• Published 6th Feb 2019
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Sugar and Spice - Foal Star

Rarity fed up with Applejack and Rainbow Dash teasing and pranking her. She decided to use a strange magic to turn the tomboys into "proper mares."

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Chapter Seven: A sudden change in career

Rainbow Dash could only endure the pain seeing her body being controlled by the supermodel version of herself. The pegasus mare was wearing a cute little field of flowers in Rockefeller park. The mare was strutting her body showing off her lovely yellow satin dress with a beautiful backdrop of trees and flowers all around her. The mare wore a fancy new white hat flashing her eyelashes at the photographers who were busy snapping their cameras at her. Some were telling her to get a better angle while the model did so adjusting her dress and showing off her lovely cutie mark the famous rainbow-colored bow. Rainbow Bright started to shake her dress and continued to give off more delightful poses. Rainbow Dash was beyond disgusted unable to get away from the flashes of cameras snapping photo after photo. If the Wonderbolt was in control, she would have probably made a gagging sound. All the while Photo Finish was basking in the glory of the cameras snapping their photos of her model. She was beyond exciting knowing these photos will be in the latest magazine. The mare started to feel hungry as she suddenly raised a hoof and proclaimed, “well done! Zhe iz perfect! Now we will go ze break and zhoot in a few minutez.”

As the ponies started to break off for break while Rainbow Bright slowly strode off to go grab some lunch at a cafe not far from where they were shooting. The model took out a small hand mirror and started to adjust her makeup. The mare was a bit surprised when she saw Rainbow Dash looking back at her in the reflection with an angry scowl printed on her face as she grumbled, “Honestly you really look like some pompous mare some old-timey picture.”

Rainbow Bright smirked as she continued to just her eyelashes and continued to talk to her alter ego. “Well, unlike you I don’t care to go fly around the sky like some silly bird.” The mare then snapped her hand mirror shut and began to strut across the grassy park.

While the model was walking the sun shining down creating her shadow began to a moron as Rainbow Dash’s spikey mane came out and the form of her tail straightening out. The daredevil formed the model’s shadow as she snapped back. “Oh don’t you dare insult the wonderbolts! Besides how could you say that when you dated Soarin!”

The daredevil’s alter ego just waved her flowing mane and scoffed, “oh please, I didn’t date him because he was good at flying, it was because he was hot darling.” The mare was now crossing over a fountain spewing water down below. The model looked down into the pool, and Rainbow Dash’s reflection appeared in the pool and shouted, “Seriously! Are you that shallow! Dear Celestia, I can’t believe you’ve been controlling my body for almost a month now!

The pompous mare scoffed at Rainbow Dash. “You’re just jealous of the fact that I’m obviously better than you.” She then waved her mane and walked off with a humpf.

The model began to walk off down the street with a humpf and continued on her way through the grass towards the sidewalk where she could see a small cafe’ as she sat down an ordered a latte. Rainbow Dash responded, “so, you think that In jealous! If you know anything about me, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a dress! let alone modeling in them.”

Rainbow Bright who was now crossing a busy street to go sit down the mare snickered, “oh I know, that's what makes this so hilarious seeing yourself in such gorgeous gowns unable to break away! I'm not saying your jealous at my modeling but at how popular I am.”

The former daredevil now looking up at the mare through a puddle on the pavement and grumbled, “any idiot can put on a dress and show it off, I worked hard to become an amazing flyer, and soon I'll be a Wonderbolt, and then we'll see whos more popular.”

A fancy unicorn stallion waiter then slowly came out of the cafe’ and was stunned upon seeing the model sitting on the chair all dainty and with her mane running down her face. The waiter nervously walked over and placed a menu into her hooves as he politely asked, “what do you wish to order?”

The mare looked down at the menu as she flipped through it and cooed, “I just want a small late and a small fruit salad with extra strawberries.”

The stallion with a smile took the menu and chirped, “Excellent choice, it will come right away.”

Rainbow Bright gave a slight nod as the stallion strolled back into the cafe. The mare stood there as she looked into the reflection in the window seeing Rainbow Dash still glareing at her and asked, “so that’s all your going to have?”

Rainbow Bright scoffed as she explained to her reflection. “When I first gain control you were so flabby. I had to change my entire diet to only having two small meals a day one with vegetables and one with fruit; that’s it.”

Rainbow Dash shook her head and rolled her eyes as she explained, “Honestly you barely eat and starving me! When I get my body, I’m going to an all you can eat buffet every day for a whole week!”

The model gasped in horror and shouted, “you wouldn’t dare! Do you have any idea on how hard I worked to get you this thin! I even laid out a strict list of foods for you to eat when you get your body back!”

Rainbow Dash crossed her hooves and scoffed, “are you kidding me! With my exercise regiment, your diet would literally starve me in a few days. ”

Before Rainbow Bright could respond, she spotted Soarin of all ponies coming out of the cafe’ with a big mug full of hot chocolate and a steaming pie in his hooves. The mare looked over with a smirk on her face gageing him over before she preceded over with a strut. The stallion looked up nervously as he gulped seeing the mare coming face to face with him he stammered, “R-R-rainbow Bright! What are you doing here!”

