• Published 25th Feb 2021
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A New Destiny: Wrath of the Elders - Pen Dragon

Six month have passed since Lord Suicune appeared in Equestria, and he has begun to find a place amongst the ponies. However, the Elders haven't given up on their hunt for the pokemon and now have a means to bring him home through the death god....

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I. A New Start

I. A New Start

For the past six months here in Equestria, Suicune knew that those from his old realm would one day make their way here and force him to return home. Ronan the Accuser was a prime example of this, nearly destroying Ponyville, and willing to kill innocent ponies just to bring him in. The powerful pokemon knew that remaining here would only cause more and more issues.

All he wanted was a fresh start, to feel like he truly belongs to something that actually matters. To be normal essentially rather than to be feared or worshipped as some kind of deity. It was the only thing he ever truly desired above all things now.

However, upon arriving in this humble, peaceful land, he has come to learn that Harmony guides the people of Equestria and that for over a 1000 years, it had been a time of peace with very few enemies to threaten it. First it was the return of both Nightmare Moon, and the Lord of Chaos, an invasion from a race of shapeshifters who nearly overthrew the capital of Canterlot, and the miraculous return of the Crystal Empire and the recent imprisonment of Lord Tirek.

So much has happened long before the Legendary Pokemon arrived and all these events, all these villains who tried so hard to conquer these lands had been thwarted by the efforts of six ponies who each bare the powers of harmony itself. Laughter, Kindness, Loyalty, Generosity, Honesty, and Magic that unites all these elements together that evil has stood no chance against them. He was honestly impressed at how these ponies could live in a time of peace.

Suicune couldn’t help but chuckle in his head as he recalled the times his sister had spoken of this world when he was a human. Calling her a dork for watching a little girls show and it was almost ironic that despite him finding the show uninteresting, he was now in the very world that his little sister had long since desired to one day be a part of in whatever form that took.

It’s strange isn't it sister? That I would find myself here in the world that you loved? If only I could have brought you here before you passed, you would have found a new, better purpose. No, a better life instead of living as a servant under Yasha… It’s because of him that you're gone… I… I hope you find happiness elsewhere sister.’ Suicune thought to himself as he looked up towards Luna’s moon, as he continued to ponder about every action he has taken up until he arrived here.

“They’ll be coming, and when they do… Equestria will suffer the same fate that my realm faced. I can only hope the Zsoltan can continue to slow them down… Without the gateway I’ve created and the exact coordinates, the Elders can never hope to reach Equestria, not without the knowledge I’ve obtained. They can only rely on their foot soldiers, and mercenaries that have tokens to enter this world.” He muttered to himself, expecting someone to say something, add something, or even question what he has said.

Finding it irksome, the pokemon couldn’t help but let out a low growl as he turned his gaze away from the moon and back towards a hut he had made within the Everfree Forest, with only having a few visitors from some squirrels, bunnies, and of course the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and occasionally receiving a visit from a zebra who goes by the name of Zecora, who had provided a few potions for insomnia, but she wasn’t aware that he had disguised himself as a pony, hiding his true form and went by the name of FrostMourne.

And in exchange for the potions she had made for him, he helped with providing assistance in gathering ingredients for her own potions. He didn’t deny that there was a subtle bond forming between them for the past month. A mutual friendship that he didn’t have for over 4000 years.

‘Hmm… I wonder what she’s up tomorrow… maybe I should stop by?’ He thought to himself, before recalling he has to visit town and continue teaching the little fillies who he’s come to know as the Cutie Mark Crusaders. ‘Right… I have to teach those fillies. Perhaps I could teach Scootaloo some wing exercises that my friend told me about… Then there’s the magic lessons with Sweetie Belle, but with her affinity with magic, I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it in no time. Then that leaves Applebloom… Is time to teach her how to wield a battle axe, or maybe she’d be better with a mace… I’m not sure?’


“Huh!?” Suicune said, his hexagonal horn started to glow as his body started to transform. Fully turning into a unicorn stallion with white and sky blue spotted fur, and a long purple mane and tail and a grey shield cutie mark with a purple gem at the center of it. Now that he had disguised himself quickly, he immediately made his way out of his hut, his horn glowing brightly. “Who goes there?!”

“Do forgive my intrusion, for I bring another solution for you, my friend.” Zecora said, smiling gently, carrying a basket with more potions for him.

