• Published 25th Feb 2021
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A New Destiny: Wrath of the Elders - Pen Dragon

Six month have passed since Lord Suicune appeared in Equestria, and he has begun to find a place amongst the ponies. However, the Elders haven't given up on their hunt for the pokemon and now have a means to bring him home through the death god....

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I. Safe Haven Compromised

  1. Safe Haven Compromised

After learning that Xerneas was here in Equestria from a crystal left by Emet-Selch, Suicune knew it was only a matter of time before she found him. If it had been any other thug like Ronan, than it wouldn't be an issue for him, but Xerneas was much different. This was his old flame, a former Elder who has the power to rival Princess Celestia. And despite being a being that has the power to give life, she was more than willing to hurt others to the points to where that same life could easily be taken away.

It was one of the main reasons why he broke off all contact with her to begin with.

‘Hmm… Things will be even more difficult now that Xerneas is here in Equestria, I can only pray she is searching on her own. If she were to ally with anyone from the capitol than things will be even more complicated. My best option is for me to leave Ponyville and move to a new, more discrete location. I’ll need to either leave tomorrow or the following day, but I’ll need to gather a few things from town before doing anything else.’ Suicune thought carefully to himself as he trotted out of the Everfree Forest to the main road in his pony form, carrying a short list of errands he needed to take care of if he was going to make it out of this little town and start over.

  1. Fresh Picked Carrots and Apples
  2. Purchase New Books from Princess Twilight Sparkle
  3. Pick up New Suit from Rarity’s
  4. Set Rune’s on the outskirts of Ponyville.

Making sure to double check everything he had written down earlier, he made sure to memorize it before setting it ablaze in his hoof and buried it into the ground. Making sure that no one knows what he was really up to as it would only draw suspicion to him if any of the locals saw him doing anything out of the ordinary. Then again, he was in Equestria’s strangest town where unnatural things occur.

“I suppose I should check to see if my suit is ready first before gathering my groceries.” He said to himself, but just as he made it to the center of town, he suddenly felt a nudge against his right side. Turning to be greeted by a blue mare with a rainbow colored mane, one he was all too familiar with as she was the only one out of the main six that had not fully trusted him. “Is there something you need Mrs. Dash?”

“I just came to make sure you aren’t causing any trouble is all!” She stated, floating above him as she continued to flap her wings. Suicune couldn’t help but roll his eyes in annoyance. If there was one thing he didn’t like, it was those full of pride and arrogance. He may have altered the memories of those who had seen him before, but it became extremely annoying with her accusing him of being a spy or was hiding something nefarious.

“Mrs. Dash, for the last six months since I’ve been here, you’ve done nothing but accuse me of wrong doings, which I have committed no such thing. So the least you can do is show me a little respect while I run my last errands here.” Suicune said, glaring at the pegasus who only glared back at him.

“Hey, all I said I was making sure you didn’t do anything wrong! I have my reasons for not trusting you! You’re obviously hiding something, and I’m gonna find out what!” She said, jabbing his shoulder with her hoof, but he did not flinch as he held his ground. If she knew the kinds of things he could do, she’d know to back off and leave him be, but he needed to remain calm and remain in control of his powers. It’s true that he was powerful, almost godlike, but what he needed to do was not use them.

With a deep sigh, he looked up straight into the mares eyes. “If you’re done accusing me, I need to go. Soon you won’t need to worry about me causing any issues. I’ll be leaving this town in a few days, so do try to control that temper of yours. Makes the Element of Loyalty look bad you know.”

“Grrr!!! Well whatever, doesn’t change the fact that you’re a jerk! I’m glad you're leaving freak!!” She shouted before taking off into the sky, leaving only a rainbow streak before disappearing from his view.

‘Someday that temper and arrogance of hers is gonna get her killed. Well, not like it really matters to me, soon I’ll be able to live in peace as I conceal my powers completely to the point it looks like I’ve left this world. They’ll have to stop their pursuit here in Equestria and look elsewhere.’ Suicune thought to himself as he continued to make his way towards Rarity’s boutique. A part of Suicune was surprised he even bought a suit from the Element of Generosity as he knew that he could have just bought any suit in his size somewhere, but he needed something that could properly fit him in his pony form.

