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Magical Pony Happiness Theory - Fiery Recovery

After the Battle of the Bands, Sunset Shimmer and the Rainbooms prepare for the upcoming Friendship games.

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The Mother, The Daughter, The Broken Spirit

Sunset felt that eerie chill down her spine as she walked over to the band room with her friends. She looked at the entrance of the school in concerned thought, her mind going back to last night's events. Someone was trying to extract magic at their statue's base, but for what purpose? What could they hope to gain by extracting the magic out? Was it one of the Sirens, but she hadn't felt any magical presence from the intruder. So then, who or what was it? In addition, something else gnawed at her stomach. Something that Flash said...Anon-a-...

"Sunset, are you okay?"

She blinked at Fluttershy's words. She looked over to the rest of the group and realized that they'd stopped talking minutes ago. They were all looking at her with the same expression: concern. She could only nod; for some reason, she was anxious about something. Something that she couldn't remember. It twisted at her nerves, assaulted her head with anxiety, swirled her gut, and shook her hands. Was it from lack of sleep? She couldn't tell, she couldn't tell at all.

"Are ya sure?" Rainbow Dash questioned. "Because you look like you haven't gotten much sleep. Like at all."

"...Do I?" She unconsciously rubbed under her eyes, feeling for any bags, and frowned in thought. "Huh. Sorry, girls. I guess I didn't get any sleep last night. Something happened at the base of the statue and I want to figure it out as soon as possible, if not immediately."

"What is it?" Rarity whispered urgently. "What happened last night?"

"I saw someone at the base of the statue with some kind of device. She was definitely doing something to extract the magic of the portal...or was going to." She hesitated. Truth be told, that last part seemed more of an excuse to cover up the other thing that was bothering her. It was something that Flash said, something about Anon-a-Miss. For some reason, that name brought a sickening pain to her chest. She couldn't remember why though.

"Sunset?" Fluttershy's soft voice questioned, a hand caressing her shoulder. Despite the touch being tender, she flinched as if she was burned. "Is something wrong? You're so jumpy."

"...It's something that Flash said a few days earlier. About Anon-a-Miss." Sunset replied truthfully. "There's something about that name that's unsettling to me and I don't remember why."

"Why should you be worried?" Rainbow Dash asked. "I mean, if Anon-a-Miss was real, then it would've been defeated by now."

"Yeah, Sunny!" Pinkie Pie chimed, pulling Sunset in a one-armed hug. "We would've sent that monster a-packing!"

"I don't think it's the person itself that I'm worried about." Sunset said somberly despite smiling at Pinkie's gesture. "I'm worried more about the effect that it'll have on all of you." That sent a wave reaction throughout the group. They looked at each other for a couple of moments and Sunset was beginning to regret what she said given their blank faces before Rarity looked over to Sunset and smiled tenderly, gently caressing her hand.

"Sunset, it is true that previous encounters such as the Dazzlings have tested our friendship." Rarity began soothingly. "But both you and Twilight have proven to us that Friendship Is Magic and that nothing will ever tear our friendships apart."

"Yeah, Sunny!" Pinkie chimed in once more. "We'll always be here for you! That's what friends do, right? You've been there for us even when we were being meanies to each other!"

"Yeah, and if that Anon-a-Miss decides to mess with you, then she's messed with all of us!" Rainbow added. "She's forgotten that we're a team that never splits apart, even at the worst of times!"

"Sunset, remember what ah said?" Applejack spoke. "You're part of our family. I meant what I said that day. Family never, ever, ever turns their back on each other. That includes us. You'll always be part of our family. You have my word and my promise."

Sunset smiled genuinely, a little exhausted and still worried but nevertheless grateful that she had such wonderful friends by her side. "Thanks, girls. I'm so sorry for ever doubting you. This lack of sleep has really gotten to me. I guess I'll head on home. Sorry about that."

"It's no trouble at all, Sunset." Fluttershy smiled.

Reluctantly pulling away from Pinkie's hug, she waved her friends goodbye before exiting the school. After a few minutes of tense atmosphere, the Rainbooms nodded to each other and headed for the band room. Once inside, Pinkie Pie locked the door and they all faced each other with stony expressions. The minutes that followed were filled with a silence so thick that one can cut it with a knife.

"I thought we were supposed to stay on script." Rainbow Dash was the first one to speak.

"It's best not to rush these things, Rainbow Dash." Rarity pointedly replied. "On the contrary, Sunset's bound to spend more time here in this world now that things are at a slower pace."

"Right, Rarity, right." Applejack agreed. "After all, wasn't that our mission when Sunset created this imaginary world? To make sure that Sunset never left. I mean, all we have to do is assure her that we'll never leave her and she'll never leave."

"It's best if she didn't leave anyway." Fluttershy said, sounding sad. "Nobody liked her out there in the real world, not even the real Rainbooms. It doesn't make sense! Why now, of all times, do things have to turn out this way? We were just a tiny step away from making real friends, a tiny step to being happy again! We weren't going to harm anyone anymore! Demon Sunset shouldn't be a thing on their minds!"

"I guess it wasn't enough." Pinkie Pie murmured, hair going flat. "I guess our redemption wasn't enough in their eyes and who could blame them? In their eyes, we were let off easy. We should've gone to jail in their minds, let us know what true punishment is like. Well, in a way, this is our punishment. Sunset goes to a mental institution, away from society that was hurt by her cruel actions. No contact with the outside world and things will go back to normal. The Rainbooms gain their reputations once more and the world will never have to see Demon Sunset ever again."

"Can we really say that this is punishment?" Rarity asked. "After all, this is an idealized world where Sunset still has friends, has gained everyone's trust, and is starting to uncover other magical secrets. Can you really call this a punishment?"