“No, forgive me, I wasn’t expecting company at this hour…hahaha.” He replied, letting out a chuckle that seemed to surprise the zebra more than anything due to her eyes widening suddenly. “Although I thought you mentioned you were going to work on rhyming less… Hmm... Something wrong?”

“No, no, for I have not seen you truly smile, let alone let out a laugh. It is pleasant my friend.” She said, smiling back. “I’ve been working on it.”

“Really? Odd… I'm certain I’ve at least smiled whenever the two of us meet.” Suicune commented, trying to recall the few times the two of them met.

“I suppose what I am saying is that you’ve hidden this smile, behind that of a false and vile smile that saddens me.” She explained to the disguised pokemon as she looked up towards him.

Suicune couldn’t help but notice that she was very small compared to him, even in his pony state, he was a head taller than this Big Macintosh he had seen in Ponyville. She at one point compared him to the farmer at Sweet Apple Acres. It was something random to pop in his head, something that hardly ever happens, but it wasn’t something bad, had to admit that he found it rather cute as most of his former servants were massive or had a bipedal form. Here despite him being taller than most, they weren’t too small for him, or had different forms.

“Excuse me, Sir Frost? Are you alright?” Zecora asked, giving the pokemon a questioning look.

“No, I’m alright, just lost in thought is all… and Frost is just fine, but anyways, it’s getting pretty late, would you like for me to escort you back to your home?” Suicune offered the mare kindly, not realizing that he was indeed smiling genuinely and Zecora couldn’t help but smile back at the clueless stallion.

“I would like that.” Zecora answered and the two began to make their way through the woods. Unaware that they were being watched by a white alicorn flying overhead.

“Hmm… So this must be Lord Suicune… I did not think he was capable of shapeshifting, however, he can’t hide forever. Not after what he did to my little ponies.“ Princess Celestia said to herself, recalling the events that had taken place three months prior, leading to the injuries of several guards and his escape.

Three Months Ago

Princess Celestia stood outside of a cave where the supposed rogue displaced had been hiding for quite some time and with the knowledge she had received from her two other worldly guests. Their former leader is considered to be a deity and is one of the most powerful among his people, but with the assistance of her royal guard’s best soldiers, and her magic, they should be able to subdue the pokemon and have him returned home.

Behind her stood a total of twenty of Canterlot’s finest guards, armed with large metal spears and enchanted silver armor. Six of these guards carried crossbows with rope attached at the very ends for capture. It wasn’t long until their newest captain, Cpt. Steel Brick, made his way over to Princess Celestia’s side.

“Your Highness, the area is secured and I had additional troops placed across the forest as you have ordered. Are you certain it was wise to leave the Element bearers back in Ponyville? They could have this creature petrified and those strange beings can take it back to whatever hole they crawled out of?” He asked, his expression mostly unchanged, but the tone in his voice spoke volumes to the Princess and she couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

“Captain Steel Brick, I understand your concerns, but this is a being who is considered to be royalty in some aspect and deserves to be treated with respect. I’d rather not risk the safety of my subjects if this Suicune character decides to use other means of escape.” She explained. “I only wish to have a civilized conversation with this Lord Suicune and hope to reach an understanding.”

“As you wish, your majesty.” Steel Brick bowed before returning to his position.

Taking a deep breath, Celestia’s horn lit up as she conjured a magic barrier around herself as well as a few safeguards just in case things break out. Once she was done, she began to make her way inside to hopefully greet the Pokemon peacefully.

“Lord Suicune? I wish to have an audience with you concerning the matters of your people and your presence here in Equestria.” She explained, hoping to receive a reply from him, but no one answered. Until she caught a glimpse of a figure moving in the darkness, slowly approaching her.

Just as her horn began to glow, she was greeted by a cold expression from a strange creature that was a head taller than her. Something that she wasn’t expecting.

“Princess Celestia, a fitting name for a Sun goddess.” Suicune stated bluntly as Celestia stood there with a stoic expression of her own.

“I appreciate the compliment, but I didn’t come here to have idle chit chat with you. I’ve come to bring you back to Canterlot, hopefully on peaceful terms.”

“Quite amusing… You speak of peace, but have a legion of soldiers outside my cave, intending to bring me in by force. How is this peaceful?” Suicune asked, glaring at the princess who only closed her eyes for a brief moment before looking up towards the pokemon.

“Tell me, if you found a being from another hiding in your lands with powers that could very well be used for evil intent, wouldn’t you take precautions?” She rebutted with a question of her own. Earning an annoyed grunt from the Displaced Lord.