It wasn’t long until he saw the boutique and noticed the white unicorn turning the her sign to open, before taking notice of him and smiling at him

“Good Morning, Mr. Mourne, I take it you’re here for the new suit, yes?~” Rarity asked, almost singing as he gave a firm nod to the mare. “Excellent, do come in, I’ll just be a moment darling.”

“No need to rush, do take your time Ms. Rarity.” Suicune stated as he took a seat on one of the few chairs lined up by a window as the mare trotted off into the other room.

He couldn’t help but admire some of the dresses that Rarity had made, some of them had this turquoise flare to it that he couldn’t help but smile at as the color reminded him of the turquoise skies back home in the Realm of the Displaced. It was odd that he’d remember anything at all from the very place that claimed his sister’s life, and all of his friends and comrades.

Soon his mood started to sour a bit as he started recalling his time as an Elder.

“I have your suit ready deary~” She sang, carrying a white box with a blue bow on it. Seeing as this was more important than remembering the past, he took it and left a big bag of bits for her.

“There’s a few extra bits for your troubles, I do hope you have a wonderful day.” Suicune stated as he gave her a light bow and began to make his way out the door.

“W-Wait, Mr. Mourne, um… Do you perhaps want to stay for tea?” She asked, her cheeks starting to turn a bright shade of pink. He wasn’t going to lie saying that he hadn’t noticed her advances on him from the past, and it wasn't that he didn’t feel anything towards her besides having Rarity as a close friend or acquaintance. Rather he does see the appeal in her appearance and figure, but he didn't feel anything towards her in a romantic sense. Not to mention he was against getting too close somepony in fear of endangering them.

He knows that the best option is for him to leave as soon as possible before he gets too attached to these ponies. However that may already be too late as he does admit to himself. He has grown quite fond of this little town.

Suicune closed his eyes and began to hum while he thought about it, before turning back towards the white unicorn. “I appreciate it, but I’m afraid I must be going, I do have errands to run and it’s essential to my work, but thank you Rarity. You are truly generous.”

And with that, the Legendary Pokemon left without another word as Rarity let out a deep sigh as she watched him leave her shop.

“Are you sure that what we’re looking for is here?” One of a few Royal Guard members that was assigned to a special assignment in the Everfree Forest, “Matter of fact, remind me again why we are doing this, Spearpoint?”

Spearpoint, an earth pony corporal in the Royal Guard and the acting leader of their three pony squadron, could only sigh as he looked back at the gray unicorn, “As I had told you before Broadsword, Celestia has assigned us to retrieve a potentially dangerous artifact. Since we don’t know of the artifacts origins or what exactly it can do, we are to approach this with the utmost caution.”

“I think we both understand that,” the third member of the team, a white fur pegasus with a navy mane named Arrowhead, “However, I think what we’re having trouble understanding is where exactly is the Princess getting this information from? As far as we know, the guards’ intelligence hasn’t had any new developments as of late.”

“As far as I know, the Princess has told us that our mission is part of a coordinated effort to try and lure that… Suicune figure, out of hiding,” Spearpoint replied, “This is probably based off of new information that those two… Absol’s or whatever they were called provided to her.”

“And we’re actually just going to go forward with this? Like, no questions asked?” Arrowhead asked, “That… doesn’t really seem wise. I mean, can we really trust for their information to be accurate-?”

Immediately, Broadsword held up a hoof to stop his comrades. Shortly after, the unicorn’s horn lit up as a thin wave of magic expanded throughout the area. “I think we’re onto something.”

“How so?”

“My scanning spell is picking up traces of mana,” he explained, before pointing a hoof towards what looked to be a particular collection of trees, “It’s coming from over there.”

“Be ready you two,” Spearpoint remarked, “We’re encroaching hostile territory. From this point forward, be on your guard. We have no idea what to expect.”

Both of the earth pony’s companions nodded as they slowly moved forward. The trail of mana that Broadsword had picked up on led to what looked like an empty hut deep in the Everfree. After conducting a sweep for possible traps along the outside of the property, the trio prepared to breach inside through the front door and conduct their search. At first, their sweep did not seem to provide any results.

