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‘Who knew my stallion that put nine foals in my belly would be such a big foot slut,’ Pinkie giggled in her head as she moved her feet up and down together as she felt Dreamy Jr start to throb and flare.

Looks like DD's also into foot play than just pregnancy sex:rainbowlaugh:!!!

This was a really hot and awesome chapter:scootangel:! So glad that the is out:yay:!

Damn that is a great stores, I hope you make a sequel to it.

If more people want to see it then I might.

Sexy this pinkie is best pinkie
Fantastic work

No problems with the story, but man. There is no way that picture is surviving the mods of the site.
Faust be with you author. :moustache:

It's not showing anything explicit I don't see the problem.

I mean you're technically right, but I've seen pictures be taken down for less. Good luck though. You never know, it might survive :duck:

I hope so cause the ass is amazing.

It is quite the plump rump

Loved this!! Could you do Daydreamer x Timberwolf harem or Daydreamer x Eris?

I can do that, I was actually planning on making a Daydreamer x Fem Manticore bestiality story in the future.

Not my sorta thing so I’m gonna ignore it

Well everyone has their own preferences.

Unf would freaking love a sequel, very well done :raritywink: and I have to say feet is kinda hit or miss for me but good lord you nailed it

Glad you like it and what would you like to see in the sequel?

It was fun, but all of it felt a little cramped and rushed. I feel like the story would have done better if it had been drawn out to be a few chapters

Daydreamer took some shampoo and coated his cock in it so it would make fucking his girl easier.


Hey, one tip: you shouldn't mix your tenses. You do it a lot. "He did X. Then he does Y. After that, he did Z." It's hard to tell whether you mean that this is a past or a present sequence of events and that's really distracting.

This is special shampoo that won't burn when used as lube.

That ass is good tier great
The artist is amazing

I would also like a Daydreamer x Female Fox, or x Diamond Dog. Mam, i cant wait to read more stories!!

Thanks, man and you never know he may end up with some of those.

hey, long time no see it be awhile and sorry of my delay of the harem story on Z.B.S.L: Zack's Big Sexy Ladies and be on hold. but i saw you write new story. i wonder if you hear new games call super smash bros ultimate games that came out? i though what if you crossover mlp/eqg/movie/smash bros story and there a adeventures mod which title world of light. if yo not what it is, it the world almost destory by galeem and rule but wipe the fighter but kirby. i'll link the site to him and watch all his part 1-10. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7RjQqHgsQeTzrLmkPabBkOxZcXX4jVt9

i hope you like my new idea and let me know if you want to make this ssbbw/bbw, breast expansion, grow giant, hyper and other stuff. i hope you a happy new year. oh, i hope you have christmas as well.

I have heard of it and it's a good game. Anyway it's good to hear from you again man

do you have new idea to add new story? i wrote the review before i give you a new idea.

pretty good. One improvement point could be adding some desire of Pinkie to become a mother. Like fantasy about kids and the like.

Okay thank you and I'll do better in the next one.

You can still put it in. It doesn't have to be said directly.

Thank you, I have another idea for a Pinkie based story that's currently in the works at the moment.

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