"Well, it is the only thing keeping the darkness at bay." Applejack chimed. "If the darkness were to truly come out of hiding, then Sunset would die. It might be poetic to some of the students, but I think having people sigh in relief that the demon is locked away in a prison where she belongs is good enough for us."

The five turned their eyes to the ground, where dark tentacles of energy radiated from the ground...

On the other side of the portal...

Twilight Sparkle landed with a graceful plop of her hooves, Spike riding on her back. She levitated the folder above her, the contents inside extremely important for the task at hand. No doubt that Princess Celestia would want some physical proof concerning the whereabouts of her student. With a sigh, she placed them on the table, placed Spike gently on the ground, and then sat herself down, trying to absorb the situation. It was all too much to take in really and the worst part was that it was partially her fault for not being there for Sunset when the fiery-haired girl needed her.

"Twilight...?" Spike asked timidly.

"Yes, Spike?" She replied gently. Ah, she'd forgotten that Spike was there with her as well. This was a hard blow for him too. She gently took the dragon under her wing and they sat there for a few minutes, taking in the silence of the room. It wasn't going to be easy to tell Princess Celestia of what happened to one of her students, but it was for the best after all. The duo reluctantly parted from each other and Spike took it upon himself to retrieve quill and parchment, ready for the go-to. With a deep breath, Twilight began.

"Dear Princess Celestia..."

An hour later...

Twilight didn't realize she dozed off until a gentle pat on the shoulder woke her. Glancing around in confusion, her eyes had widened dramatically when she found that Princess Celestia was there, smiling down gently at her. Turning her head a little to the side, she also found that Princess Luna was there as well. She squealed in delight seeing her mentor and an enemy-turned-friend at her side before realizing the real reason that they were here, which dampened her mood considerably. The princesses noticed the change in mood and subsequently, their faces were somber as well.

"I take it that things on the other side of the portal have not been going well?" Princess Luna ventured.

"No, they're not." And so she launched into explanation about Sunset's situation as well as what Flash told her. She felt the tears well up in her eyes again which Princess Luna took upon her to gently erase. Twilight smiled in appreciation, thanking her before turning to Princess Celestia, afraid of what her reaction was going to be. Princess Celestia looked to the portal in a mixture of emotions: rage, sadness, etc. But when she turned to Twilight, a lovingly sad smile was in place.

"Thank you, Twilight." She spoke. "I imagine that it was difficult for you to tell me the news and I'm grateful that Sunset is in safe hands for now."

"Me too." Twilight said, smiling a little at the memory of Flash. "But I wish I could've come here sooner! If I did, then I might have convinced the Rainbooms that Sunset was telling the truth."

"You didn't know that this would happen, Twilight." Princess Celestia assured. Then her tone hardened. "But I will not deny that action against this student body would've been appropriate. In fact, I'm appalled that they would resort to such action in the first place. The only reason as to why I'm not banishing them to Tartarus myself is because Sunset is thankfully safe."

When Twilight deigned to speak, Princess Luna picked up the slack. "Twilight Sparkle, there is more to this than first written in your letter? What ails you?"

"I...I've been thinking about this whole debacle, about how I couldn't be there for her." Twilight admitted. "I was here where I was having a great time when Sunset slowly slipped into madness. I..." She felt a catch in her throat as if she might cry. "I...I could've been there for her...I could've supported her in her time of need...I...I..." She felt herself slip slowly into tears once more and she bawled her heart out.

"Twilight, if you are to blame..." Princess Celestia stated. "...Then I am to blame as well."

"P-Princess Celestia!" Twilight stammered through her tears.

"Twilight, I was supposed to be her mentor, her teacher. I thought that I could give her the guidance that she needed as one of my students. But I failed. While she chose the path that led her, I should've seen and given her more of that guiding hand than I gave."

"Besides, Twilight..." Princess Luna chimed. "...Hindsight is better when it hits you later on. The important part is Sunset and her recovery through the madness that binds her. This Flash Sentry and his family has given us the path to lead to Sunset's path towards recovery and we must follow suit. However, we must also address these Rainbooms as well as the rest of the humans in this school."

"Believe me, I will." Twilight growled, startling the Princesses. "I want to rip into them for what they've done to Sunset. But I can't. They don't know of Sunset's condition and I don't know whether telling them is going to make things worse for those involved."

"That is true." Princess Luna mused.

"Tell them, Twilight." Princess Celestia said in a hard tone. "I want them to know exactly what they did to my little Sun and I want them to clean up part of the mess that they made. I'm not sure whether this will spur them to feel the same emotions that Sunset felt when they casted her out like a leper, but hopefully it will. No one hurts my students and gets away with it. If they can't get the message through their heads when you talk to them, I'll make sure that they'll understand." Celestia's voice softened. "I would like to meet Flash Sentry and his family in the meantime as well as see Sunset, if you wouldn't mind."

"I would like to come along as well." Princess Luna added. "I wish to meet Sunset too."

Twilight nodded, glad that everyone was on the same wavelength. Motioning Spike to come over, she picked up the baby dragon and entered the portal with the two princesses at her side.

Author's Note:

Whew! That was a doozy! So, this intermission was put in place so that I could configure the polls. Of course, I also wanted the plot to pick up at this speed. Hopefully, it's to your guys' liking!

Poll time!

Fluttershy won by 10 votes, with Rarity only at one vote and the rest tied at two. Of course, I did say that Fluttershy was the first to meet Sunset, but not the one to meet Twilight! Haha! Now ain't that a loophole? The next chapter is roast of the Rainbooms!

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