I’m Rainbow Dash, not some stupid ditzy mare!”

Rainbow Dash was going to tear the bow out with her hooves. But...she couldn’t help but feel that it looked good on her.

Sweetie Belle turned around with a smile and asked, “so do you want to try out some dresses on? I know a few good ones that’ll match with your bow?”

Rainbow Dash was going to say something but she couldn’t...it felt as if she wanted to see herself in a dress. The thought made Rainbow Dash quiver with her hooves shaking, and it was like as if her greatest fear was right in front of her. But all Rainbow Dash did in response was whimper, “sure why not…”

Sweetie Belle skipped to a whole section of frilly and cute dresses and Rainbow Dash slowly skimmed through the clothes as she mumbled, “all of these won’t do…”

She gasped upon a cute white dress with pink dots printed on the fabric. The mare quickly dressed herself and twirled about in her new frilly dress as she squealed, ”oh it’s beautiful and quite stunning!”

Sweetie Belle gave a nod as she asked, “how about some cute shoes! We have a wonderful selection!”

She skipped over to the shoe section of the store and looked them over with a keen eye. Rainbow first picked out some pink and white striped stockings as she slipped them over her hooves. Rainbow Dash then placed on some cute pink slippers over her hooves. The pegasus then turned around and gasped upon seeing herself in a full body mirror. Her mane was tied up in a sparkling pink bow, with her frilly white dress, the stockings coming up over her knee caps and the little pink slippers finishing off her new outfit. Raimbow Dash just gaped at her reflection seeing how she looked more like a silly cute filly than a fearless daredevil flier who wanted to be a wonderbolt. Rainbow Dash's eye twitched and she roared, "what has gotten into me!"

The mare was going to tear the outfit but then suddenly stopped and seemed to be unable to do it. The mare turned and looked back at the mirror. She then gasped upon seeing her mane was a mess and her feathers were out of place all these little details suddenly went through her mind like little bombs going off. Rainbow Dash just gazed at her reflection with a look of horror and squeaked out loud. “Oh my goodness, how can I look so uncouth!”

Upon hearing the yelling Rarity rushed downstairs and looked over at Rainbow Dash with a surprised expression and asked, “what is going on...”

She then spotted Rainbow Dash freaking out about her mane and wings as she looked around and squealed, “Rainbow Dash!?”

Rainbow Dash looked around and upon seeing her friend the mare squealed as she flew into the white-coated mare and cried, “Rarity! Thank Celestia your here!”

Rarity smirked seeing her prank was working correctly as she hugged Rainbow Dash and asked, “oh it’s alright you seem so distressed what’s going on?”

Rainbow dash then began to complain, “Well, it all started with me wanting a new outfit you see, and I found this lovely dress and bow with these matching shoes, but then ...then I noticed my mane is a disaster and my wings need preening! How could I go out in public looking like this!”

As Rarity listened she mustered all of her stregnth to not burst into fits of laughter. After calming down the fashionetta gave her friend a pat on the back as she whispered, "hey, hey it's alright darling, I bet we could go out. Would that cheer you up.

Rainbow looked up as she wiped the tears from her eyes and squeaked, ”oh you mean a spa date!?”

Rarity gave a smirk as she gently whispered, “that’s right darling, a spa date.”

The two mares made their way to the spa with Rainbow Dash now fluttering over the ground as the two made their way to the spa. They eventually went inside already finding Applejack already deep in one of the large hot tubs filled with pink bubbling suds with two cucumbers covering her eyes. The former farm mare looked up and giggled, “Oh hello you two! Are you going to join me?"

Rainbow fluttered down and waved a hoof. “Hello um…what's your name?"

Applejack rasoed a hoof and proclaimed, “my name is Golden Appleseed madam Rainbow Dash.” The farm mare blushed hearing herself with the odd prance accent. Rarity was quite impressed the southern accent was now replaced with a richer Prench one.

Rainbow seemed confused as she was now taking off her fancy dress and hanging it up. She swore that wasn't her name but ot sounded right. As she finished taking off her outfit she looked down at her cutie mark being now a cute rainbow-colored bow with white frills decorating the edges. Then Rainbow Dash suddenly realised somthing as if her whole being was changed. The pegasus turned around and with a polite smile corrected her friend. “Goldy my name is Rainbow Bright sweetie.”

As Applejack giggled at the name Rarity wanted to do was roll on the ground laughing. But she didn’t want to mess this up so Rarity took a deep breath and cooed, "Awww, that's a lovely name."