Suicune found the lack of light in the entrance of his own cave to be quite bothersome, so his hexagonal horn began to glow brightly and torches that were mounted on the wall lit up immediately, surprising the sun goddess for a brief moment.

“Do forgive me for not inviting you inside my home, but I wasn’t exactly expecting company you know. However, I must ask you, if you say you’ve come on peaceful terms, why so many soldiers, surely only a few dozen would be fine and that I could very well understand, but I’ve sense the life force of over fifty royal guards all across this forest, with the additions of some cannon crews placed strategically in all routes of possible escape.” He explained, Celestia’s eyes widening. Unaware that he’d be able to know all of this without so much as stepping outside.

“How did you come to know this? Each of my guards are wearing enchanted armor that conceals their magic and hides their scents. And there's been no spells that we could detect watching us. I saw to it myself.” Celestia snarled, for the first time letting out a bit of emotion that seemed to amuse the legendary pokemon as he carefully levitated a table and two chairs over to them.

“That is a trade secret your majesty, and if you truly want there to be peace between us… then sit down so we can talk to one another properly.”

“And if I refuse?” She asked, glaring at Suicune as he sat down in the chair.

“Well, then I’ll have no choice but to ask you to leave… I’d rather not fight you, but if I have to then I will.” Suicune warned, his piercing red eyes glaring down at the Solar Princess, but she herself shared a similar glare.

“You abandoned your people, left your responsibilities onto another despite making a solemn vow to look after the displaced no matter the cost, bringing conflict here to my kingdom and endangering my subjects. Tell me, Lord Suicune? If you truly believe in peace… tell me why you are here?” Celestia asked, earning a scowl from the pokemon as he removed the table and chairs he brought over and turned his back to the princess.

“You want to know why? You should be careful for what you wish for, because I promise, you won’t like the answer, your majesty.” Suicune said. “I’ll say this only once Celestia… This forest is my territory from now on. Leave now, while you still can, before things get ugly.”

“I wanted to end this peacefully, but clearly you don’t want that… Your people are coming into my world. Some of which have ill intent and wish to bring harm to my little ponies. All because they want your head! Stand down, and I’m not asking this time!”

“Then so be it.”

Meanwhile Outside of Suicune’s Cave

Captain Steel Brick could only wait patiently as his guards stood at the ready. It had been more than twenty minutes since Princess Celestia entered the cave.

“Captain? Do you think she’ll be able to convince whatever that thing is to surrender to us?” One of the guards asked him. He couldn’t help but roll his eyes before turning to face his subordinate.

“We can only hope Private, for now return to your position immediately… If things go wrong, we must be ready to-” Steel Brick couldn’t finish his sentence due to the ground starting to shake. “What’s happening?!”


The cave Celestia had entered erupted with energy suddenly, creating a shockwave that obliterated the whole area, sending the guards flying back as debris landed across the forest. Nothing remained of the cave but a crater with Celestia flying just above it her ethereal mane in disarray, while Suicune stood in place, his expression unchanged.

‘ICE BEAM!!!’ The pokemon soon fired off a large beam of ice directly at the solar princess, only for her to create a shield with her magic, blocking the attack as it froze her entire shield. Tossing it to the side as it started to dissipate. She soon started to form a golden sphere of magic from her horn and soon fired off multiple beams of energy at the pokemon.

Seeing this, Suicune growled as he immediately started to evade the oncoming assault from the ruler of Equestria. Doing his best to avoid the burning rays of magic, but it was long before he was struck by a couple of them, burning his shoulder and back.

“GRRROWWWLL!!!!” He roared in pain, doing his best to keep moving before firing off another ice beam attack like before, but only as a diversion as he quickly started to form multiple pillars of ice beside him and quickly launched them into the air.

Celestia managed to block the ice beam attack like she did before, but soon noticed the massive pillar of ice flying towards her at incredible speed, breaking through her barrier and crashing into her, causing her to groan in pain, feeling the large edge of the ice jabbing into her side. She tried to throw it to the side with her magic, but was met by another pillar meeting a similar fate and striking the princess, sending her crashing to the ground as the ice started to shatter, causing the ground to shake on impact.

Seeing this as an opportunity to go on the offensive. Suicune’s paws started to glow and ice claws formed around his two front paws, he quickly dashed over to where Princess Celestia laid, only to be met by a surprise attack of a golden chain striking his face, causing him to stumble backwards. “It’ll take more than your ice to defeat me!”

