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I write all kinds of furry stories, and I love to hear feedback on my work!

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It said your story got marked as Anthropomorphic.

I had to think about this one while reading this story!

Ohh that is hot, just, DAMN!

Now, Pearl needs to take DM to that club for a little double team action.

So minimally connected to MLP... I had a story rejected (likely due to its content) but despite having several mane characters in its first chapter... Hell, you only mentioned Celestia three times in the whole story and no other major characters...

Who approved your story, might I ask?

I am free to approve my own stories. I don't know why your stories were rejected, and I'm sorry about that. But the stories that were approved before were approved by the editors, and their content were just as minimally connected to MLP, but they are still considered Fanon as such. Sorry again.

Aaahhh, i gotcha... i heard about being able to auto-approve stories, i just never used it or looked into it I just go through with the mods

So angry sex is their thing then? It works really well for them. :eeyup: Well the teasing an name calling does anyway.

Comment posted by Fracturedheart deleted Sep 8th, 2017

It sounds like an interesting story happened between chapters 2 and 3.
Write that?

Yes, it starts with Gemini Ties: For Friendship.

Perfect ending for an awesome story, this and Gemini Ties have been a great read.

I so happy you are adding plus chapters to this :3
This have some realy intresting new informations in it.
I'm still curious about Death Metal "scream power?" that she used in that club in your other story in this AU.

I have to ask
Amaranth as in the Nightwish song?

Not sure what you mean by "scream power", but let's just say Death Metal still has some latent potential.

And yes, Amaranth's name was in inspired by the Nightwish song :p

I meant what she did to the tugs in the club before saving Pearl

Pearl and DM is still my favorite ship in the Ranchtown universe

When you hired the best, well, you get the best. Quick, and fast for them!~

Anyway, another great sexy chapter for this story!~
Loving it, and can't wait for the wedding, and wondering whats going to go down at it...
Anyways, see ya next chapter!~

Lewds at the wedding, that's nice~
Seeing two characters that I love getting married makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Well then, that's two sexy times in a row. Wouldn't be surprised if an orgy happened~

Aaaah I love it! It's nice to see how much Death Metal has grown, makes me appreciate her more. She is one of my favorite characters in Ranchtown.

That was a great chapter, a very sweet wedding~!
And looks like there'll be a new antagonist?

Excellent story, really enjoyed Death Metal/Pearl Necklace and the relationship between them.

This was a call back and follow up to "Silence, Please" right?

Poor Pink Lips, maybe if she asks nicely she can be a third wheel of Dark Metal and Pearl Necklace.

It's a pity Rosemary and Death Metal didn't make up and now they have to find a new florist.

Is this really done? It feels like it had another chapter but it got removed. Also I must say I love the way all your stories are intertwined and all connect to one big universe.

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