• Published 19th Jun 2018
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Gina Quest For The Dragon's Scepter - Claws And Hooves

Follow the demigryph Gina as she tries to get a working mold of Spike's drake hold for work.

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Hugging Tree

Gina followed the stratadon wyrm as he took his small rainbow mare back up to her cloud and then quickly fly off again. Of course being wingless like all demigryphs she had to follow from the ground but keeping up with a flying animal while stuck on the ground was not easy. Especially since Spike’s knew wings seemed to be incredibly powerful.

Gina was huffing and puffing as she followed the child of the sun land head toward the forest outskirts of the town. "Where is he going? Is heading out of town to that forest or-wait he landed." Gina thought to herself as she made her way to where she saw the chaos spawn. Making sure to slow down and start sneaking very carefully as she got closer.

‘Now to see what that dragon stud is op-WOW CHECK OUT THE MELONS ON THAT ONE!’ Gina scream in her own mind as she saw Spike talking to a yellow Pegasus mare with a pink mane and feathers that had with streaks of two different shades of blue and purple in both her mane, tail, and feathers.

She was also taller than a normal mare, which made her huge by Pegasus standards, thicc thighs that could clearly be see thanks to her short dress as well as her perfect legs, a plot almost as big as the pink mare she saw earlier today, and one of the biggest set of breasts Gina had ever seen.

"That must be Fluttershy the element of kindness, I heard she used to be supermodel but holy crap she’s like a mini-Celestia! I mean if her plot was bigger and if she was a little chubbier around the middle she could probably pass as mini Pegasus Celestia." Gina said to herself.

The two were in Fluttershy’s front yard surrounded by various animals running around their legs, with large burlap bags sitting just to the left side of them. As she got closer she was able to pick up snippets of their conversation.

"Thank you so much for helping me care for the animals today Spike," said Fluttershy.

"No problem Fluttershy, you know me always happy to a friend," replied Spike.

As she watched Gina noticed Spike was standing underneath a large willow tree located in the yard. "Hmm, he’s very close to that low tree branch. I bet I can get the branch to rip off his pants no problem and he would just think it was an accident." Gina said as she waved her claw to cast her own form of magic telekinesis, casting it around the tree branch.

She slowly reached out with the branch ready to grab Spike's pants and rip them off. She slowly reached out for Spike, but unfortunately he stepped away at just the right moment, and Fluttershy stepped right into his place. Before she could stop the spell tree branch ripped Fluttershy clothes right off, revealing that the element kindness wasn't wearing any underwear underneath her dress.

‘HOLY RUT!’ Gina screamed in her head as quickly took as many photos as she could for her private collection. As she took the photos she noticed that Fluttershy didn't seem to react much to her being nude, Spike however was glowing red and couldn't take his eyes off.

"FLUTTERSHY YOUR CLOTHES?!" Spike screamed, covering his eyes while leaving large gaps to peek through.

Fluttershy smiled. "It’s okay Spike. It’s just us out here." She walk over to pick up a bag of animal feed, a bag she picked up by bending over and then moving her tail to one side; allowing both Spike and Gina to get a clear view of everything.

Gina’s jaw dropped at the sight and she barely had enough mental faculty to continue snapping pictures.

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