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This Is Where The Fun Begins!

“It’ll work,” I said, feeling a fire burning in my chest. “I just know it will. Trust me. I’ve got a feeling.”

....Yyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhh...about that...:unsuresweetie:

P.S. Not sure if it's my browser or whatever, but the header art for this chapter appears to be broken.

Illusions? Much better than faking another brand.

Gauge put his hoof back on the ground and shook his head. “If I have to listen to any more of that, I might just cut your leg off and be done with it.”


Now that the shock had worn off, the pain was more like a prickwing sting whenever I put too much weight on it.

Shouldn't this be "prickling"?

I'm glad the wait is over.
An illusion! Pyromancer or not, Ember and co would really benefit from learning that.

Nice. Two new (maybe) main characters.
I'm really curious about the swirly tattoos.

This mare with the tattoos sounds pretty interesting. I'm gonna guess it's some form of advanced magic capable for earth ponies to use.
That, however, shall be the only assumption I'll make from the prologue. I learned my lesson last time. :ajbemused:
With that said, let the carnage resume!

Well, off to an... interesting start. Rather than build up to an eventual shitstorm, you give an actual storm right out of the gate.
And since this is a fresh start (sort of), time to reset this old thing;
Emotionally Significant Death Counter: 0... for now.

“The Runaway Property Repossession.” Manchado’s face turned sour and she slowly shook her head. “If you have a slave that’s escaped, you go to them. The RPR is scarily good at tracking down runaways.”
“And they’re not afraid to do a little freelance work on the side,” Sawdust added. “They’re always looking for ponies with brands, whether they’re paid to do so or not. They auction off unclaimed runaways at the slave houses every month. You do not want them to get their hooves on you.”

...Why do I have a terrible feeling about this? Oh... wait. I just remembered what series I'm reading. This will come into play, mark my words.

Anywho, so glad to see this story uploaded. Been eagerly waiting for it since EotP ended. Looking forward to this new enjoyable torment of a story.
Emotionally Significant Death Counter: 0

Waiting a week between chapters is gonna be rough, this is too good.

More than a year later!

...Yeeahh...saw that one coming a mile away....damn urchins.

I'm also betting that, given their luck, the kids were giving patdowns while robbing them blind.

“And why should we do that?” I asked her. “You’re the one who jumped us and shoved guns in our faces.”

“Because I’ll break your legs over your back like twigs before I haul your pretty little ass back to the auction house and sell you for two bricks of fifties if you don’t.” She smirked at whatever facial expression I made as I tried to imagine that and stuck her hoof out. “Way I see it, I was paid to find two runaways, so I’m either coming home with two runaways and two mags of .308s or three runaways. I don’t give a shit either way.”

She needs an additional hole in her head. I hope she gets one later.

*Sees update, reads title
Oh boy, here we go
*Sees title underneath picture

Pretty obvious the kids knew what they were doing. Now the real question is whether they're under the payroll of the RPR and if they found out.

That's a pretty shiny city, there.

I abruptly stopped and turned to her, my breath catching in my throat. “Yeoman was here?”

“Is here,” Nova clarified.

aw shit

Equestria didn’t like my kind.

The phrase "Better wiped than striped" comes to mind.

On your left is a moderately calm, build-up chapter, and on your right is the one Ember's hunting, guaranteeing that a small shitstorm will cycle through within the next couple of chapters.

They really need to shut their mouths on the anti-slaver talk.
Seriously, if you're anti-slave in a slave town you're only 1 step above property, so they'd better be extra careful.

...Is it just me, or does Hunter look almost exactly like Spitfire?

*looks at picture
*orders new heart and feels
*proceeds to read

Is it just me, or does Ace feel like a fusion of Calamity and Garrus? Might just be the sniper rifle and the attitude.

The moment I saw that picture I knew this wouldn't end well. I just figured it would've been Ember and Ace that got captured.
Well, time for an insane, half-thought-through rescue plan.

I'm definitely liking Ace the more and more we see of her.
Also glad they're out of Hole, though I've got a pretty strong feeling we haven't seen the last of Hunter.

