• Published 19th Jun 2018
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Gina Quest For The Dragon's Scepter - Claws And Hooves

Follow the demigryph Gina as she tries to get a working mold of Spike's drake hold for work.

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Twilight levitate Gina to the map room where she proceeded to spill her guts to the seven angry mares, and one furious princess. She not only told them about why she was there, but also the truth behind all the accidents that had happen around town, all the way to the part about how they caught her trying to create a mold of Spike’s privates

At this point she just hoped her unbridled honesty was enough that the mares wouldn't lock her up in the dungeon for the rest of her life, or banish her, or banish her and lock her up in a dungeon where they banished her.

At least the alicorn was no longer on fire, so that was a good sign; she hoped.

"So you undress my friends, and my friend's brother, all so you could get a shot at our dragon's phallus to make dildos of! Our not legal yet dragon!” Twilight screamed. While she didn’t burn into flames this time the rage radiating off her was palpable.

Gina shock with fear but managed to find the courage to voice her confusion at Twilight’s statement. "Not yet legal? What are you talking about, he’s clearly legal. He-"

Rarity held up her hoof to cut Gina off. "By pony standers yes, but not by dragon standers. You see drakes become legal only when they enter their first heat." Rarity explained

"Why do you think we haven't been ridin him!" Applejack said, leaning back in her chair with her arms crossed while glaring at the smaller demigryph, who was busy trying to hide in her chair.

"I-I didn't know! No one knows that about dragons. How was I or any pony suppose to know Spike wasn’t legal?”

The girls anger calmed a bit as they sheepishly looked at each other. Twilight actually blushed as she it dawned on her how much hassle might have been avoided if she had simply made that fact public knowledge.

Regaining her composure Twilight cleared her throat. “Regardless. That does not excuse all your other actions. Breaking and entering, trespassing on royal property, three counts of invasion of privacy, and several counts of sexual harassment and negligent magical ussagle. Any one of these carries a sentence of 6 months to 3 years. Meaning you’re looking at anywhere between 9 and a half to 57 years. And that’s with me being generous and not bringing up charges of sexual harassment of a minor.”

Gina’s blood ran cold and her stomach felt like it had dropped into a void. 57 years. 57 YEARS! She couldn’t be sent away for 3 decades. She had to say something. Anything to try and get the Princess to excuse her behaviour. “But...but...but it wouldn’t have happened if you girls were all so selfish!" Gina slapped her claws over her mouth. She had just called the Princess of Friendship selfish. Oh Celestia. That was treason wasn’t it..

"Selfish! Because we don't want you touching our dragon's wieners and making naughty toys for mares' cookies!" Rainbow Dash said trying to be tough which only got her a confused look from Gina and the others just rolling their eyes.

"Wieners and cookies?" Gina couldn’t help but ask.

Fluttershy sighed and shook her head. "Cloudsdale has the worst sex ed in Equestria and unlike me Rainbow never bothered to learn more about it. Now what is this about us being selfish?"

Gina gulped. ‘Welp, in for a feather in for a pillow. I’m already looking at 3 decades and possibly treason. Not much i can say to make things worse at this point.’ "It’s just. Every creature already knows you all and Spike are going to be a herd one day. In fact I'm guessing the wedding won't be to far behind his first heat. And when that happens there will be countless mares who will be devastated by the news. You girls have no idea how many mares in the crystal empire are almost obsessed with the idea of Spike being there’s. And those poor mares won’t even be able to life out there fantasies about being rutting by the dragon of there dream all because you seven won’t let anyone get the one detail they need to let them do it. Put yourself in their hooves. What if there was a dragon your were obsessed with but couldn’t have or even fantasize about because his keeper wouldn’t let anyone else get close to him."

Gina finished her argument and looked at the gathered mares. The only pony who seemed to be somewhat thinking over her words was Rarity. The others all seemed largely unfazed by her words.

"So what do you think we should do to her?" asked Starlight

Twilight thought on the subject. "Well Princess Celestia, Discord, and Princess Luna would probably just find it funny and not do much about it. But if we were to inform Cadence, well you know how protecting she can be."

