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I write all kinds of furry stories, and I love to hear feedback on my work!

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~Oh another story by Calico? I'll know this will be good!~

Everyone is bi in Ranchtown apparently

I really didn't expect that BJ

Oooo. Firewire is a fun one.

Great story, it should have more likes.

So jealous of Flash and Snow...
Nibbles on her lip
So fetting hot

*Reading* “Okay, this is pretty good, let’s see where this goes...

“Look, I would love to help you but I can’t right now. I’ve got a very limited time in order to find a new job.” He said and grabbed his black jacket from the back of his chair. As he slid it on, he saw Flash duck down low and undo Fire’s pants. “What do you think--nnnnn.” He half growled but half sighed with pleasure as Flash slid Fire’s cock into his mouth.


I do like this, but I think you're doing too much telling rather then showing.

Yea, its bit much. needed like 2 or 3 more paragraphs of action, and maybe some more descriptions.

It's still pretty nice story. Good writing.

The cam show should had been longer, with more scenes IMO. Unless you are saving it for upcoming chapters?

Anyhow, I liked it.

"but he's your character"
Actually Firewire is my Character. :P

Love it~! And I totally ship it

I kept imagining Snowflake wearing lipstick in that scene

Will there ever be any more to this story?

Yes, at some point.

I hope so, because I really enjoy this story

man, looking forward to whats gonna happen next. 🙂

jeez, I'm a little excited for when the next chapter comes, want to know what will happen with the ex boss

Kinda feel like this could had used more distinct characters, and referring to them with descriptors instead of names, and maybe have bit less of them. Might just me being distracted, but I kinda lost who is who and looks like what in my head towards the end of the chapter. Like too many characters that I only really know in name, and need to go back to reread prievius chapters to remember how they looked. Probably not gonna be a problem if reading this in one sitting tho.

Anyhow nice job.

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