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I write all kinds of furry stories, and I love to hear feedback on my work!

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What if Winter was still inside? o3o
But anyway, congratulations~

Fun read so far keep it up.

So, key to getting Fable into bed is to bribe with alcohol huh? xD

Let me guess, she is also pregnant?

If she went back in time, got fucked, and went forward in time while pregnant, she would have had the child by the time the timeline went back to normal. She would have a foal on her knee and Fable probably would have never gotten with Letty. Though, I suppose he could've. Either way, no Sky did not get pregnant hehehe.

If we are following the whole wibbily wobbly timey wimey there would be a ripple in time in which that it will slowly take effect. It is not instantaneous as one would expect, like Marty's family picture in Back to the Future, how slow his brother and sister were vanishing it could also have a reverse effect. I could say that it had a delay effect, nothing change since they were a part of the spell.

I didn't expect to see time travelling here xD
Very powerful spell just to get fucked

Eeeeee, I'm so proud~! ;3;
And Winter claimed yet another mom~

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