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I write all kinds of furry stories, and I love to hear feedback on my work!

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OMG wow, that is making me all excited.

now that's amazing



Oh my excited is one way to put it.

This is really good. I love me some good incest, and the mechanical part of it was really interesting. Keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

Whoa, a story of these two. That's pretty great.

I love this clopfic.... Make me wannna cry at the same time bone T-T. Like

The entire thing is brilliant, and the characters are great. Props to you.


It was a commission for Electric Spark. The story itself is more inspired by coming of age tales.

Looking forward to the next chapter, and hot-damn is this a story I want more of.

Thanks! Don't forget to add me to watch! ;)

I think many of us may have cringed. Come on, they're not that addicted to sex... they situations you throw these guys in. At least the clop is good. The transition to it is the relative problem >.>

All this unprotected sex, they're lucky no one is pregnant

modern AU and unicorns. Pretty sure they got birth control means in medicine and/or magic

It's a smut story, what do you expect? there is some form of plot but it's mostly just smut

Am i the only one who wants to see voltage getting banged by two or more guys?

I sense another mare in the herd~.

W-Wait... it... it just... ends there?

Why... why do you do this?

>Reads awhile back
>Forgets to favorite, watch, and upvote
>Thinks the story is dead after fapping 8 times
>Opens front page after failed Payday hiest
>Sees story
>Eyes go wide, and dick is diamonds
>Immediate favorite, upvote, and watch

I'm gonna relieve some tension, now.

it's a two part chapter, chapter 2 is coming soon :3

Comment posted by Calico64 deleted Sep 2nd, 2017

Yet another steamy and fantastic chapter. Looking forward the second part of this chapter and more afterward. I'll also admit I was thrown for a loop with this one. Saw the title and was convinced you were going for impregnation kink since any use of the word 'heat' in a clopfic usually heralds it. Not to mention that it's practically one of the only kinks in the book you haven't crossed off in this story yet:trollestia:. Nice job pulling that off in just a few chapters and still keeping it a cohesive story by the way:moustache:.

....And while I might bring down the flaming rage of haters, I'll go ahead and ask: Do you plan on introducing it at some point:fluttershysad:? Seeing the crazy stuff, steamy action and awkward moments these characters have gone through so far, I find I'd really like to see how something like that would affect them:pinkiehappy:.

I don't believe I'll be going into any impregnation in this series. It's not that I'm against it, it's just that I don't think it would fit very well. But thanks for reading!

whats up with the huge line gaps?

Just how it copied and pasted.

Comment posted by Fracturedheart deleted Sep 8th, 2017

This whole story is getting really deep and full without falling into the line of convoluted. I can't wait to see the other OC Electricspark88 has being added to this story. I'm also interested in seeing them face some conflicts either personal or with the Obscenely Rich guy. For now the smooth story has been nice but soon they'll have to face something difficult to handle or they'll look like they live in a dream world where things always work out for them.

TL:DR Good chapter, can't wait to see more characters. Want them to face problems. 10/10 would read again

And the merry band grows again. The twins will have quite the harem really soon at this rate :rainbowlaugh:

So, Pop is sterile because of a magical mishap... ouch. Well, not ouch if she doesn't want kids at all, but very ouch if she wanted some later.
Though I have to admit, the way she dispersed of that buffoon of a 'magician' was brilliant.

Can you give me a link to the photo of your story as I wanna see the full version?

Oh dear, do we have another contender for the twin's growing harem?

So we just met another future member of our happy troupe, have we? And a kindred spirit to Pop as well! Not 100% the same, but still.

Also, surprise food is best food.

I am loving this chapter and the other new one too; it’s great you are updating again.

It was very Hot.

Voltage certainly knows how to make a build-up. Pop's reaction was as genuine as genuine can be - hell, even I was able to feel the emotion. That was seriously wonderful!

... and then Spark had fun, in all the meanings of the word. Trying to act stupid porn stuff without laughing takes some real skill (or willpower).

So, I've seen several pictures of those two floating around, and while they do look sexy together, things I inevitably wonder about pictures of pairs like them are, "Who are they? Why are they together? What do they feel when having sex?" I'm very much a sucker for context.

...So imagine my mix of surprise and delight when I find this, promising to give me the answers to those questions! Having a story to go along with a picture is my fetish, and I might just consider this a story for just about every picture of these two out there! I look forward to taking a look...

Twincest is wincest

Well, nothing kills the mood like sabotage and crying ponies. I get this is a setup chapter, but it did leave a sour taste in my mouth.

So, the bad guy is... well, not really unveiled, but definitely confirmed.
That's going to be a lot of fun once everyone figures out who is pulling the strings.
Remember, kids! Greed is terrible if left unchecked.

Only read to ch.3 and stopped reading
Guessing it's one of those mindless clop/f*** fest. But that's not what got me. I'm no author but read a crap ton of stories (like everyone else) to know this one doesn't focus on a real relationship. Kind of figure out that their well be no questioning the twins life style of choice. Also the twins might never have a converstation if they are actully in love or just useing each other because why not *shrugs*. One last before leaving, the herd thing is a bad idea. The twins should feel jealously if anyone gets to take away their brother or sister right? Ta-ta:duck:

Kind of figure so:twilightsheepish:, can you tell me what chapter they have a serious coverstation without sexual contact? So I can start from there. Might have idea that I'm not missing much if that's the starting point.

it gets serious around the most recent chapter (strictly business)... although there are a few minor points in between.

gets more serious later on i think judging from the recent chapter

Father, huh? That's quite the twist. Culprit exposed, righteous revenge soon? Probably not as simple, but at least everyone has a target now.
Also, that was the best method of payment.

I wanted to give it a chance but I noticed it is anthro after reading about hands, I probably have missed it in the tags.
Is this more slive of life, meant as a clopstory or something with adventure in it? (I don't know which tags block each other so it could be there.)

It's all of the above.

I am just loving the hell out of this entire series, likable (and not so much) characters, well written, steamy sex. I always eagerly await more, great work!

That went way easier than expected :rainbowlaugh:

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