Gina broke out into a cold sweet. They were serious considering getting the Princess of love involved. There was no way in tartarus she would be lenient. She had already tried to shut her boss’s shop down the moment they started selling Prince Spike paraphernalia, and they were only saved by the fact it was against the Crystal Empire’s constitution and the fact that as an appointed Princess Cadence couldn’t alter those specific laws. Cadence would throw the book at her.

Gina praying for a miracle to save her. A miracle she got when a large purple dragon wearing nothing but a pair sweatpants came into room with a strange musky spicy scent emanating off of him.

"Sorry for interrupting whatever is going on here but do we have any cold medicine Twilight?" The dragon asked while rubbing his head.

The mares took a moment to stop sniffing the air and look at Spike in confusion. "Are you feeling okay Spike?" asked Twilight.

Spike groaned and whipped his forehead. "I don't know, I just woke up feeling this warm tingling feeling while sweating a lot. Other then that I feel fin-" Spike stopped and took a moment to look over each of the mares who were blushing red as his eyes suddenly filled with lust."....I think better go to my room for while." And just like Spike left the room in complete silence.

All of the mares eyes widened as they each looked at each other in excitement and lust as if wordlessly talking about what to do now. They stopped however when they looked to Gina who knew very well what they were all thinking.

"So do you want to-"

"Leave, leave now!" Twilight shouted before she and the other mares bolted from the room.

Not needing to be told twice did just that and bolted from the room as fast as the mares had and continued running until she was at the train station.

One Day Later

"And that’s what happened Ms. Heat." Gina said as boss when over all the photos she took on her little business trip.

"Bigger than the mold?! He is bigger than the mold?!" Ms. Heat couldn’t believe it. She had given Gina enough mold clay to fit two stallion phalis’s. And Spike was still bigger!

Gina nodded. A drunken smile on her face as she remembered the sight she had seen. "Oh yes, by a lot. Sorry for not being able to get the model you wanted ma'am."

Ms. Heat nodded and pick up the one photo of Spike Gina had managed to get. "Well giving what happen I can't say I can blame you for that. But with this photo, and you acting as our chief reference source I think we can still make this plan work.” She placed the photo down and looked through all the other photos. “Plus with all these photos we can expand our market to include top of the line breast and vagina recreations of all of the elements of harmony. We might even be able to expand into sex dolls. I’ll have to if the technology if far enough along for that to be an option. Either way I think you’ve definitely earned that bonus."

Gina smiled proudly, a smile that didn't last when the intercom lit up.

Ms. Heat pressed the button. “Yes Ink Drop?”

"Ms. Heat Princess Cadence is here and she is NOT HAPPY!"

The intercom cut out as the sounds of desks breaking could be heard coming from outside.

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Comments ( 6 )

This was great and really funny, I really hope you do a follow up to this one day.

Well do have an idea for one but it doesn't involve Spike. Unless you count others talking about him

I would honestly like to see another involving him again but just talking about him would be interesting. I think I could see a follow up where our noisy friend here, after it gets out that Spike has his own herd and they are married, that her boss want her to now go and document Spike with each of his herd mates so they can put out porn of him. Either by taping or writing it down for erotic novels lol. It would be funny to see his herd who we know how and how it might have grown, like the CMC, his Flurry, and even some of his old students from the Young 6 lol. I could see a few of his core herd already being with child by this point lol.

Anyway it was a idea that just came to mind and I would love to see more in this world soon.

That's a really good idea!! It would be interesting to see how creatures like Smoulder and Flurry Heart in particular would react...

Yea I mean I can see Flurry's mom totally pushing her to be with Spike or at least happy to have her with him knowing she couldn't find a better partner. And the C.Ponies would love that their newest princess even tho she is just a teen could become herdmates to their hero lol. I can so see Smolder, the changling, and the Yak being with Spike. It being a thing of some female students falling for their professor lol. It would just be a trip that they think the got it bad with the toys of Spike they mad just think how that protective big sis would be when they TRY to publish porn of Spike some of it including her own daughter. Their company would be magically nuked from the sky lol.

Well you bout to die today.

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