He heard the voice of Celestia as she emerged from the shattered ice, with multiple golden chains of magic floating around her before all of them were quickly whipped around rapidly and striking the pokemon in the chest, sending him to the ground. He groaned in pain as he quickly picked himself off the ground. “God that hurt… Wasn’t expecting that.” He said, standing up quickly, evading the chains, but barely.

Using his ice claws, he deflected the golden chains and began to make his way towards the princess at rapid speed. It wasn’t long until Celestia dropped her spell, and created a golden axe and quickly swung it at the legendary pokemon, only for him to block it with his ice claw.

“I’m not going back to that cursed realm! It’s nothing more than a world of enslavement and death!!!” Suicune roared in anger, before pushing the axe away from him to try and strike his opponent, but she ended up using the other end of her long battle axe and jabbing him in the head with it.

“And bringing them here is better!!!” She counted, following up with a quick back hoof kick, sending the pokemon skidding across the floor.

It wasn’t long until Suicune formed a long ice sword with his own magic and the two deities blades soon clashed into one another, both beings using their magic to tighten their hold on their weapons. Soon both weapons shattered to pieces after clashing repeatedly.

Having had enough of this fight, Suicune had little to no choice but to tackle the ruler of Equestria to the ground and began to go feral on her, biting into her neck.

“AAAHHH!!!” She yelled in pain, quickly using her hind legs to push him off her and quickly swing her left leg around and kicking him in the face. Surprising him as he fell to the ground, taking the opportunity to bring her axe down on the pokemon, but was quickly deflected by his twin tails and distanced himself from the princess, preparing his final attack to escape.

Suicune soon began gathering energy around him as his body was surrounded by a blue aura as sparks of electricity started to shoot out in all directions. Seeing this a sign of a final attack, Celestia’s horned started to form a small sphere above her head.

“You made a promise to your people! That you’d be their protector and you're just going to abandon them!?” Celestia shouted.

‘If only you knew Princess…You haven’t seen hell like I have!’ Suicune thought, knowing that this attack would indeed hurt the white alicorn, but not enough to kill her. He only hoped that the ponies that were injured in this battle would be able to walk away with minor injuries. Seeing the princess launch the sphere of magic at him, Suicune growled in anger as he dashed forward with all the power he possessed.“GIGA IMPACT!!!”

Suicune soon collided against Celestia’s attack, creating a massive explosion that blew the Sun Princess back, with the last thing she saw was a blinding light.

Present Day

Princess Celestia, shook her head in annoyance after recalling her last encounter with the Legendary Pokemon. It was frustrating, to see someone who was revered as a god, a hero, and a leader, abandon their people for a selfish desire. Something she now understands after seeing Suicune interact with Zecora. He looked almost friendly, even though he was deceiving her they looked happy. It was as if he desired...

“To feel alive again…” She whispered to herself, looking back at the pair once more to see the pokemon drop off Zecora to her home and bid her farewell. It was then she realised that she had been following the two for awhile now. Celestia couldn’t help but blush in embarrassment from what she did and decided that it was time to return home before her sister took notice, but she couldn’t help but find the pokemon to be mysterious and yet strange.

Suicune however, pretended not to notice the white Alicorn spying on him. He managed to pick up her sent a while back, but since she hadn’t intervened, must meant she was either just observing if he was a threat to her ponies, or was waiting for the opportunity to strike. ‘As long as I pretend not to notice, she’ll leave me alone as long as I don’t do anything suspicious.’

‘Maybe it’s best for me to leave him be, for now… He hasn’t done anything yet, but I do expect him to apologize for what he’s done. It’s been more than three months since the raid at his old cave, and my little ponies paid the price for it. However, I think I have a somewhat better understanding of what he wants… He reminds me of the path I could have taken at some point. Leave Equestria to pursue my own passions, interests, and… live my own life. I just never had the courage.’ She thought to herself, before teleporting away and returning to Canterlot, leaving the Pokemon to breathe a sigh of relief.

“I do wonder what it is I should do about her? She is quite persistent to bring me back to her castle? What to do indeed?” He muttered quietly, before making his way back to his hut, and calling it a night.

Author's Note:

It took a bit of time to write this chapter, but I have to say that I am pretty satisfied with what I wrote. Although I am looking for Proof-readers and I'd really appreciate any help with pointing out any issues. Next chapter will come when it's ready.

Also I know Zecora isn't rhyming, trust me I know, but I ain't good with rhymes. So I changed that for this story. Sorry please don't be mad :fluttercry:

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