The mare turned around and explained, “well I was finishing up a photo shoot, and I just happened to be here for a small lunch.”

Soarin gulped as he slowly sat across from her. The pegasus then looked up with a blush as a waiter strode over and placed the coffee and bowl full of small dainty looking fruits in front of her. As Rainbow Bright began to daintily eating her meal watching her former colt friend sweat a little as he eventually gained the courage to ask, “so um what have you been up too?”

The mare smirked as she stirred a spoon dainty in her cup and cooed, “oh nothing really been doing my modeling I haven’t really dated a pony since my falling out with Blueblood.”

Soarin burst into laughter, and when he controlled himself, the stallion replied, “well, I have to admit I was a bit scared you were dating somepony still.”

Rainbow Bright giggled lightly as she waved a hoof casually. “Why are you scared about? Don’t tell me you want to try dating again?”

Soarin gulped nervously as he stammered, “Um...ww...well I have to admit that Spitfire and I are getting back together, I’m sorry.”

The model was taking a forkful of fruit in her mouth and snickered, “oh don’t be I’m not really in the mood for dating right now. In fact, I was hoping for a friend to spend some time with me that’s all.”

Soarin blushed a little as he responded, “well I’m only here for a few days for a small break from Cloudsdale.”

While Soarin was now busy eating his apple pie. The mare smirked as she turned towards the reflection of Rainbow Dash “Just watch as I turn that clumsy stunt devil into a prissy ballerina.”

The mare then took out a familiar looking purple jewel, and Rainbow Dash wanted to scream and warn her idol. But she could do nothing as the mare controlling her body shined the jewel at Soarin. Rainbow Dash could only watch in horror as the stallion was transformed in front of her eyes. Soarin’s mane grew out as it flowed out like a waterfall, his tail grew our long and flowing, he became taller and seemed to look more elegant as eyelashes grew out, with his dainty wings spreading out more looking as if they were preened and clipped. Soarin's cutie mark was the last thing to change as it formed into two gold ballerina shoes with two dainty gold wings spread out from them. Rainbow Bright couldn’t help but swoon seeing the once clumsy stunt devil now an elegant mare and coo, “oh my goodness Soarin you look just amazing!”

Flutterin’ was stunned as she looked herself over. She then turned around facing the model sitting across the table with astonished expression and asked in a soft tone. “What happened to me am I still Soarin?”

Rainbow Bright looked up with a smile and exclaimed, “of course you are! I just changed you a bit that’s all sweetheart.”

The former Daredevil gave a few blinks confused a bit she then shook her head and scoffed, “oh please my name isn’t Soarin its Flutterin! How silly of me!"

She whisked his wings and gently gave them a few flaps admiring how gentle they looked. The mare then looked down at her half-eaten apple pie and the big mug of apple cider with disgust, “what in Equestria is this! Waiter!”

The waiter begrudgingly came out of the cafe’ and approached the mare with wide, confused eyes and asked, “um...yes mam...I believe you are a mam."

Flutterin’ scoffed as she pushed the plate away and complained, “yes im a mam you dolt! Now, please take this filth out of my sight before I get your manager!”

The waiter grumbled irritably as he took the food and stomled off. Flutterin’ turned her attention to Rainbow Bright and replied with a smile. “You mentioned us dating before? Well I have to admit I couldn’t help but feel like we left off on the wrong hoof.”

Rainbow Bright waved a hoof, “oh it was no big deal we were just too different ponies back then! Now that you’re more cultured...well I could think of a way to rekindle that lost love.”

Flutterin’ couldn’t help but smirk as Rainbow Bright came in close. “Well I have to admit, this is certainly unexpected, but I’m sure that we can find a way to compromise.”

The two then pulled each other into each other’s embrace and began to make out. All Rainbow Dash could do was look away in disgust and groaned. The mare could feel herself kissing her idol; it felt both disgusted but slightly satisfying at the same time. The mare then stomped a hoof and shouted, “no I won’t let Rainbow Bright win! I need to retake my body and fix Soarin!”

But before she could do anything else, Rainbow Bright released the embrace and brushed a hoof down Flutterin’s face and whispered, “how about we blow today off and just have a girls night out.”

Flutterin squealed and clapped her hooves. “Oh, I would love to! We can get our wings preened! Maybe see a show! Oh, this is going to be so much fun!”

The mare suddenly stopped as she sat back down and asked, “what about your photo shoot!?”

Rainbow Bright just waved a hoof as she placed a bag of bits on the table and cooed, “oh Photo Finish can stomp and whine, I gave the magazine plenty of good photos to work with.” She then nuzzled Flutterin’s face as they walked off together down the road. Rainbow Dash followed behind through various reflections pondering on a way to get her body back.