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I write all kinds of furry stories, and I love to hear feedback on my work!

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Damn... he's gonna be sore in the morning. :rainbowlaugh: but I have to ask, where's the Abyssinian or does she come later?

i was about to ask that myself

Hopefully, we'll find out.

Will all the chapters be as long as the first?

a good question.

The Abyssinian comes in later :P

The way the story is set up, I wouldn't be surprised if she comes in as a new room mate to replace Solar Flare after Flare declares Patch Note a terrible room mate for not doing her dishes and storms out to find a new apartment.

I really enjoyed this, looking forward to what you do next.

Hi, I wanted to ask. Can you please share the full picture of the cover? It's nice and I'd want to save it

I tried uploading her to derpibooru, but it wouldn't let my phone upload the ref it's from

Is there even a e621 link?

Furries off my pony website reeeeeee

More please!!!!!!!

Cease your useless foibling. A brony is after all just a closet furry at heart.

Im confused though... the picture used doesnt appear to fit the theme...

The cat lady simply has not appeared yet.

Patch got himself deep in there didn’t he~ ;P

Loved the ending. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh that was awesome. Love the way you take your time with introducing his new roomie too.

Here lies Blast, he died from a overload XD More please, this was funny!

Blast’s eyes shot open, looking at her, then looking over at Patch. “Why…”

“Blast? Are you--” Patch was interrupted as Blast raised both of his fists up.


Because he's become a protagonist :moustache:

Comment posted by Vinyl_scratch_OP deleted Dec 27th, 2018

and this story is going into the tracking folder.

noice. I really like where this is going, you continue time and again to prove your mastery of the word Cali. Can't wait to see where this story goes, and what future stories await!

Adorable, fluffy and positive, perfect thingie for boosting morale.

Literally knew she was Australian from the second line from her mouth.

Very nice intro for Jasmine. I really like her determination and the demonstration of how far she is willing to go for her dreams, and that she didn't put up with what Butterscotch Bakery was doing.

What that company did to her reminds me of something someone I know who works with at-risk youths once told me about how some modern slavers operated. By isolating someone from their family, their friends, and anything else that would allow the victim to do anything to leave and earn a living, they make the victim believe that they have nowhere to go, and thus no choice but to do what they say. Since their victims were not physically held prisoner, only socially, financially, and psychologically, it is very hard to prove a case in a court of law. Usually when such slavers are caught the only legal action that sticks is a law suit brought on the victim's behalf.

Based on the disconnect between the reputation of the company for superior baking goods and the incompetence they displayed in handling Pearl Necklace's wedding cake, I have to wonder if what they were doing to Jasmine was how they got most of their highly competent bakers who gave them such a good reputation in the first place.

Part of me wants to do a storyline involving the company, but that will have to wait. Thanks for the comment.

**wiggles finger guns** bang on xD

This story now holds a very special place in my heart. Well fucking done, mate. Well fucking done.

hmm i like this fic both porn and story good to see

Its an incredibly cute story. Not drowned out by the lazy use of sex and porn. This story has substance, a goal. The characters are enjoyable.

Agreed, finaly something raunchy that does not devolve into pure porn after a couple of senyences.

The pacing on the ending gave me whiplash. How did they develop so much intrest in each other so quickly? I mean the closest they were prior romantically was her flashing him when she had a bigger problem than him seeing her nude but then -

“I can’t deny that I care about you, and I couldn’t bare the thought if something were to happen to you.”

He has a spontanious development of romance

“Even if I did lose everything. Even if I hadn’t gotten the job from Pearl and even if I never saw my home again, at least I had you.”

Then hes such a hot stud she wouldn't mind losing her prior life?

They havent even known one another for 24 hours and they are confessing this much emotion. We even SAW what she was thinking when everything was going up in flames, it wasnt "at least I still have that one cute guy who helped me out"

Im all for a cheesy romance but I was kinda hoping to have some develop rather than a hard scene cut to them cuddling and kissing.
(Still an interesting story im going to keep up with!)

I would say he considered her as a really close friend up till when they have their time in his bed at the end and effectively asked if he wants to be her boyfriend.

This is something I want to build on in a future story as well, like say a he has a memory to when they went to the mall and they picked up her shirts or them watching a movie before the show starts where Red Quill is on the television.

Jasmine, being new to the town, has probably clung to Patch as tight as possible. Doing so, she got to see what he’s really like by (accidentally) putting him under the strain of caring for this person who just entered his what used to be till then (with a few exceptions), a dull, ordinary life. Another thing could be is that Pop knows a little about him and told how much of a softie he really is; much like how Ma Bushel tells her when they get the burgers, but probably in a way that she’s egging her on to take him.

(And yes, there shall be more stories in the future for peeps to read about their adventures ^^)

Excuse me while I use this,


But seriously this is pretty good I wanna see if they can move beyond this and develop a full relationship. I know stuff like this happens. A good friend of mine did almost exactly this. Helped a girl out he didn't know and boom they have been married for almost a decade now and on kid number 3. So all you doubters out there, yes love works in weird ways. It's just rare.

Yes! That’s pretty much how I plan to have them. I’m planning to get more in the future of them.

There is one thing I must say to all of this...


Seriously, this is dear to me because it is almost an exact reenactment of how me and my wife got together. We've been together for 12 years now, and we have our final child on the way.

And reading this? It puts a tear in my eye, remembering the awesome way we met. The passion, the excitement, the nervousness... Yeah, you did fucking good. I don't cry easy. Period. You have made me cry more times in the past few months with this story than I've cried in years. My wife can attest to that. I hadn't cried since our twins were born, and here you come, making me weep tears of joy.

I'm saving each chapter in a doc, so I can remember this beauty of a story.

There will be no virgin in Ranchtown. I really envy Patch~
This is a hot fic~!

I just realized it's 10k words!

Blast's reaction sums up mine~

A new species in town~! Gotta say you made it work really well in the story. I love the relationship with Patch and Jasmine~

Oh yeah, I'm really digging this pair~

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