However, about five minutes in, that was when they found something, “Guys, have a look at this,” Broadsword told the two of them, before placing what looked to be a lockbox on the table in the middle of the hut.

“A lockbox?” Arrowhead replied, “What’s so special about that?”

“It looks ordinary, but there’s a high concentration of magic coming from it,” the unicorn explained, “Whatever it’s supposed to be, it’s in here.”

Now, what do we have here? Three guards trespassing into a home and looting it’s contents? For someone of your stature, I thought you would be more honorable than a group of thugs.

Immediately, all three of the ponies were on high alert and actively looking around the room. As they were trying to figure out where exactly the voice was coming from, Arrowhead saw a shadow in the back of the room. Instinct kicked in at the thought that it was a threat before they grabbed the crossbow that was on their back and shot whatever was back there. The only sound coming afterwards was the sound of what was a body against a hard floor.

“Arrowhead, get a hold of yourself!!” Spearpoint snapped.

“O-oh dear Celestia… I-I didn’t… Did I-?”

“No, you didn’t.”

Before they realized what was going on, all three of them turned around and heard the snap of a finger, before being pushed back by a massive shockwave of magic. The newfound figure in the room was bipedal with regal like clothes, a pearl like marble over their forehead and what looked like a black mane that had a touch of silver. However, what they were more focused on was that this figure was now in possession of the box they were trying to analyze.

“Is that really all you do? Break into another one's abode when you feel like it? Surely, your kind are quick to assume the worst in-”

“Don’t you bucking move!” Spearpoint snapped, spear at the ready while Broadsword prepared the claymore that was on his back.

“Oh, for the love of-” the figure rolled his eyes, “And just when I thought that by coming to an understanding about you, I can understand who you happen to walk among… However, all they have done is just commit the cardinal sin of boring me.”

“Spearpoint, what the buck is he talking about?” Broadsword then asked.

“And thus, I retire to the shade. Farewell.”

Before the three of them could act, the figure was enveloped by the void and disappeared as quickly as they had arrived. All three of the guards had no idea what just happened, but they knew for a fact that they had to report this immediately.


Seeing how no pony was watching him, Suicune had begun placing stones in specific locations that contain his magic. Yet, as he was doing so, he felt some extra weight set on one side of his saddlebag. When he looked to see what it was, his eyes widened in shock. The box that he had left behind in his hut for the Cutie Mark Crusaders was now in his bag. On the outside, another note had been attached.

Your safe haven has been compromised. Guards came into your home to try and take this. Whatever it is that you’re trying to do, you certainly got their attention. -Emet

‘What?! No!’ He thought to himself as he started gritting his teeth as he began to dig his hooves into the dirt, wanting to rectify this himself, but he knows going back would be a huge risk.

'I knew Celestia wanted me out of Equestria, but to send her soldiers to invade my home. That’s low, even for her.’ He thought to himself, but just as he was about to set the final rune stone, he was approached by a mare unicorn with a pure white coat, an ethereal pink mane and tail. She seemed familiar, but the moment her wings flared up, he knew who this was.

“Lord Suicune, I think it’s time you and I had a talk.” She said.


Author's Note:

I am sooooo sorry this took so long. A lot has been happening this past month that I didn't have time to post this chapter.

I actually finished this chapter with Frost back in May and BP helped with the editing, but I didn't post it due to a lot of things going on that was out of my control.

I haven't spoken to Frost since the beginning of May and I do want to talk with him again.

Anyways I'm sure at least some of you are wondering if I'll post another chapter soon.

Not likely as I have a lot to do right now that require my full attention. However probably by the end of June I should be free to write a lot again.

Anyways, enjoy this chapter and have a good night 😉

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*sigh* seeing people do pokemon Displaced stories drives me to make my own, but yet I seem end up losing the drive when I try to write. *shakes fist at writer's block*

I'm still around, Pen. Life's just been busy :raritywink:

Hey, it happens to the best of us. Just be sure to do your best

That's kind of is my best at the moment. All I've managed to write were journal entries.

I am enjoying this story

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