Rarity and Rainbow Dash were then escorted to the hot tubs by Aloe and Lotus Blossom and the two slowly dipped themselves into the pink bubbling tub. Rarity then sighed as she relaxed herself in the hot steaming water and after a while she blinked with a satisfied smile on her face.The fashionetta just realized it has been a very long time since she’s had a proper girls night with her best friends.

She looked around and saw that Rainbow was having her wings preened by Lotus Blossom. While Aloe was working on her velvet mane sprayingnit with hair spray amd combing it as she cooed, "Don't worry Rarity I know how you like it."

Rarity waved a hoof. "Thank you darling." She then turned towards "Applejack" and asked, ”so Goldy? What’s your profession.”

The mare waved a hoof as she explained, “I’m a food critic, and have been forever. I have to admit the food in Ponyville is quite low quality do you know of a better place to dine?”

Rarity tapped a hoof to her chin when suddenly she clapped her hooves together and chirped. “I apologise darling, but I think there is one fancy restaurant around here. We can try it out later.”

Rainbow Dash was in heaven loving the warm relaxing spa water as she moaned, “oh that sounds lovely for some reason I've been craving ice cream.”

Rarity placed her hooves on her cheeks as she squeaked, “oh my we have a mare with a sweet tooth.”

Rainbow Dash sighed as she explained, ”Well I’ll have a small cup of ice cream, I need to watch my weight.”

Rarity turned to Rainbow Dash and asked, “may I ask why?”

Rainbow blushed as she whispered under her breath. “You know why, I’m a professional model.”

She then flexed her wings showing off how pristine they were as not a single father was out of place. The cheerful pegasus squeaked, ”wonderful not a feather out of place. Can you move to mane sweetie?”

The mare squeaked, “of course darling anything you say.” She then continued to comb, and curl up Rainbow’s mane as Applejack turned around with a blush on her face as she asked, “so Rarity? I have to ask, do you suppose that I may stop by your boutique, walking around with no clothes is so uncouth.”

Rarity waved a hoof and chirped, “Of course darling, I think we can find something to match that lovely mane of yours.”

Applejack scoffed as she waved a hoof. “Oh stop that you're making me blush.” She sank deep into the pink suds trying to disappear as Rarity sighed looking up at the ceiling and sighed, “oh, Twilight I swear I’ll fix this tomorrow. I just want this to last just a bit longer..."

Later that afternoon the mares were all back at the Carousel Boutique. With Rarity and Rainbow Dash now shining with gleam and smelling of roses they looked up at the small stage Rarity had in her shop. Both mares quivered in anticipation as the blue curtains slowly moved apart and Applejack stepped through making both mares whimper. The farm mare was now dressed in a sleek, sparkling blue dress and a sparkling blue bow tied around in her mane. She strutted forward wearing a pair of silk gold stockings with a set of black shoes. The mare finished her strut by striking a pose in front of both Rarity and Rainbow dash who clapped their hooves together.

Rainbow fluttered up on the stage and walked around Applejack admiring her new look. “It’s marvelous however, you should lose a few pounds sweetheart.”

Applejack gave a deep humph as she waved a hoof. “Oh please, I eat a little more then you so what? At least I’m not a bean pole like you.”

Rainbow got embarrassed as she spat, “how dare you! I make sure my body is fit, I need to look my best for my modeling gigs.”

Rarity came over between the two mares and squeaked, “girls, girls don’t start fighting now we're about to go out for some dinner.”

They both grumbled at each other before following Rarity out of the boutique. But before they went through the door Sweetie Belle skipped downstairs and asked in a sing-song voice. “Aww, Rarity you're leaving again? I wanted to show you my song!”

Rarity asked in her little sister’s cute pout with her big puppy dog eyes and cooed, “oh I’m so sorry darling, well I’ll hear it when I get back I promise.”

Sweetie Belle shrugged as she chirped, “okay, I'll practice singing until you come back.”

Rarity gave her sister’s mane a pat and cooed, “oh you practiced a lot already darling. How about you go get some ice cream I have some in the fridge.”

The little filly squealed in delight, “thank you! I'm going to eat the whole tub!”

She then ran off to the fridge as Rarity closed the door behind her. “Alright, girls let’s get going the night is young and I want this to last.”

The three fancy mares then strode through the streets of Ponyville with the sun setting behind them.