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I write all kinds of furry stories, and I love to hear feedback on my work!

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Interesting you have caught my attention with this

Damn it, and I just forgot about Yandere Simulator

I really want to see where this goes

It took some getting use to, these pony students were all different colors of red, orange, green, blue and just about every other color you could ever imagine.

for some reason, i immediately thought of

As the class was about to come to an end with the bell, five students out of the twenty-five in his class turned in their paper. One of them was Snowpeak, who once again wrote that little heart in the corner of the assignment. Jason looked up at her as she put her paper into his inbox and gave him a wink.

I can't hold onto it any longer! :raritydespair: Must... pick... low... hanging.... fruit!:applejackconfused:
It's like a Rule 63.5 version of this!

She wasn’t even trying to be subtle anymore, he looked at her work in some shock as he turned the paper onto its face on his desk.

She was trying to be subtle before? :unsuresweetie:

I'm guessing she might join in to gain 'extra credit'...or be potentially blackmail to not let this be found out.

Sounds like Jayce is seriously in for it.

Good luck man:rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

complete? what why i wanna see more sexy times

You need at least one more chapter

a nice big dong

Would you say that it’s a “Magnum Dong”?

That was all kinds of hot! I think there needs to be more, at least a sequel? Really enjoyed it 👍

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