Yeah, the more Ace does, the more I end up liking her. It's a little sad that she parted ways with them but at least it's only temporary.

On that note, the escape from RPR HQ and the bridge plan were great. I'm disappointed I didn't get around to reading this sooner.

So Embers missing half a ear, a tooth, and her mare friend. What's next? A rib?

I'm really liking Ace now.

...I like Ace.

Don't like how she was eyeballing SCaR, though.

And how dare they talk about Zip that way? They weren’t feeling what I was feeling. I watched her die in front of me in terrible agony. In my dreams, I could still feel her blood on my coat. The happy nights we’d had together were all tarnished by her death. I couldn’t think about one without thinking about the other. I couldn’t make that misery just go away. It took everything I had just to keep my head above the water, so to speak.

This makes me have a sad.:pinkiesad2:

From the moment they were name-dropped in EotP, I knew I needed to see a Tolan. Wasn't expecting a six-legged T-Rex made of iron, but that just makes it even more terrifying.
And as for Nova... there's no witty jokes this time. That one hurt.

“Maybe we’ll find something in the warehouse that’ll help us kill it,” Mawari said. “Like a railgun. They might have thick armor, but even they can’t survive a railgun.” After casting a quick glance at her companions, she stepped forward to me and held out a hoof. “So, are you in?”

I am 100% all for seeing that motherfucker downed by a railgun.

Now I'm regretting my previous comment. I was expecting Ember to lose a rib or three. I think I'm gonna go sulk now.:raritycry:

So, we finally get some small measure of context about the situation back on Equus. The fact that Equestria was at war and that Auris was a state-secret manufacturing world definitely adds credence to my previous theory about the Azimuth being a warship. That thing must've been state of the art if it was being developed on Auris (which is now apparently the pony version of Reach).
Also, I would hate to see you as a D&D DM. First a six-legged, iron-skinned T-Rex and now clickers from Last of Us? Whatever's in that warehouse had better be bloody worth it.

I also really feel the desire to give Nova a big hug. :fluttercry:

I took it and used it to stand up. “We’re trapped in a foundry full of horrible mind-controlled zombies, and there’s the literal incarnation of sharp and pointy death outside stalking us.” After a moment, I grinned at her. “Fuck yeah, I’m in.”

What can possibly go wrong!

All I can say is... OW!

You'd think the Clickers - sorry, wailers - might challenge the Tolan, since they're driven by nothing except sound and instinctual hunger. Then again, I guess even infected zombie ponies would know better than to mess with that iron-skinned monstrosity.


OK if Ember is hard enough to pull herself off of rebar and to run into gun emplacements, why did Hunter scare her to inaction? Still good chappy and sorry about the Zebra Stallion. Hopefully the crew can now gear up and heal a bit in piece.

Man, with what we've discovered so far about the past, the Synarchy makes Equestria from FoE seem inclusive by comparison.
Good to see that monstrous bastard dead. Now it's just a matter of getting back to Nova and Gauge, getting out of the foundry alive and meeting up with Ace. Provided Ember doesn't become a wailer herself.


“Yeah, like Equestrian installations. If you do find one in Bluewater Gorge, be very careful. Its defenses could still be active after all these years. That means turrets, robots, and all other sorts of countermeasures you probably can’t even think of. At least it means other scavengers tend to leave them alone. They just want scrap and salvage, they’re not interested in running a gauntlet of traps for a few secrets.”

:big thonk:

“We should… I mean, are you lot good to go? I put the RPR in a loop, cut down a lot of their soldiers, but we ain’t gonna wanna hang around here for all that long. Hunter’s got a vendetta against y’all, and I already spent the past two days pissing her off something fierce.”

Can we railgun Hunter next? Or at least lead her to something that ends in a similarly pulpy death?

Speaking of wailers, I looked at my bandaged foreleg again. I didn’t know if it was my imagination or not, but I felt like I had a little bit of a headache, and my stomach was feeling pretty upset. But I didn’t know if that was because I was slowly turning into a fucking zombie, or if it was simple exhaustion and exertion.

Oh yeah, this is a thing that still exists. Hmm...

Good to have Ace back again. Still don't know what she wants with that drone, though...

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