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I write all kinds of furry stories, and I love to hear feedback on my work!

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I think spa's are nice. Visited one once and i like it

Ah. What a wonderful romance filled story.
I believe that you've earned a fav and a like:eeyup:

This is actually pretty good

“You fanboys don’t deserve her! If she can’t have some time away from you, then you should just go ahead and give up being Wonderbolt fanboys all together. You obviously have no respect for them as individuals!” A larger stallion said, his brow furrowed.


wow, great story!

Been on fimfiction since the beginning. Commented on 2 stories in these years ( this is comment 2 ) love this sweet loving story keep up the awesome work

Great work well done

Darn it! :pinkiegasp:
This story screams either "unfinished" or "to be sequel-ed"
Awsome story:twilightsheepish:
I hope this isn't the last we see of this budding romance.

Ditto. This is a great story

excited to see where this goes (I can't end here, can it?!)

Great story! Definitely one of the better ones I have seen that features Spitfire. Hope that cliffhanger ending was a sign that a sequel is in the works! [eagerly waiting]

While I like this, may be even love it, why were their eyes welling up in the end?

happy crying from moving in together i think

good story m8, have a like and fav

it's back! Yay!

The main reason why I believe they were crying is because the doubt and uncertainty they had about how their relationship would work was slowly and surely being resolved. Finding a new place to live together and build a life together was a key part of that.

Also, from Spitfire's perspective, she may also have cried due to what Chip implied when he said that he would have to get used to living in third gear. He basically let Spitfire know that he is in it for the long haul.

I am really loving this story and look forward to further developments.

Great work keep it up

Great work can’t wait for the next chapter

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